Is Family Guy on Disney Plus? Which Countries Is It Available In?

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Is Family Guy on Disney Plus? Are you typing on Google to search Family Guy Disney+? We will tell you a little about this show and where you can watch it!

Disney Plus hosts some of the brilliant and amazing shows around the world. So, if you are a big fan of Family Guy, it’s not strange for you to ask about this classic show.

Moreover, as Disney recently acquired Fox Studios, fans have been asking whether Disney Plus has also bought the streaming rights of Family Guy or not. So, if you are interested in knowing that, read the article till the end.

Is the Family Guy on Disney Plus doesn’t have a straight answer? Before we indulge ourselves in that mystery, let’s briefly overview the plot.

Plot of the movie

Starting in 1999, this show is one of the classic adult sit-com produced for television.

It has 20 seasons and is one of the most-watched animated tv shows of all time. Much like the cartoons we grew up watching, this story is about a small Griffin family with parents, two children, and a dog.

The father of the family is Peter Griffin, an otherwise lousy but golden-hearted character who is a blue-collar worker.

Lois is a pretty homemaker who is also a piano teacher. Meg is their daughter, and Chris is their son. Both are teenagers and are bullied in school. Stewie is the infant son, and Brian is the anthropomorphic English-speaking dog.

Many other characters like the neighbor pilot, police officer, his family, and others come and go throughout the series.


The film’s premise is in a fictional town established by Peter’s ancestors. Seth McFarlane created this show.

The adventures of this family will keep you hooked. Instead of getting bored by mundane life narratives, you will start to believe adventures can exist in daily household life too!

Is Family Guy on Disney Plus? Which Countries Is It Available In?

Is Family Guy on Disney Plus

So, if you are still asking is Family Guy on Disney Plus, well the answer is a little ambiguous and relative.

It depends on where you live. In some countries, you can watch Family Guy on Disney Plus. In some other countries, Family Guy Disney Plus is not available.

The license agreements and access to streaming services determine which platform can stream the show.

These agreements depend on which country you are inhabiting. So, the countries that have Star in Disney Plus will stream the show. Those who don’t have it won’t be able to do so.

Thus, countries like the United States of America will miss out on it, but countries like the U.K., Canada, and Australia can stream it.

Now, you might ask what the connection of Star in all of these is? Star struck countries replace Hulu, and if you have Disney Plus Subscription, you will also get the Star content along with your Disney Plus content.

But, countries like the US will have to sign up for Disney Bundle for an extra sum. Many countries like New Zealand, Australia, the UK, and other European countries can stream Family Guy.

Final Thoughts

All of the episodes are not available on these streaming platforms. But if you belong to any of these countries, your question has an affirmative answer.

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