Is Sing 2 on Disney Plus and What Is the Storyline of the Movie?

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Is Sing 2 on Disney Plus a pertinent question if you are a fan of anthropomorphic animation movies!

For a long time, apart from animation stories of human civilization and supernatural beings pioneered by Studio Ghibli, anthropomorphic animations of animal kingdoms have taken center stage. Disney, Pixar, and other animation studios have shown the path for these types of films, including Toy Story, Zootopia, Sing, and many other films.

If you are interested in finding the answer to the question is Sing 2 on Disney Plus, first, you will have to know what Sing is.

In 2016, Sing was released. In this film, a koala owns a theatre on the verge of extinction as Judith, the bank official, threatens to close it down.

This movie was hugely commercially successful, leading to its sequel in 2021 – Sing 2. So, now you are entering the section where you will know if Sing 2 is on Disney Plus!

Is Sing 2 on Disney Plus

Sing 2 storyline

As the name suggests, the movie is about singing and the story of an owner of a struggling theatre.

To save it from closing down, the owner advertised about a singing competition and the prize money, by mistake, had two zeros more than it intended!

The illumination produced the film, and the distributor of the film is Universal Studios. Garth Jennings directed this film, and the co-director of Sing 2 is Christophe Lourdelet. As this is a sequel to Sing, the story of Sing 2 takes off where Sing had ended.

Buster Moon, the theatre owner, and his company feature in a Redshore city show and are working hard to bring a rock star aboard. So, Sing 2 depicts this journey.

The film is a star-studded one with megastars featuring some critical characters, including Matthew McConaughey, Scarlett Johansson, Nick Kroll, Tori Kelly, Nick Offerman, Jennifer Saunders, Reese Witherspoon, Taron Egerton, etc. These actors revived their roles, as seen in Sing.

However, some new actors were also introduced in Sing 2 for new roles. They are- Bono, Adam Buxton, Chelsea Peretti, Letitia Wright, Halsey, Eric Andrey, Pharrell Williams, Spike Jonze, and Bobby Cannavale. So, with these cast members, Sing 2 became a superhit in 2021.

Is Sing 2 on Disney Plus?

Let’s answer the primary question that all fans seem to ask- is Sing 2 on Disney Plus? Sing 2 was released theatrically in the USA on 22nd December 2021 and in the UK on 28th January 2022.

Some selected OTT platforms are streaming this film. However, if you ask the question is Sing 2 on Netflix or Disney Plus, the answer is no.

The big OTT platforms like Netflix, HBO MAX, Hulu, and others are not streaming Sing 2 currently. Your question is Sing 2 on Disney+ plus, will also have a negative answer.

Do many fans even ask when sing two is coming out on Disney plus? There is no chance that Disney plus will ever stream Sing 2.

The film is produced by Illuminations and distributed by Universal Pictures, leaving no chance for a possible Disney platform streaming.

Is Sing 2 on Disney Plus

Where can you watch Sing and Sing 2?

However, if you reframe your question a little bit, you might have a ray of hope. If you ask if is Sing on Netflix or Disney Plus, you might get some positive answers.


Sing, the first 2016 movie, is available on Netflix to the fans’ happiness. As we all know, you need to subscribe to Netflix to view your content. You will have to pay $9.99 to get the standard plan. However, you can pay $15.99 per month if you want the premium plan.

Amazon prime

The film is also available on Amazon Prime Video. Even Sing 2 is available on Amazon Prime Video. This OTT platform is a giant online streaming network, and many channels are included here.

These include PBS Living, PBS Kids, BBC Central A & E-Crime Central BET+, NBA League Pass, etc. You can choose between several subscription plans that range from $7.50 to $139.

Apple TV

Using an Apple phone opens up several avenues. So, you can also stream Sing on your Apple TV. The channels included in Apple TV are PBS Kids, Flickr, Trailers, Bloomberg, etc.

Even if the subscription costs $4.99, you can choose the first three months of free trial service. So, if you are eager to watch Sing, this is the best OTT option. Sing 2 is also available here.


Sing is also available on Vudu. It also has free as well as paid content. You can either buy or rent Sing and Sing 2 on VUDU.

It has over 8000 television channels and complete catalogs, including AMC, BET, A&E, ACC Network, etc. If you want to rent the movies, the price starts from $0.99 to $7.99. Purchase cost starts from $4.99 to $24.99.

Spectrum TV

Another OTT platform currently streaming Sing is Spectrum TV, which has over 200 channels, including HGTV, FX, ABC, FOX, NBS, CBS, etc.; depending on how many channels you include in your subscription, the cost varies from $4.16 to $99.99.

Even if Sing is not available on Disney Plus, you might feel happy to at least get an affirmation to the question is Sing on Netflix or Disney+ plus?

Now that we have a fair idea of Sing 2 on Disney Plus, let’s briefly look at its plot and voice cast.

Sing 2 Voice Cast

The Hollywood top stars feature in Sing 2 with additional faces who are the most famous television actors. Matthew McConaughey, the Oscar-winning actor, plays Buster Moon, a koala theatre owner. His theatre’s name is New Moon Theatre.

