Is Hotel Transylvania on Disney Plus?

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Being a Disney animation fan will inevitably lead to the question, is Hotel Transylvania on Disney Plus? Halloween is approaching so are the days when we get excited about ghosts and ghouls. What is better than a perfect symphony between a horror-comedy movie, rainy night, and holidays?

Is the movie on Disney Plus?

To fulfill this charm, it is quite obvious that fans will ask is Hotel Transylvania on Disney Plus. Hotel Transylvania movies total four in number; here is what you need to know!

The universe of Hotel Transylvania

The universe of Hotel Transylvania began in 2012 when Adam Sandler acted in the character of Count Dracula. The role of his daughter was played by the famous singer and actress Selena Gomez.

However, fate turned otherwise, and a monster-by-birth fell in love with a human. Andy Samberg played the role of her lover. However, this was a taboo in the monster world, and thus she had to hide her romance from all her monster friends.

In total, there are four movies in this universe.

  • The first one came out in 2012; its name was Hotel Transylvania.
  • The title of the second film is Hotel Transylvania 2, which came out in 2015.
  • Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation was the third film in 2018.
  • Finally, Hotel Transylvania: Transforming, also known as Hotel Transylvania 4, is the latest and final film in this series that was released in 2022.

You might also ask, is Hotel Transylvania 4 on Disney Plus? Before jumping into the answers, let’s first look at the plot line of Hotel Transylvania 4.

Hotel Transylvania Plot

The first part

We all know that Dracula owns the monster central hotel: Hotel Transylvania. His daughter is Mavis. In this film, the hotel steps into its 125th birth anniversary.

Amidst all the celebrations, Dracula decides that he will retire, leaving the property to Johnny and Mavis. However, when Mavis tells Johnny and Johnny about his plans for the hotel’s rejuvenation, Dracula senses a fear of handing over the responsibility.

Thus, he falsely states that there exists a law by which only monsters can handle this estate. Van Helsing interferes and says that he can help Johnny transform into a monster body. He tries that ray on Gig, the guinea pig of Dracula.

However, Dracula wants to make Johnny normal. In the process of doing so, he turns into a human. The ray is also broken.

Is Hotel Transylvania on Disney Plus

Helsing says there is still a way out, and both of them can return to their previous self if they can retrieve a new crystal from the Cave Of Reflexion in South America. Johnny and Dracula set out for this new exploration.

Meanwhile, Dracula’s friends, Murray, Griffin, Wayne, and Frank, also transform into humans as they drink water from a contaminated fountain containing that ray.

Ericka and Mavis also come and confront Helsing about this ray. But he warns that this ray has dangerous potential and can turn humans and mutate them into dangerous monsters.

Thus, the whole gang goes to trace the trail of Johnny and Dracula.

The second part

Meanwhile, Johnny and Dracula develop a bond while exploring the jungles of South America.

In this scenario, Dracula confesses that he completely lied about that estate law, and no such thing exists. Also, the rest of the group finds them at this juncture.

When he publicly announces his decision to leave the property at the hands of Johnny and Mavis, people do not take it well.

Johnny gets triggered and thinks that Dracula doesn’t consider him a part of the family and goes away after mutating.

While Mavis goes to find him, the rest of the gang, along with Dracula, head to the Cave of Reflexion. Mavis finds Johnny, but due to the mutation, he has become very volatile.

Both return to the cave when the rest of the group finds the crystal. However, it seems not to affect Johnny.

When Dracula urges him and says he is a part of the family, Johnny returns to himself and goes back to human form.

However, back home, not everything is normal. Gigi, the guinea pig, has destroyed the hotel.

They used the crystal to turn Gigi back to normal, but the loss was irreparable. Dracula mourns the loss and lets the children renovate the hotel.

After a year, Johnny and Mavis show Dracula the rejuvenated, transformed hotel, and Dracula seems to enjoy it completely.

Thus, the familiar story will urge the viewers to ask if Hotel Transylvania is on Disney Plus.

Is the movie on Netflix or Hulu?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Hotel Transylvania is not available for watch in one single place. The first two movies are available on Starz and FuboTV, respectively.

But, the last two- Hotel Transylvania 3 and 4 are unavailable. You might even ask, Is Hotel Transylvania 4 on Disney+ plus? The answer to that is no.

There are other streaming platforms too. Let’s see if the movie is available there. The movie is not available on Netflix. Neither is Hotel Transylvania 4 available on Hulu.

Is it on Amazon Prime Video?

However, there might be a silver lining even if you wonder about Hotel Transylvania on Disney Plus. After much delay, the movie finally had released on January 1st, 2022. Moreover, to the viewers’ happiness, the 2nd and 3rd Hotel Transylvania movies are also on Amazon Prime.

Is Hotel Transylvania on Disney Plus

Is the move available for purchase or rent?

You can also rent or purchase the movie on different platforms. They are available for rent or purchase at $2.99 and $13.99, respectively, at Google Play Store, Youtube, Prime Video, iTunes, Vudu, or Microsoft. So, if you are a huge fan of Hotel Transylvania movies, you can invest in renting or purchasing the movie from these platforms.

Final Thoughts

You might wonder at the start of this article- Is Hotel Transylvania on Disney Plus? By now, you have traveled across the universe of the Hotel and also finally got your answer. So, if you have an amazon prime membership, log in to your account and dive deep into this monster megalomania!

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