Disney Movies that Will Transform Your View of Dating

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Everyone has a favorite Disney movie. Depending on your age demographic, you might have fond memories of being wowed by Robin Hood in the 1970s, Who Framed Roger Rabbit in the 80s, Aladdin in the 1990s, right through to this year’s Elemental. Why the enduring love for these films? There’s something timeless about the way these wonderful stories can both transport us back to the excitement of our childhood while addressing real issues we might face today. Disney titles have covered many bases, but human relationships and romance have been at their core from the earliest days. So many classic Disney movies can transform how you view dating.

Watch Disney Movies with Someone Special

Let’s take a closer look at that last point, tapping into the emotive storytelling techniques of iconic Disney films to boost the romance in your life. The first question to ask is a straightforward one: Do you currently have a love interest of your own to snuggle next to in a multiplex, or a couch? Or are you actively seeking a ‘Disney buddy’? If it’s the latter, your mission to find a hookup tonight can be accomplished so easily these days. By registering with a digital dating platform, you can immerse yourself in forums and chat rooms always buzzing with conversations about movies, and often Disney in particular. Algorithms will steer you towards other site users sharing your passion. The discreet communication environment will encourage openness – you’ll soon be exchanging DMs and chatting about your top Disney titles of all time. Naturally, you’ll disagree about these choices but will have so much fun reaching an overall consensus about which ones to enjoy together.

An all-round Disney experience

Before going on to recommend our top three Disney films guaranteed to transform how you view romance and dating, it would be worth taking a step back. Disney movies are about so much more than becoming engrossed in a couple of hours of storytelling on the big screen (or laptop – this is the 21st century after all!) You can be inspired to visit Disney World with a partner, in a fun-packed setting where you’ll learn so much about your partner. There are all sorts of themes you could apply to your time together at this amusement park, such as celebrating St Patrick’s Day with a tasty meal. The Pirates of the Caribbean rides might give you ideas about dressing in costumes to make your dates even more fun. How would Jack Sparrow go about wooing a significant other? As with everything else to do with Disney, the only limits are to your imagination!

Top 3 Disney Movies that Will Transform Your View of Dating

The Lady and the Tramp

Dating from 1955, when these animated films were lovingly crafted by individual cartoon frames, then painstakingly spliced together, this Disney movie contains one of the most iconic romantic scenes in any movie. Lady, a pampered cocker spaniel, and a terrier-mix rascal named Tramp have an undeniable chemistry. This is sealed when they share a plate of spaghetti in the alley behind Tramp’s favorite diner – Tony’s restaurant. Munching a single strand of pasta together, their lips move closer and closer, and into a clinch. Adults have been replicating this scene from Lady and The Tramp for decades, while spaghetti has become a staple dish at Disney resort restaurants. This scene also tells us your respective backgrounds don’t matter – love will conquer all!

Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Another tale of mismatched couples, this is an age-old fable that continues to send out a powerful message. Belle must stay in a castle to save her father’s life, which she does so with reluctance. Here she comes across Beast, a jaded individual who seems to possess little in the way of redeeming qualities. Initially, it seems as if the odds are stacked against romance even getting off the ground. But by taking advice on board, Beast picks up tips about impressing a young woman, wearing his best tuxedo to sweep her around a magnificent ballroom, while stringed instruments tug at Belle’s heartstrings in the background. The message that beauty is only skin deep has never been told with so much verve!

Tangled (2010)

Many Disney films can trace their origins to fairy tales. This one is based on the Grimm Brothers story from 1812, Rapunzel, about a princess banished to a tall tower whose hair grows to an extraordinary length. When Flynn shows up, the only sparks that fly are centered on the point where Rapunzel whacks him with a frying pan. But their frosty relationship eventually thaws, and friendship blossoms into something much more passionate. To summarise, these three are merely the tip of a fabulous iceberg of inspiring Disney movies. Take your pick!

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