Things to Look Forward to in Disney World 2022

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As we are about to complete the first month of 2022, Walt Disney World is coming up with some exciting things. Here, we will jot down the top things to look forward to when visiting Disney World 2022.

Disney World is about to bring about a couple of changes, making it more exciting. The first thing they plan to do is remix certain already existing things. Secondly, they are about to bring back some previously discontinued favorites. And last but not least, the most exciting of these all is Disney World is planning on releasing some really exciting and new offerings.

We are sure you are too excited to know about every change that Disney World is about to bring this year. Hence, let us have a look.

What’s new in Disney World 2022

Let us first start with the things that Disney World is bringing back. Well, what can we say? Disney World just had to give in to the public demand to bring their absolute favorites back. These blasts from the past are something that the public has missed since it was discontinued.

Are you excited to know what those are? Then read on.

Festival of Fantasy

You heard that right! The famous parade that initially started in 2014 is coming to life again. This is a 12 minutes long parade that brings all the characters of Disney films to life.

There is music, and there is a lot of dancing. The route of the parade is huge too. People who have witnessed the parade before only know how the streets of Disney World have missed the parade. Also, if you are worried about missing out on it, the parade happens every day.

Image Credit: Flickr


Fantasmic is an extremely popular nighttime show at Disney World. This show was discontinued for a little time but now is returning.

Now that this is coming back, you will want to add this to your must-do list. Fantasmic is a 25 minutes long show that promises to take you into a world of fantasy.

If you want to assure yourself a seat, do not forget to be there on time. The seats open for everyone two hours before the show starts. Hence, if you wish to, you can also take your dinner and eat it while waiting for the show to start.


Another super exciting thing making its way back to Disney World is the famous parking trams. While it has already returned to the Magic Kingdom, there are some other places it will return to soon. They are Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT. Are you excited about the same?

Image Credit: Flickr

Things that are getting remixed in Disney World

While certain things are returning with a bang at Disney World, certain offerings are getting upgraded too. Disney World refers to these as the remixed version of the previously existing equivalents.

But what are those offerings that are getting remixed, you wonder? Let us have a look at them.

Magic Band+

One of the many things that are getting remixed this year in 2022 is the Magic Band+. This means that it would have all its previous features, and some new elements would get added. One of the best features that are getting added is when it will glow up with special effects at the nighttime spectaculars.

Finding Nemo Musical

Who does not like Finding Nemo? Without a doubt, it is one of our favorite childhood animated stories. The musical Finding Nemo would thus be of your interest. More now that it is getting all remixed. But what is new, you wonder? This musical will now feature a brand new story with the same characters. Hence, if you are up for something super thrilling and exciting, then you would want to look forward to this.

Image Credit: Flickr

Mickey’s Friendship Faire

The Mickey’s Friendship Faire is something you do not want to miss. Held at Cinderella’s Castle, Mickey’s Friendship Faire is a live show that includes most classic Disney characters literally.

The story is that Mickey and Minnie Mouse holds a friendship celebration party. It is there that they invite all their friends from the nearby kingdoms. This musical is fun, heartwarming, and includes some of your favorite songs from the movies too.

Disney World new attractions 2022

Coming to the best part, Disney World is about to drop some super fresh things this year in 2022. Let us thus have a look at the exciting things that we are all looking forward to.

Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

The very first thing that you should hop on to is the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser. It is a fully immersive hotel adventure that you can enjoy for two nights straight. One of Disney World’s best-themed hotels is surely about to steal hearts.

When you enter here, you must be excited about tons of things, including lots of actions, lightsaber training, etc. But what you should be excited about more is the fact that you can choose the way your story heads forward. Thrilling, is it not?

Star Wars hotel Disney World
Image Credit: Chip and Company

Disney Adventure Friends Cavalcade

If you are a fan of cavalcade (and even if you are not), then this new addition to Disney World will surely be of interest to you. This is for the fact that a brand new cavalcade is all set to get introduced at Disney World this very year. It would include all your favorite characters from Elena, Moana, Nick and Judy, and many more.

Hey Disney and Alexa

Imagine our very own Alexa but with a twist! Cool, is it not? This year in 2022, Disney World is introducing the voice feature assistant at your very own fingertips. Disney World is in talks with Amazon to introduce the brand new Hey Disney feature for them. This would be available in all the hotel rooms.

Things that might get introduced at Disney World 2022

The things listed above are something that we are sure will be there in 2022. However, there are a few things that we are not confirmed would be there at Disney World yet. Let us have a look at what those are:

The Tron coaster

As one can understand, this attraction inspires from the movie Tron. In talks, this attraction would open to the public during the Disney World 50th celebration. But, sadly, it all got delayed due to the epidemic that hit the world. As of now, we are not sure if this will be there on 2022 new releases. But, hey, let us hope this is.

disney world 2022
Image Credit: YouTube

World Showcases

There are certain attractions of which we are eagerly waiting for the opening dates. One is Toy Story Land’s Roundup Rodeo BBQ, EPCOT’s Moana — Journey of Water, etc. Are we not?

Hence, now that we are almost aware of all the attractions that will be there this year, we certainly cannot hold our excitement. Can we? All of these attractions are so thrilling and exciting that we do not know which one to choose first!

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