Best Price Disney World Tickets to Save Money and Explore More

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Disney World is not only a magical place in itself but also a dreamland for many people. Millions of Disney lovers fly from their countries to international destinations where they can experience this magic. After spending a lot on travel, if the price Disney World tickets also become a hindrance for people to visit, it will be extremely unfortunate. In order to make the most of your visit to Disney destinations, it is best to look out for good deals and discounts so that it helps you plan your budget and itinerary accordingly.

Disney World Parks

Before you know about price Disney World tickets, let us give you a brief idea about the places you can plan your trip to. There are Disneyland parks worldwide, for instance, in Orlando, California, France, Japan, Hong Kong, China.

Disney World in Orlando is the most visited, and every year people from all over the world visit this place. There are four theme parks here: Disney’s animal kingdom, Epcot, Magic Kingdom Park, Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Price Disney World tickets

Going to Disney World is a matter of great expense, and if you are visiting for the first time, you might not be aware of the discounts and prices. But if you read below, you will get an idea about the price Disney World tickets and much more.

Things to note before buying tickets

Before buying the tickets to Disney World, there are a few things which you should consider as they are vital. Check out the following:

  • The prices of the tickets and discounts differ from one day to another. Thus, you need to note the start date.
  • You should not purchase a ticket having flexible date options.
  • Before you buy the tickets, try to check other sellers. It will help you to get an idea about the prices of the tickets.
  • You can get more discounts if you change the date of your trip. You can change it to a week before or after the original date.
  • Several websites are selling tickets to Disney World. It is always advisable to compare the price of the tickets on several websites before you buy them.
Best Price Disney World Tickets to Save Money and Explore More
Mickey Mouse Disneysea Tokyo

Classification of Disney World tickets

When you buy tickets for Disney World, you will find that there are various sorts of tickets. You can either purchase the Disney World tickets 1-day or the park hopper ticket. All these tickets can be used from one to ten days after your purchase.

Tips for reservations

You should also have a My Disney Experience account as it is very helpful and makes many things easy. After buying the tickets, you should link the tickets with your My Disney Experience account. It will make your further reservations and booking of FastPass effortlessly simple.

Best time of year to buy tickets

Visiting Disney World is like a dream come true, and the tickets are really expensive. But one good news can cheer you up and make you excited for the trip to Disney World. There are some months in the year when Disney World gives a discount on the tickets, and you can get them at the lowest price.

Before you buy the high price Disney World tickets, you should know the right time to avail yourself of the discount to save some money. The months you can get the tickets at the lowest price are January, February, and September. But it is always advisable to keep an eye on the website because Disney gives discounts from time to time.

About Disney World ticket discount

Disney World has four lovely theme parks, and all the people who have visited liked it. The names of these four parks are Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. The prices of the tickets for these parks are the same, and you can also get a discount if you avail of it at the right time.

If you want, you can also plan a one-day trip to Disney World. And to do that, you should check Disney’s official website to get a discount for a one-day trip. If you are lucky enough, you might avail of the price Disney World tickets really low. However, to get a discount on the price of Disney World tickets for a day’s trip is hard to find for all four parks. But it is not impossible. If you are lucky enough, you can get it. Also, keep in mind that Universal Orlando Resort is not a part of Disney World. Therefore, you will not get any discount on its tickets.

Disneyland Paris

Disney World tickets sale before the pandemic

Before the pandemic started, Disney World also put their tickets on sale for a limited number of days. The sale of the tickets usually took place during Christmas, New Year’s Eve, spring vacation, and 4th July. But if you are not on time, you

might lose out on the tickets since it is holiday time in the United States.

Current changes in the sale of tickets

The pandemic has brought several changes in the ticket booking process of Disney World. You need to book your tickets for Disney World in advance, and the reservations are filling up before time. Thus, you should check the availability of the park pass before checking the discounts on various websites.

If you are planning to go to Disney World next year, you should start checking tickets now. The tickets for this year were sold during a sale in June 2020. Therefore, if you want to go to Disney World in 2022, you should start doing your research now.

Disney water park tickets price

Water Park in Disney World is another fun space, but some changes are made in the price of Disney World ticketsPresently, you will need to buy a ticket priced at $70 plus tax for entering the water park. Earlier, Disney used to offer this for free.

How to buy tickets for Disney World

Since online is how the world is working during the pandemic, that is the place to buy tickets and also get the best discount. You will find many online brokers selling tickets to Disney World, and they offer some amazing discounts. But most of these discounts change from time to time.

