How to Write an Essay on Beauty and the Beast

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A dream essay task for Disney fans throughout the world. But don’t believe its seemingly naïve background. Writing an essay on Beauty and the Beast is an ideal opportunity. You can analyze acting, costumes, decorations, music, morals. Whatever you want! And everything will be fine if you write sincerely. The educators wish to hear your thoughts. Avoid hiding them behind an ordinary plot summary!

Steps to Write an Essay About Any Movie you Like

  1. You need structure to write an essay on Beauty and the Beast. Firstly, you have to observe the plot of the movie. If it is based on a cartoon like this one, dig deeper! You’ll only receive higher grades for providing unique details. Teachers can’t stand when students compose their essays in the same way. It’s impossible to read a dozen papers which repeat each other. Someone will certainly get a lower evaluation eventually. So beware of writing about the origin of the story typically. You’re also free to present the key turning points of the story subjectively. Maybe you’ll manage to sound intriguing. Your own perspective will play a great role here.
  2. Secondly, it’s necessary to analyze the way actors translate their characters. Do they succeed and why? You don’t have to be an expert in cinematography or drama here. It’s absolutely normal if you find it hard to analyze actors’ acting professionally. Nevertheless, trust your intuition in the first place. Tell in your Beauty and the Beast essay about actors. Were their smiles and tears natural or fake-looking? It’s about your individual impression because you’re the viewer. The entire film industry invests millions to impress you! Your opinion matters at this point more than ever. Actors work for specialists but for the audience. 
  3. Thirdly, you have to compare what you expected from the story and what you’ve got. For example – you’re watching a cartoon and want it to be delicate. But you find its humor too rough for children and desire to criticize it. Or you may go to see a movie on your favorite fairytale. The case of Beauty and the Beast is similar. And you suddenly realize that cinematographers have spoiled it! They’ve lost the point and now you feel empty. Obviously, there can be a million cases which satisfy you. So be brave enough to describe what exactly is perfect about this film. Beauty and the Beast essays are impossible to imagine without this component.

Beauty and the Beast Movie Analysis

Beauty and the Beast is a popular movie because of its prehistory. The animated film by Disney has become an irreplaceable part of childhood for many people. Girls throughout the world appreciate the moral lesson of the cartoon. So they surely await the film to reflect it at a high level. It would be offensive to make a movie lacking the initial ethical message. Do you think that Beauty and the Beast teaches to love a human’s soul? Or does it still look too preoccupied with the appearances too much? Why does Belle have to correspond with widespread beauty standards? Beauty and the Beast movie analysis has to be insightful.

Beauty and the Beast movie analysis is a thorough work. This movie provides a wonderful chance to analyze acting. Emma Watson is an actress with a complex background. The issue is that people associate her with a concrete character too much. And we all know that it’s Hermione Granger. How many children will watch this movie and have no thoughts about it? “Look, it’s Hermione” – a pretty standard reaction to the movie. Your choice can be to criticize Emma’s acting and resume. Has it been Emma’s success to change her character or fail? Belle is very inquisitive and intellectual, which blends her with Hermione’s personality.

The visual part of film-making is always meaningful. Your Beauty and the Beast movie review needs to contain it. But here it has a special mission. Visual artists have been trying to make the movie look maximally magical. Do you find it essential for products like this? You can trust the write my essay service CustomWritings to research the topic. Can unrealistic images affect children’s world-view? You’ve got so many questions to discuss in this section. Be it the quality of advanced graphics or their appropriateness. The discourse depends on you. Moreover, no one will be able to lower your grade for it. Which means that you can explore numerous perspectives freely.

Special effects only make the decorations and costumes look brighter. But how do you find the latter? A range of movies receive applause only because of their fashion. Isn’t Beauty and the Beast the same? Go beyond speculating with the movie summary. What is more, you can write about the way this fashion impacts character building. Is there any outfit which has hit you the most? Or would you like the movie to fit the cartoon version more? For the majority of viewers, similarity in clothes is principal. Try asking your friends about their associations with the heroes’ costumes too. They might reveal unexpected ideas to you. 

How can you write a paper on Beauty and the Beast without a music review? It’s probably the most beautiful part of every movie essay. Music can make any scene different. It brings life to dull facial expressions. It empowers weak plot twists with a surprise effect. This movie relies on its musical score a lot too. Some people have ignored it while others are addicted to it. A very controversial topic to deepen into. You’d benefit from sharing which emotions does this music give you. It’s also nice to mention the composer and their previous works. Remember – the more facts, the better!

Tips for Writing an Essay on Beauty and the Beast Movie Thoughtfully

Finally, it’s vital to be fair about the complexity of the movie review essay. While the topic sounds simple, students can find it difficult to proceed with. It’s possible to explain by the scale of emotions around the movie. Students find it challenging to write an academic paper on something childish. At this point, your task is to erase such associations. Nothing can be too immature for a professional! You’re passing through the educational process. You have to learn how to put your thoughts and logic first. Don’t let feelings or funny associations weaken your working attitude. 

Thousands of people have been trying to create a masterpiece. It’s your right to analyze whether they have managed to do it. You have to focus on the analytical strategies you use. That’s all what really matters for your writing. Your skills improve every time you complete a sophisticated task. Give yourself time to rethink the topics of the body paragraphs. Does the conclusion represent your genuine point of view? Have you supported it with adequate reasoning? Even creative writing requires an objective basis. You’ll prevent negative marks if you refer to credible sources or specialists either.

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