Top 8 Reasons Why Disney World Solo Trip It Worth It

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Disney World solo trip is a dream, and if you’re manifesting it with me today, I hope we make it!

Well, if you make it here before I do, or you’re contemplating not going alone, I will share reasons why you should.

For starters, a solo trip to Disneyland or Disney World makes it flexible and helps to discover your likings, which is not possible when you are in a group.

You must comply with others’ decisions when in a group. In turn, it may restrict your preferences.

Disney World solo trip tips to explore

Now Disney World requires you to plan a lot before your travel since there’s a lot to do there. It would be best if you made a proper schedule to get the best out of your trip.

You do not have time to waste in Disney World to decide on rides. This place is expensive, and you want the trip to be worth it.

Now, if you go solo, you may get more time for the activities you want to do without worrying much about missing out and enjoying it to the fullest.

Let’s see the advantages and things you can do when you’re all alone in Disney World:

1. Going as a wild child

If this is your first Walt Disney World solo trip, this article is here for all your dilemmas.

As you already know, making everyone happy isn’t quite an easy task. It takes a lot of stress and works to create a comfortable group on vacation.

But who wants a stressful vacation? You go on a holiday when you want to be free and happy, not to take up stress.

So, going solo can be much more relaxing and fruitful when you want a break from daily chaos.

When you go solo, you can do whatever you wish to do. There’s no pressure, no constraint. You go on your favorite ride, eat your favorite food and explore your space.

There’s no timeline or schedule you will have to follow. Just do whatever your heart says and be the wild child you always wanted to be in Disney World.

The best part of a Disney World solo trip is that you don’t have anyone else to guide you. Be your guide and enjoy your trip your way. It is going to be a lot more enjoyable than a group trip.

For example, if you want to relax, you can! Do a rope drop; go ahead! Enjoy a Spa Day; why not?

Be it a fancy dining experience or any activity; no one is there to stop you. Being in a group may not allow you to opt for a few kinds of stuff for different reasons.

The things that interest you may not excite the other person in the group; hence you need to make collective decisions.

Top 8 Reasons Why Disney World Solo Trip It Worth It

2. Repeated rides

If you have already been to Disney World, you must know about all the rides. There are some favorites you would love to go in repeatedly. But that might not be possible if you have a group to go with. Because there are so many people, you cannot really do your thing. You have to give every ride and every person an equal chance.

But when you go solo, who’s there to stop? None. Enjoy Disney World your way as per your liking. If you have a favorite ride, go for it as often as you want. And if you don’t like some, skip them. There’s nobody to force you onto it.

Well, if you have a family with kids, this solo trip might be awakening and refreshing. Disney World is a place for all. But when you go with kids, the main focus of your journey is to make your child happy and give them their best experience.

But when you go alone, you can be your cheerleader and focus on things you never did. Some of the rides you ditched because kids weren’t allowed can be your game on your solo trip.

Flying dumbo

3. Extra time for pictures

When you go with groups, you will have lots of groupies to take. But there will be times when you may feel your trip is a bit rushed. Who likes a rushed holiday? No one! Being on a solo trip, you can take your leisure time to enjoy yourself at ease.

Disney World is quite a fantastic place to get the most instagrammable pictures. But this might not excite the kids. They are more into enjoying Disney World through their eyes. Capturing memories is something the children wouldn’t know at such small ages, so you cannot blame them. To make your holiday trip memorable, have your photos painted from Memorialize Art.

Plan your solo trip and enjoy clicking pictures and taking millions of selfies. You will not believe it, but fun research was conducted, whether people like solo trips to Disney World or group one. And the answers were hilarious. Most of them even believed solo trips were the best because they could do things as per their wish. Well, now you know why solo trips are the best of all.

4. Solo travel benefits

Being a solo traveler has many benefits, one of which is ditching the crowd. You know, when you go in a group, many things must be taken care of. Keeping the group together is one of the significant tasks that are tedious. However, when you go solo, you don’t have to worry about it. You can happily move freely without carrying a load of responsibility.

