Ticket Prices for Disney World: Types of Passes to Purchase

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Disney World is a magical place with a beautiful and charming nostalgic spirit of Walt Disney himself. Disney World is a collection of adventurous activities, rides, and more involving Disney characters. Anyone who has seen pictures or has visited this place once wishes to go back to this place repeatedly. But not everyone can afford the ticket prices for Disney always. So, it is essential you get a guide about the Disney World tickets discount. Are you wondering how to get it? Well, read on, and we will give you an idea about Disney world parks, cheap Disney World tickets, and much more!

Disney World history

Walt Disney came up with the idea of creating a park that will attract kids and people at large, making it a central attractive tourist spot. This idea came to him when he was traveling various amusement parks worldwide during the 1930s and 1940s.

However, since its beginning, it has gone through several criticisms. But now, Disney World accounts for more than 726 million visitors, which leads to an uncountable rate of more visitors than any other theme park in the world. According to the reports of 2018, the park had an account of 18.6 million visitors, making it the second most attractive amusement park in the world.

Disney World Parks in the world

There are many Disneyland Parks all over the world:

Disneyland Anaheim in California

It is the largest, oldest, and most magical theme park. It was built by Walt Disney himself on July 17, 1955. This park has nine subdivisions starting from the main street in the USA, which connects Disneyland to the central hub. The other lands include Adventureland, Fantasyland, New Orleans Square, Tomorrowland, and Frontierland, directly related to the central hub in a clockwise direction. The other significant grounds like New Orleans Square, Critter Country, and Star Wars are only accessible through the Frontierland and Adventureland but have no connection to the central hub. Mickey’s Toon town connects the visitors to the Fantasyland.

The best time to visit this place is between September to October, and the main tourist attractions are Mickey’s Toon town and Adventureland. This tour is incomplete without a bakery tour, Nemo finding submarine, and a pleasant musical show at the Little Mermaid.

Ticket for Disneyland California and What to Expect
Disneyland California

Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida

It is the second-built theme park in the world full of fun and joy. You can keep your child busy with all the rides and in complete amusement. Not only for children, but you can also enjoy spa sessions. There are six different themes in the park, with Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon been the most beautiful spot out there. The tour to Disneyland remains incomplete without a fine dining experience with the fairies making it unrealistic and beautiful for the visitors. The best time to visit this place is January to March or Mid August.

The Disneyland in Paris

The Disneyland in the City of Love gives you an unforgettable American experience of the 19th century. You can see the vintage cars and horse cart rides that were present on the Main Street of the USA. The wonders of this amusing park are Sleeping Beauty in the Castle and Alice and Mad Hatter in the Fantasyland. Furthermore, the tour is incomplete without the enjoyable fun ride in the big thunder mountain.

The best time to visit this place is in the Mid-week of January to June. The main attractions are Disney village, where there are beautiful souvenirs which you can buy and see the beautiful Walt Disney Studio.

Ticket Prices for Disney
Disneyland Paris

Disneyland in Tokyo

Tokyo is not only the home of Disneyland but also is the home of Disney Sea. Along with the sea, Tokyo Disneyland is the third most eye-catching touring spot in this world. The park has seven different topographical areas that give a wider choice of exploring the mysterious place. You can watch the beautiful area at the Mermaid Lagoon or a secret journey to the earth’s center at the Mysterious Land.

The best time to visit is during early June when there is less crowd. If you visit the place when it is crowded less, you take a gondola ride in the Mediterranean Harbour and try out many other rides without having to stand in the queue.

Ticket Prices for Disney
Mickey Mouse Disneysea Tokyo

Disneyland in Hong Kong

In 2005, the establishment of Disneyland, Hong Kong, took place. It is relatively small than the other parks. Yet, it manages to attract thousands of visitors every day for its’ imaginary theme attractions and entertainments. The best time to visit this place is between March to April.

How to enter Disneyland?

Disneyland is the hub of magical and beautiful fairy tales as if a dream comes into existence. Thus, the demand for tickets and resorts is high all over the world. But it becomes easier to enter Disneyland by buying a pass. There are three different ticket prices for Disney passes which you can buy while booking tickets to Disney. Check out the following:


These are the digital tickets that allow the guests to reserve and plan a trip to Disneyland. These reservation systems enable the visitors to book their passes 60 days in advance. The reservation allows the tourist to visit selective attractions, get warm greetings from the Disney characters, and enjoy entertainment shows like parades and fireworks.