Reese Witherspoon plays the character of Rosita. Rosita is a pig and a homemaker who dreamt high about her music career. But, she had to leave that to manage her home, which has 25 piglets.

Scarlette Johansson plays the role of a guitarist in the punk rock genre. She is a teenage porcupine.

The movie also has a teenage gorilla pianist cum singer who was initially a part of his father’s anti-social criminal group. His name is Johnny, and Taron Egerton plays his role.

Another singer in the film is an underconfident teenage elephant named Meena, who has a fantastic voice; Tori Kelly plays her character.

Apart from singers, there is a group of dancers in this film. Gunter is that dancer pig who is Rosita’s dance partner in that show. Nick Kroll plays the character of Gunter.

The film doesn’t forget the forgotten heroes of the art industry. Thus, it also features a legendary rockstar named Clay Calloway, who has disappeared from the limelight for the last 15 years. Bono plays the role of Clay Calloway.

The film also features a romantic-style duet where Darius has to play opposite Meena. Darius is a yak who Eric Andre plays.

Johnny’s trainer is Nooshy, played by Letitia Wright, and Adam Buxton plays the role of Klaus Kickenklober, a monkey.

The shades of the characters

The film is not all about happy-go-lucky and frustrated singers and dancers. The film has a twist, and the main antagonist is, as usual, a wolf.

Jimmy Crystal owns another theatre named Crystal Entertainment. Bobby Cannavale voices over the character of Jimmy Crystal.

Ashley portrays the character of Porsha Crystal, his daughter.

Pharrell Williams plays the character of Alfonso. Buster’s secretary is an elderly iguana named Miss Crawly, played by Garth Jennings.

Chelsea Peretti, who played the famous character of Gina in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, voices Jimmy’s dog secretary, named Suki Lane. He’s also a talent scout.

So, if you are still asking if Sing 2 is on Disney Plus, the answer is no. However, you can imagine how wonderful the film is given these are the film’s cast members.

Replete with talented actors and vibrant characters, let’s now look at how the director and writer of the film have sprinkled them on the same thread of this film!


New Moon Theatre of Buster started doing well after all that happened in Sing (2016). However, he dreams of making it bigger than it is and tries to approach Jimmy Crystal’s dog secretary Suki Lane. However, he consistently downplays New Moon and says it is not in their capability to reach Redshore City.

The ensemble

However, it cannot diminish their zeal for Buster, and he reassembles everyone. That includes Johnny, Gunter, Ash, Darius, Meena, and Rosita. In this film, Nooshy and Klaus also join in, and he motivates all of them to show their potential by performing at Redshore city.

Already owning a flourishing entertainment studio, Jimmy is not interested in the regular audition. Gunter came up with a musical based on a space theme. He also suggests they include Clay Calloway, who has been away from the limelight for one and a half decades. But, he is undoubtedly a legend in rock music. Incorporating him into the group will elevate their prestige.

The question is Sing 2 on Disney Plus suggests that you’re interested in knowing its storyline. So, this is to inform you that the story doesn’t rock and roll unhindered. Many struggles come in the preparatory period of the show.

The hurdles in the road to success

Rosita starts developing a height phobia. It takes time to convince Clay.

Meena is supposed to play a romantic duet but finds it uncomfortable to portray her romantic feelings because she has never experienced love.

Porsha Crystal is cast instead of Rosita. Porsha is not a good actor and hence cannot pull off her act. Moreover, when the team asks her to give Rosita her role back, she misinterprets the situation. She thinks that the hatred for Jimmy backfired on Porsha.

Darius is very self-absorbed. Thus, he doesn’t contribute much to the preparation. Johnny and Klaus, his choreographer, get entangled in a mess.

Overcoming the hurdles

However, the team is best in their spirits. Hence, they try and untangle every mess that has been created.

Rosita works hard on her height phobia. Meena tries and falls in love with the opposite cast Alfonso. Thus, their romantic duet kicks off well.

Miss Crawly takes up the onus and convinces Porsha. She joins the crew.

While Jimmy’s goons are pouncing, Johnny takes help from his father and gang to resist Jimmy’s gang.

As Johnny is entangled in a  conflict with Klaus, Nooshy takes his place and trains him. Klaus gets impressed by Nooshy.

Ash encourages Clay to play his hit song in the show, leading the show to a huge success.

In the end, Jimmy attempts to take the entire credit. However, police arrest the trouble monger at the right time.

Thus, this film has been remembered as a film that depicts passion and how, in the face of challenge, team spirit works the best.

Movie’s reception

The film has been a great hit. It connected with the audience and also was a huge commercial hit.

The audience loved the characters in the prequel. So, as they come back with new vigor and energy, they win their fans’ hearts again!

Final Thoughts

We are Lady Parts is another British sitcom series that has similar energy. It is a story of five female-bodied singers who rose to fame in their field of passion- forming a punk band.

So, if you want to juggle between your human friends and your anthropomorphic idols, it is an excellent idea to parallel-watch Sing 2, and We are Lady Parts. Who might say you will also explore your hidden talent and embark on your voyage of further exploration while watching this?!

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