7 Short Movies for Kids That Teach Valuable Life Lessons

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Animated short movies for kids aren’t just hugely entertaining, they often bring positive messages, giving your kids valuable life lessons. There are a plethora of short movies to choose from, but not all are good. 

So, we bring you the list of seven best short movies that can inspire your little ones. These movies can teach your children a lot about life and shape their growth mindset.

Let’s get started:

Hair Love 

Zuri’s hair has a unique personality, with unruly coils and curls going in all directions. Zuri feels pride in the beauty and distinctiveness of her hair. When Daddy styles Zuri for a special event, he begins an adventure of learning and exploring. Through this activity, he learns life lessons about acceptance, love, and the importance of celebrity individuality

Daddy’s love for her daughter lets him do whatever makes her happy, which is not limited to hair styling. “Hair Love” is a touching story and shows us how to cherish our natural selves

This beautiful story of daughter-father connection teaches us lessons about love, encouragement, and believing in ourselves.


Zootopia is another one of the top kids movies. It teaches kids some really important lessons without using big words. It helps kids understand that treating people differently just because they look different or come from different communities is unfair. In the movie, they show this by how the characters act. 

Just because someone looks outside differently doesn’t mean they are also just like that from the inside. In the movie, there’s a fox, and people think foxes are mean, but that’s not true for all foxes. The movie teaches us that it should be important for us to know someone precisely before deciding what they are like inside. 

Note: To ensure your kids watch age-appropriate content, consider using a parental control app for watching movies on iPhone, Android, Windows, or any other device your kid might be using. Now, let’s jump on the next movie on our list.

The Most Magnificent Thing

“The Most Magnificent Thing” is a story that teaches us a life lesson about resilience, creativity, managing our emotions, perseverance, and not giving up. 

In this story, a girl and her beloved dog companion go on different adventures, thus showing their bond. Their bonding shows that they make mistakes when they try to make something great. That’s Okay! We must stay calm and not let frustration or anger hold us back. 

This story is also about working and collaborating with others. “The Most Magnificent Thing” presents that sometimes even our mistakes can be helpful to someone else.

The Lost Thing

“The Lost Thing” is like feeling confused, not knowing what to do. Imagine The Lost Thing as someone who’s alone and doesn’t know where to go. But then, a kind boy notices it and helps. 

This story is like when someone feels a little lost, and it shows that it is okay to ask them for help. The boy shows how to be a kind and helpful person to others, which is a significant thing to do. 

This story teaches that even if someone is unsure what to do, they can find their way by being sympathetic and helping others.

The Kite

The story of “The Kite” is described in a poetic way to talk about something we all face eventually: death. While life doesn’t always have a happy ending like in the story, it can be a great way to start a conversation with children about loss and sadness, a part of life. 

As a parent, one day, there will be a time when your child becomes curious about death, and it is important to be honest with them. But here, you can use a bit of imagination when talking about such big situations with young minds. And, “The Kite” can be a helpful example in that regard. 

The Kite” shows us that it’s okay to talk about sad things with kindness and imagination to make it easier to understand and accept reality.


Ballerina” is a fun movie and teaches us about pursuing our dreams by putting in our genuine efforts. It is good for kids around the pre-teen age, especially if they love dancing.

Here are the main things we can learn from this movie:

  • In any activity like dancing or sports or any other arena, one should have to work hard, practice, and sometimes give up other things that can lead to success.
  • It is also important to treat people we meet with kindness and respect.

The Good Dinosaur

The Good Dinosaur” is a film that enjoyably teaches kids important life lessons. It reminds us of the value of family by showing love and support to them. 

The movie also highlights bravery as the main character, Arlo, faces fears and challenges and inspires kids to be strong enough to conquer their difficulties. 

Also, The Good Dinosaur promotes the idea of friendship and acceptance while encouraging children not to judge others based on appearances. These lessons help us understand the significance of courage, family bonds, and the beauty of forming meaningful friendships with kindness.

By watching these short movies for kids, your children can empower themselves by building basic life lessons and nurturing their growth mindset.


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