Top Cocktails To Try at Drink Around the World EPCOT

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If you’re planning to do the The Drink Around the World EPCOT challenge, you’re in for a pretty trippy experience. We have listed the top places to cover when you’re in for bar-hopping. But let us first know what makes this place special.

The World Showcase, situated in EPCOT, is the best place to do globetrotting on a budget. You can get a glimpse of the unique cultures, lifestyles, and cuisines of 11 different countries in one spot. Also, you can shop fantastic merchandise found exclusively in those countries and participate in traditional celebrations like the natives.

You can also dine at restaurants that specialize in authentic cuisines prepared in those parts of the world. And a great culinary adventure is incomplete unless you relish satiating beverages that go with your yummy food.

Drink Around the World EPCOT

What to try at Drink Around the World EPCOT

There are many high-end restaurants at EPCOT with impressive menus. But here are the must-try options:


If you are a cocktail lover, you can order Canada’s Ottawa Apple made of Maple, Cranberry, and Apple Juice along with Whisky. For beer drinkers, the Moosehead Draft is a must-try Canadian beer and you’ll certainly like the taste of it. Lastly, the Maple Popcorn Shake found at their festival booth is a favorite among visitors.


What would you do if you were truly in Morocco instead of World Showcase’s Morocco Pavilion? The regular weather in Morocco can be extremely sultry and you will require something refreshing. So, keep yourself hydrated by enjoying a Housemade Sangria when you come here. The drink is a harmonious blend of various expensive wines like Rose, Sparkling, Red, and White Wines.


France Pavilion at EPCOT is absolutely regal. The drink you must try here is the Grand Mariner Orange Slush that contains Grand Mariner, Orange Juice, and Rum. You can order this at Les Vins de Chefs de France on a warm sunny afternoon to quench your thirst with the citrusy delight.


Italy is among the most popular tourist destinations and is known for its picturesque beaches and delicious food. The Italy pavilion at World Showcase, EPCOT serves the world’s best Italian Margarita. It is made with Tequila and Limoncello and you won’t regret spending money on this one.

A Pinot Grigio is a good choice for people who are a fan of wines. You can also get non-alcoholic drinks like Naufrago which has Vanilla Gelato and Root Beer.


Always wanted to explore the beauty of China? Drink around the world EPCOT gives you an opportunity to indulge in mouth-watering Chinese cuisine. Tipsy Ducks in Love is a replenishing cocktail that you can relish here. Made with Coffee, Chocolate, Black Tea, and Bourbon, the drink will give you an instant energy boost.


With its scrumptious beverages, the Japan Pavilion helps you visualize what it feels like to be in Japan. The Sake Mist is a nice cocktail to have when you are exhausted after walking.

The drink is available in three distinct flavors, namely, Coconut Pineapple, Blackberry, and Blood Orange. So, which one are you going to taste first?

Although we could not include what’s special about the other countries, make sure you find out for yourself. So, visit all the pavilions and feel free to unleash your gluttonous self.


Germany Pavilion opens you up to world-class beer options. But you can’t miss the Schöfferhofer made with grapefruit beer and looks pink in color. Grab it in a sipper as you hop to the next stop.


If caffeine and alcohol is a combination you like, you must try the Viking Coffe at Kringla Bakeri og Kafe. It is a mix of Kamora Coffee Liqueur and Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueur.


If you had to choose only one place to come to at Drink Around the World EPCOT, it had to be the Mexico Pavilion. Here is where you get the most exquisite shots. The Avocado Margarita is to die for and sends chills down your senses. It is tangy, citrusy, and slightly sweet.

United States

One place to stop by at the United States pavilion is the Regal Eagle. Here you get all types of wine, cider, and beers. A famous drink to try would be Moonshine Cocktail and Tennessee Lemonade.

United Kingdom

For an exclusive Irish whiskey that has pours up to 18 years can only be found the United Kingdom pavilion. Come over to the Rose & Crown restaurant, which also hosts a walk-up pub to try the Macallan Flight.


As you will find many amazing drinks at EPCOT from 11 exotic countries, make sure you drink responsibly. For instance, you should avoid having liquor on an empty stomach as it can cause stomach upset. So, grab some nutrient-rich snacks as falling sick will ruin your day at Disney World.

Moreover, alcohol consumption leads to dehydration if you do not keep sipping water in between. Whenever you aren’t having a cocktail, it’s important that you have sufficient water. This will also help you beat the scorching humidity of Florida as you stroll around finding the next best drink.

Final thoughts

A fun way to make the Drink Around the World EPCOT challenge interesting is buying merch with its name on it. You can preorders these from Disney’s website and wear it on the day you come here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many hours does it take to drink around the world at Epcot?

How much time you will spend drinking around the world at Epcot depends on your goals. If you truly want to see everything the World Showcase has to offer, you can easily spend 8 hours.

2. How expensive is the drink around the world Epcot shirt?

The prices of drink around the world Epcot t-shirts keep varying. You can check out the options available in your country and compare the prices on multiple sites.

3. Where will I get drink around the world Epcot tickets?

Drink around the world Epcot is not a sponsored activity and so, there aren’t any tickets to purchase. If you are keen on participating, you simply have to buy and treat yourself to several drinks throughout the day you spend at EPCOT.

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