What to Wear in Disney World When Cold?

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Winters are pretty cold in Florida, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t look dapper. It is time to find out what to wear in Disney World during the winter months. After all, Christmas is coming and there are many things to shop for apart from Mickey’s ears!

Florida is usually warm and lovely around the year. It is also known as tropical heaven. The normal temperature is also about 72°F. However, there are those days when the weather turns out to be chilly.

Hence, if your trip is planned during fall or winter, then you must pack a few extra layers of clothes to stand the cold spell.

If you are not from Florida, not knowing what to pack is pretty tricky. You don’t want to overpack and carry extra baggage on your trip.

There will always be many things to pack, like your utilities and necessities. But the clothes are the most significant part that takes up almost the entire space in your luggage.

Hence you are at the best place where it’ll help you to save up that space and pack efficiently.

Below are a few tips on how to smartly pack that’ll keep you cozy and warm without compromising your style.

What to wear in Disney World during winters

Here is what you can wear depending on your mood and the weather at Disney World:

When roaming around the theme parks

Then the best outfit you can put on is a pair of leggings and a sweatshirt when visiting Magic Kingdom.

While you might want to have your Cinderalla clothes on and pose in front of the castle, you could feel chilly in those costumes.

Keeping it minimal yet layered will help you make the most of your day at this theme park.

Now, if you wear your leggings with a sweatshirt, ensure these leggings have pockets. While exploring the park and clicking amazing pictures, you will eventually get hungry. And for that, you will urge to stash your cell phone in your pocket.

Try some accessories if you want to add colors apart from your white and black pair. They always lift the entire look. You can also wear a colorful t-shirt underneath your sweatshirt. And when you feel hot because of walking around, you can tie the sweatshirt around yourself and enjoy.

Another option is a warm stocking with a lovely cute skirt. Pair this up with a top and a puffy jacket, and in shoes, you can wear your favorite sneakers. And lastly, complete it with your favorite accessories.

When it gets rainy and chilly at the same time

There are days when you might experience a day when it’s cold along with rain. Don’t worry; there’s still a way to enjoy your day at Disney World.

First things first! Your feet should be well protected; you don’t want yourself wet feet throughout your trip. Hence pack yourself a waterproof pair of shoes that’ll make things easy if it rains.

It is recommended that you wear those comfy crocs or sandals that dry quickly without absorbing water. However, Hunter’s closed-toe boots are the most appropriate during those cold days.

Now coming to the outfit, you can still stick to the usuals—the warm leggings and sweatshirt. However, a waterproof jacket with a hat will be apt if it’s raining.

If you choose to wear a heavier raincoat, skip the sweatshirt! Carrying an umbrella isn’t a great idea to explore Disney World; instead, wear appropriate clothing and a hat.

what to wear in disney world when cold

Wilderness Wildest Ride in Disney World

Coming to the wilderness in Disney World, you can wear something that inspires the rides of Disney World. For example, something like The Big Thunder t-shirt inspires the Mountain Railroad.

Also, if you don’t like leggings, you can always wear your jeans. They will keep you warm and go well with the T-shirt. Add some extra effect to your look; try those denim mixed-fabric jackets that keep you warm.

The cool look completes the entire theme of Big Thunder. It’s time to play with accessories, whatever suits you. Lastly, pair it up with your slides or sneakers, whichever is comfortable.

Character Inspired look in Disney World

Playing with character looks is a lot of fun. Especially if you love experimenting with your looks, you will have people’s eyes turning around in Disney World if the look clicks.

For example, let’s take the Disneybound-inspired Bruno look. It is the most appropriate thing to wear for a cold day in Disney World! Long-sleeve shirt, long pants, and a thick warm shawl to keep you warm. Voila! It’s done. Isn’t it super easy?

Now pair any brown pants with a cream-colored top with full sleeves. Now complete the Bruno outfit look with a shawl, probably dark green. He wears sandals, so if you’re ok with that, you’re done.

A black or brown pair of your favorite sneakers will also work. Finish it off with some accessories. Like Bruno’s rodent, Jewelry symbolizes the Madrigal family or the butterfly.

So, now you know what to wear and how to pair up your accessories to lift your style this winter.

You can also choose to be any Disney Character that you love. It’s all about having fun and making memories. Disney World is a happy place to be. There’s a lot to do and experience. You can’t be layered and unconformable. You need to be wearing something comfortable.

Final thoughts

There is no need for you to stress and dress! Just be yourself and be comfortable. The most important thing to remember is that you feel happy and confident in your look. But also, due to the natural weather conditions, dress up in something that keeps you warm and safe.

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