How to Reduce Disney Genie Wait Time

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Tired of waiting in the long queue every time? Want to know how to reduce Disney Genie wait time? We have you covered!

Disney World has always had a very strong game to keep up with the rapidly updating innovations and technology.

It is one of the favorite hubs for any Disney fan and for all the right reasons. For this reason, the dynamics of Disney World are always changing and evolving. All credit goes to its need to stay at par with updated technologies.

One of the many things that have kept changing and updating with time is that you can skip the queue.

Yes, we are talking about the long queue you had to wait at to enter a ride or an attraction. Previously what the guest had to skip the queue was Fast Pass.

All thanks to technology, it was then updated to FastPass+. Then again, after a few years and quite recently, Disney World replaced Fast Pass+. The most updated technology that we have in this case is Disney Genie+.

But, here is a thing. With updates in technology, Disney Genie+ also comes with a price. That means you would now have to pay to skip the queue. This is one of the major differences from the previous FastPass+ since it was a free service.

You would get the Disney Genie+ on the My Disney Experience app. Through this, you would get the chance to avoid the standby lane completely and access the Lighting Lane.

All you would be charged is $15 per day per head. Therefore, although Disney Genie+ is technologically updated, it does charge you quite a hefty amount.

Hence, quite naturally, there is one question that most Disney World guests have. Is paying for Disney Genie+ the only way a person can shorten their waiting hours in the queue?

Well, the answer is, it certainly is not. We are about to share with you some effective tips on shortening the waiting hours in the queue of any attraction or ride. Thus, let us have a look at what they are.

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How to Reduce Disney Genie Wait Time

Here are the tips to waste little time and make the most of your Disney World visit:

Hop on to the parks in the early hours

There is always someone with whom the queue begins, is there not? Therefore, the target here is for that person to be you.

It is that simple. Our tip for making it amongst the first few people is to let go of your sleep a little, get up at the early hours of the day, and go to the park before the gate opens. This is referred to as being at the park before the rope drops.

Apart from this, there is another way to ensure that you stand in the queue after only a few people or none at all. This is by making use of the Early Theme Park Entry.

What is it, you wonder?

Well, there are some selected Disney hotels and resorts that offer their guests an Early Theme Park Entry! This enables their guests to enter all four parks 30 minutes earlier than the others. Hence, if you are a guest of any of these hotels, you might be able to stand in the queue by accessing the Early Theme Park Entry!

So in any other way, the trick is to get up early and leave for the park.

Go for the attractions and rides during parades and fireworks

People love to watch the parades and the fireworks. Hence, this is when you would come across a lesser crowd on the rides and attractions.

Well, the reason is simple. All Disney World guests generally flock to watch these shows. Therefore, another tip for you to shorten the waiting lines is to go for the rides and attractions.

But, it also comes with a cost. You would have to skip the parades and the fireworks. Therefore, if you are ready to let go of either of the two, this option is apt for you.

Stay in the park till later hours of the day

Are you under the impression that the gates of Disney World close right after the fireworks show ends?

Well, in that case, you are highly mistaken. However, we do not blame you for having the misconception.

Guests generally tend to rush out of the park right after the fireworks show ends. That makes everyone think the park gates close right after the show.

But here is the tip. Even though you might feel drained out of your energy, stick to the park for a little longer period.

When you do, you would be able to loiter around for some more time. The crowd would be less, and you would also be able to hop to some rides and attractions with a shorter queue.

Apart from this, there is also another perk of being at the Disney parks till late hours. You can say that it is similar to the Early Theme Park Entry that we had previously discussed. It is Extended Evening Hours. This offer came to Disney World in 2020 after it replaced Extra Magic Hours.

The offer is available to the guests who book really expensive Deluxe rooms in some of the selected Disney hotels and resorts. This offer enables you to be in the park for some hours after the park’s gates have closed.

However, the notable thing here is if you wish to book a deluxe room to get the pass, it will cost you a lot of money. When you compare to getting a Disney Genie Plus is rather very cheap than this. However, if you are availing of a Deluxe room, you must not let go of the Early Theme Park Entry.

Planning a Trip to Disney World to Explore More and Pay Less

Disney Genie wait time reduced with the app

If you explore the My Disney Experience App, you will see how there is also a planning tool available for the guests that come for free.

This app would help you to plan out your entire day. It would mention the availability of the rides and attractions. It would also help you that it would let you know about the waiting times of all of these rides and attractions.

All you would need to do is answer some of the questions that the app would ask you. Based on your answers, a tailor-made experience will be crafted for you.

Visit Disney World during non-seasonal months

Okay, previously, there were some months during the year which were non-seasonal. Most people thus used to prefer planning trips during this period to the park. This is because there used to be less crowd at the park during this time. That meant less waiting period and not getting stuck in the crowd.

However, you can say that this thing is in the past now. This is because this place in recent times always witnesses a lot of crowds. But, still, there are many months of the year that you can avoid if you do not want to be around a lot of crowd.

For instance, the months of Christmas, New Year, Halloween, etc., witness a lot of crowds here. People all around the world flock here to spend some memorable time. Hence, you can avoid being here during these peak months to save yourself some time.

Go for the Single Rider Line

The Single Rider Line option can be availed only on four rides of Disney World. They are the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, Test Track, Rock ā€˜nā€™ Roller Coaster, and Expedition Everest.

If you are okay with the fact that you would have to sit separately from your squad, then the best thing that you can do is go for it. Everyone who loves their own company will be find this thrilling.

Undoubtedly, if you wish to avail the Single Rider Line option, you would be able to cut a huge queue of people. That would also definitely save you a considerable amount of time.

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Final Thoughts

So, these were some of the ways to reduce Disney Genie wait time.

Everyone knows that the Disney World crowd is a real deal to tackle every time you visit. Many people flock there every day of the year to spend some memorable time with their friends and families.

Hence, you need patience when you are here, considering the waiting timings of the rides and attractions.

Hence, truth to be told, there is no fixed way to reduce the time needed to hop on a specific ride or an attraction. But, certain tips might come to the rescue and reduce the waiting hours.

But, then again, that also is a stroke of luck. If you get lucky, you might not have to wait or very little in the queues.

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