It is always advisable to check different websites before buying the tickets. It will help to know the price of the tickets and buy them at a price suitable for you. Also, you should check whether these websites are reliable and give genuine tickets to Disney World.

Websites that sell Disney World tickets

Here is a list of a few websites that you can check to buy the tickets for Disney World

Getaway Today

You can check this website to buy Disney World tickets. On this website, you will find various discount options. If you find it suitable, you can buy your tickets from here.

Orlando Fun Tickets

This website offers a discount of less than 10%. Also, while buying the tickets, look if they have added additional taxes to the tickets.

Undercover Tourist

It is another website from where you can buy tickets to Disney World. They give discounts of around 10% on the tickets.

Official Ticket Center

On this website, you will not find a fixed discount. So, keeping checking.


They also give different types of discounts on the tickets.

One essential point to note before buying tickets from any website check is the authenticity of these websites. As fraudulent cases are increasing by the days and it is something that concerns everyone. So, before buying any tickets, you should thoroughly check everything about the website.

Best Price Disney World Tickets to Save Money and Explore More
Disneysea Japan

Advantages to avail at Disney World

Everybody wants some more discounts on their tickets. However, getting a standard discount is not easy. Following are some tips that can help you get some discounts on your tickets:

Buy tickets online from the official website

There are two ways to buy tickets to Disney World one from the gate, and the other option is online. With the given COVID situation buying tickets online is the best option. Also, when you buy tickets from the official website of Disney World, you can get up to a 20% discount.

Become a member of the Disney Vacation club

If you become a member of the Disney Vacation Club, you can avail 10% discount on the tickets. But there is a drawback most of the discounts are low and intermittent. The reason for this is that most of the members of the Disney Vacation club buy annual passes.

Special discounts for Florida locals

If you are living in Florida, you can avail yourself of exclusive discounts. Some discounts mention that only people of Florida can avail themselves of them. All you need to do is show proof that you are a resident of Florida. However, most of the people living in Florida who visit the Disney world often buy a Disney Annual Pass.

Huge discounts for the military

If your friends or an acquaintance in Florida is in the military, then you can get a huge discount. You can get around a 50% discount if you know anyone working in the military.

First responders’ discounts

If someone is in the police, firefighting team, or EMS, they are known as first responders. They can also get a huge discount at Disney World. Ask your travel agent about this since it is not mentioned on the official website.

Final tips & additional offers

Now you know almost everything about the price Disney world tickets and the various discounts you can avail. You also know how to avail them and which are the options safe for buying tickets. But you also need to know some other additional discounts and tips to have a great trip to Disney World. Check out the following:

Get the free shuttle service

From the airport, you can get the free Disney Magical Express shuttle service. To book this service, you need to know your departure and arrival dates correctly. But keep in mind that you can only get this service only if you book a stay at the Disney Resort.

Download the My Disney Experience App

The My Disney Experience app is very helpful, and you must connect your tickets with this app. After linking the app, you can get your FastPass and can begin your reservations. Also, make sure that everybody in your group visiting Disney World with you knows about this.

Link tickets with the Magic band

Before going to Disney World, link your tickets with the magic band. Do not keep this to the last minute because you may face problems later. If you do not link it beforehand, you will waste half of your time at the counter resolving the problem.

Don’t lose your ticket

At Disney World, tickets are the most crucial thing to keep at hand. So please do not lose your tickets and keep them safe. You will have to show the ticket when you enter the theme park, watch the fireworks or relax in the resort.

Everywhere you go, you will need the ticket.

The tickets to Disney World are expensive, and the experience at Disney World is one of a lifetime. So, if you want to enjoy yourself well at Disney World, keep your tickets safe.

New rules in Disney Spring

Besides these, you can also enjoy some quality time shopping, dining, and playing games in Disney Spring. For entering Disney Springs, separate tickets are not required, but activities like NBA experiences are paid for.

Due to COVID, certain activities are made limited, and all the COVID protocols are strictly maintained. In the phased reopening of Disney Spring, not many people are being allowed to enter. Therefore, you must check on the website before you plan to go and also check all the necessary COVID protocols.

Final Thoughts

Disney World is a magical world, and if you are planning on going there soon, this article can help you. Most of the information related to the price Disney World tickets and special offers are mentioned above. Always do thorough research before buying the tickets and make sure that they are genuine.

Kids and people of all ages who have visited Disney World have always loved it. For this reason, it is the most visited place in the world.

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