Connections Café and Eatery: The First Glimpse at the Menu

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What is life without soul connections? But does that always have to be a human connection? Or can it also be a limitless, lifetime connection with food and cuisine? These are the questions that constantly bug the mind of a foodie. Amidst all those confusions, if suddenly, your favorite dream destination comes up with a new café called Connections Café and Eatery, who won’t be excited?

So, if you are eagerly awaiting the launch of this restaurant at EPCOT, Disney World, this article will take you onboard inside the different menus of the new café.

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Connections Café and Eatery Menu

Spring is always the harbinger of good news, and this time it is bringing new food news. Even though earlier some outer glimpse was available to us, this time we have managed a glance inside the restaurant’s food menu.

If you are interested to know about a newer food joint in your dream destination, this article will guide you through that space.

The restaurant has foods inspired by a global cuisine variety. So, just like books give you a feel of the world without you visiting them, Connections Café and Eatery will help you explore the world’s cuisine without going there.

Bang on, burgers!

If you are a fan of sandwiches, the café will delight you! The French Bistro Burger with its Bacon, Mushrooms, Brie, Dijon Mayonnaise, and Caramelized onion is a crunching delight.

In addition, you will get Southwestern Burger having guacamole spread, and chipotle-corn salsa will further your food fantasies. We usually associate burgers with western countries, but here in this café, you will get Vietnamese burgers like Banh Mi Burger. Mediterranean Burger is inspired by Greek cuisine.

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Salad styling

French cuisine has also inspired some salad recipes, like Nicoise -style salad with gree, white beans, and potatoes. It also has olives that have Dijon Vinaigrette sparkling over it.

General Tso Chicken Salad is a salad inspired by Chinese cuisine which contains Red Bell Pepper, broccoli Slaw, Petite Kale Blend, Edamame, Warm Fried Chicken, Crispy Wontons, Mandarin oranges, and the famous dressing of General Tso.

Pizza mania

Does a slice of pizza excite you? Do you get overjoyed if you feel that extra cheese melting inside your mouth?

Then Connections café and Eatery is the most suitable place for you. The Pizzas are not served alone on your plate; a petite side salad comes with the pizza slices.

Pepperoni Pizza with Basil sauce, San Marzano Tomato, and Mozarella Blend is a showstopper. The Meatball pizza has a mouth-watering smell. Also, Curry Spice Pizza with potato, peas, carrots, and plant-based lime yogurt will add a South Asian vibe to the pizza.

So, Connections Café and Eatery is a flagrant example of globalization’s primary motto, making local sell global, so if you are an ardent follower of this motto of globalization, who can ever stop you from going to this place!

Kid’s section

The café has not forgotten its kid’s section. If you have taken your little ones to this place, they too have their bite. A cheeseburger, chicken nuggets basket, or grilled chicken bao can be an excellent addition to their platter.


A meal doesn’t feel complete if the dessert option is not correct. As Shakespeare had already said centuries ago, all’s well that ends well. So, what is a righter fit for this line if it is not food?

So, the creamy and crunchy liege waffle can change your mood with its mere presence. The brioche yeast dough with pearl sugar stuffing along with tasty toppings is a game-changer in the end game.

If Milkshakes are your favorite, then boom! Connections café and Eatery have them too! The Mango-Coconut Milkshake with pomegranate topping tops the list of soothing drinks. But, the creamy smoothie topping of Apple Pie Gelato Shake will give you the feel of a dessert.

The Café has remembered non-alcoholics too. So, for non-alcoholics, they have Watermelon-mint Agua Fresca. There are craft beers and multiple wines for those who love alcohol. You can also have the Cucumber and Thai Basil Cooler.

Final Thoughts

So, if you want to start your spring in the mellow fruitfulness of a lovely café, then Connections Café and Eatery should be your first choice. Grab your seat in this restaurant and enjoy your holiday experience to the fullest!

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