Traveling solo is way easier to handle and maneuver between a crowd. And Disney World is always crowded. Also, the best part is that you will not have to wait for the others to keep up with your pace. Because you are on your own. Just stop where you want to, or walk fast to your favorite ride.

Since Disney World is expensive, sometimes it feels like an absolute waste of money and time if you don’t enjoy your trip. Because doing the things you don’t want to do within a budget is quite difficult the task to do.

5. Fine dining and stay

Disney World is a fantastic place with great dining and stays options. But to choose from so many options can be a monumental task.

You will have to select the best suitable stay that satisfies everyone as a group. You can never keep everyone happy, well it’s true. But when you plan a vacation with a group, you must ensure all of them align with you. You cannot just book an extravaganza stay that may not be suitable for all.

You know your budget but deciding on the stay requires permission and suitability for all. But to be honest, some holidays are worth trying at least once, which may cost a little extra than the usual ones. Hence going solo will give you the option to enjoy the staycations.

In the same way, there are a few dine-in options, which can be expensive but worth all your time and money. Luxury dine-in and stays are there for a reason, so if you ever want to experience try going for it during your Disney World solo trip. Also, you don’t have to share your rooms with people! Enjoy it all by yourself.

There are also a few Disney-specific benefits with single-rider queues that aren’t that long. See, that’s such a relief from standing in long, never-ending lines.

Another benefit you get from being a Disney World solo traveler is getting into bars and restaurants. The restaurants and bars are always available for singles!

6. Be your guide

When you travel alone, you don’t need to be guided. Be your guide and explore Disney World all by yourself. Be silly, be yourself, do whatever you want, and go wherever you want—no compulsion or restriction. Just do what your heart says.

Now there are so many festivals at Disney World that you require a lot of time to explore and discover. Like the EPCOT festivals, there’s so much to see and experience. You cannot rush it. When you travel solo, you can enjoy, shop, and eat as you like without anybody bothering you. Being solo allows you to check things that are impossible when you go in a group.

You can happily slow down and experience leisurely the beauty of Disney World. Just take your time to build a solid Disney World solo trip itinerary as per your choice. You need not worry about waking up in time or rushing things over. Traveling solo is a time saver in itself, so making schedules is no requirement.

You also don’t have to wait up for rides. You can happily change into the less crowded one if it’s blocked. Whatever you do will not worry anybody else apart from you!

And if you get tired and require refreshments, go ahead and enjoy. You don’t have to feel guilty for making people wait because you are tired. Because when you go in a group, you will take a break only when the other members are tired and hungry. But being solo, you are the master of your own.

Top 8 Reasons Why Disney World Solo Trip It Worth It

7. Cost saver

Regarding vacation, budget is one of the most important things that need your attention. Now, when you choose to go solo, this one thing can be controlled by you.

You will have multiple opinions and choices if you go with a group of friends. Making everyone happy may trigger the cost you may not want to bear.

However, with family, it may be different. If you all are adults and have the same thought process, it might be easier to plan a budget-friendly trip.

But again, if there are kids, it may not be easy. So, a Solo trip is ideal for exploring Disney world on a budget and experiencing the things you couldn’t do in a group.

Coming to the rides, food, or activities, all these will also add to the budget when you plan a group trip. And if you are paying for them, you better be prepared with the right resources because Disney World is expensive.

You can list activities, events, and festivals as a solo traveler. You can also ditch those expensive dine-in options and go for the regular takeaways that are much more cost-effective.

8. Best of both worlds

As a human tendency, it is ok to feel left out, and you may experience dilemmas. A tough solo trip has its charm, but group trips are also quite fun. You know, it’s always fun to be around loving people. And during vacations, you get to be close to each other.

So, don’t worry; you can have the best of both worlds. If you plan to go in a group but feel like doing your own thing, try making a way for it. For example, if your group wakes up late, get up early and explore Disney World. Once they all are up, you can happily join them and enjoy the group.

And there may be people like you in the group who would love doing things like you, so join them and make your tiny little group. So, you can all do something you like without feeling left out.

For example, if you love Animal Kingdom and the other members love golfing, go for different activities and join in once you’re done.

The best part is you don’t need to spend the entire journey alone. You can make a part of it solo and the rest a group trip.

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