The mullet haircut is a timeless hairstyle that is slowly gaining popularity in the 21st century. The most important factor in a mullet is growing out your hair and doing the trimming by ensuring the top is shorter than the back. You can have the trimming done by a professional or do it yourself.

If you are independent, you can do your own mullet in the comfort of your home. The process is not complicated as it may appear, and as long as you have the right guide, you can always have your way. Here are the steps of doing a mullet haircut that you should familiarize yourself with.

  • Growing Out Your Hair

The first major step of getting a mullet haircut is allowing your hair to grow because the hairstyle is normally done on relatively long hair. The decision of how much length you want to leave after getting the haircut is entirely up to you. 

Growing your hair for a mullet requires patience because you can’t just wake up one day and decide you want long hair. The longer you let your hair grow, the more defined your mullet will be.

You should remember that the mullet’s basic feature is longer hair at the back, so it is a good idea to let your hair grow to a relatively long length.

  • Section Your Hair

Once you are comfortable with the length of your hair has grown, the next thing is to section hair with hair clippers. This is done by dividing the hair into three sections at the top.

The first section should be at the top of the head, somewhere between the crown of the head and the beginning of the hairline. The other two parts are the sides of the top from the left and the right ear.

Once you are done with the sectioning, you should pull the hair towards the back and hold it in position using clips.

  • Cut the Bangs

Once you are done with the sectioning, the next thing is normally the cutting. You should start with the top middle part and comb it over the forehead. Once you have combed the hair perfectly, you can cut the bangs carefully to the length you want.

The bangs can go as short as you like, but remember to cut them in portions because you can always do more cutting, but you can’t glue the hair back. You should avoid cutting all the hair at once so that you can leave room for perfecting the shape.

The cutting should be either straight across the forehead or at an angle of your liking. How you style the bangs does not matter as long as you ensure it blends in perfectly with the rest of the mullet haircut.

  • Trim The Sides

After trimming the bangs, you can proceed to do the sides. In these cases, you are supposed to use the length of the bangs as the guide so that the lengths blend in for the final styling.

When you are trimming the hair near the ears, you should work with little portions of hair at a time. Comb the hair back and forth as you do the trimming until you reach the desired length and shape. You should do the cutting in a vertical manner so that you come up with a tapered look.

  • Cutting the Top

You should hold the hair at the center after combing it from both sides to aid in easy cutting. In this case, you are supposed to use the bangs as the guide to reaching the desired length.

When cutting, you should take your time to ensure you end up with perfect and even cuts. Cutting the top should be done strategically from the front to the crown.

  • Blend the Sides

Once you are done with the cutting, the next thing you are required to do is blend in the sides and the top. This is done by combing and making any necessary adjustments in length strategically. You should not make any sharp angles during cutting if you want the length on the top to blend with the one on the sides for the perfect mullet haircut.


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