PhotoPasses are the passes that allow people to download pictures from the official Disney websites taken by the photographers of Disneyland and at the theme parks. When the visitor’s photo is taken, the person receives a “photopass” card with a browse address and with the embodiment of a sixteen-digit number on it.


Max passes are a beneficial add-on with the Disneyland Resort for which you need to pay beforehand and do not miss any tourist attraction due to the lack of tickets.

A detailed structure of ticket prices for Disney theme parks:

  • The ticket prices for Disney tour varies from person to person and season to season. Tickets are cheapest in Mid-January and expensive during December.
  • The prices are lowest during the school days and highest during the holidays.
  • You can follow a chart to know the validity of the length of the days. You can either choose the one-day or 10-day pass. The validity period for the 10-day is for 14days from the booking day. You can start the counting from the second day of the booking date.

Expenses in MaxPass:

If you are thinking about ticket prices for Disney, let us tell you by paying $20 extra per day, you can reserve a ride or get a Fastpass reservation beforehand on your phone. One can access the PhotoPass after the reservation, and to do that, you need to download the picture that was taken by Disneyland when you were enjoying a ride.

However, the booking of passes is not yet in force after the reopening of Disneyland in 2020. It is because of the ongoing pandemic and to follow the protocol of social distancing.

Booking Procedure of a MaxPass:

The procedure of booking a MaxPass is online. It is a FastPass ride reservation system which means you need to be fast to book the tickets first to enjoy and have a lovely time with the Disney characters.

  • The first step is to download and visit the online Disneyland app.
  • You need to create a Disneyland account and link your ticket and boarding pass to the account.
  • After clicking on the “Get Fastpass” option, you will reach a page asking you to create a party. It is essential to keep in mind that you need to buy MaxPass for each member who is accompanying you on tour.
  • Also, keep in mind that you cannot book a MaxPass before entering Disneyland and scanning your tickets. Once you enter Disneyland, you will find options for selecting sites to visit via MaxPass.
  • The Disneyland site will have many tourist attractions with the allotment of return time. The main feature of this page is that the standby time is also given. So, if the time is short, then the purchase is not worth it.
  • After selecting the tourist attractions, the site will seek your confirmation before proceeding with the payment.
  • Type “confirm” to proceed with the payment and exploring the sites without haphazard tedious work.
  • After making the FastPass reservation, you can view your pass in the Main Menu of the account.
  • After selecting the “Redeem FastPass” option, you can present your actual FastPass ticket. The procedure is this pass-in-the-line ride, scan the barcode and enjoy the ride in Disneyland.

Benefits of Disneyland MaxPass

Check out some benefits of availing yourself of the MaxPass:

  • Maximization of the visit to Disneyland
  • Disney MaxPass is the pass that gives the visitors the ability to book Disneyland attractions. It also helps select our necessary and important entertainment sites with a photo pass that provides access to download delightful pictures. The ticket prices for Disney are very reasonable, which is just $20 per day.
  • Time-saving process
  • You can buy passes online and select your preferable tourist spots and attractions without standing in a queue. Also, the visitors can book the next FastPass on their phone. So, there is no need to go and wait to buy passes from different locations physically.
  • The ticket prices for Disney PhotoPass are included in the FastPass only, which allows you to capture memories that you can keep forever. You can download the pictures and select the location of dining and heart-warming greetings from the Disney characters.
  • Enjoying Disneyland at night
  • If you wish to see a heavenly sight, don’t miss out on seeing Disneyland at night. You can get access to the beautiful and fantastic colors just by a click on your phone.
  • More beneficial for the Annual pass holders
  • The visitors experience more benefits if that person is an annual pass holder to Disneyland.

The most iconic theme in Disney

No wonder that Disneyland has numerous eye-boggling sites for visitors. But the one in trend is the Star War theme of Disneyland. The Star War theme or Galaxy’s age is mainly built for the genuine love people have for star wars.

The finalization of building a star war theme park took place on August 15, 2015, and the construction of the theme began on April 14, 2016.  The entire structure, renovation, and decoration are done by Mr. Towbridge, Imagineering Executive on a Franchising Company.

The Disneyland Star War theme mainly reflects the imaginary village of the star war in a very realistic manner. The name of the town is Black Spire which has an establishment on the planet Batuu.

Star Wars theme in Disney

The idea of the Star War theme was a mastermind stroke of Walt Disney and Mr. Towbridge to create a world so real that when visitors come to see Disneyland, they feel everything is accurate. The dining, shopping, restaurants, entertainment shows, resorts in the Star War theme park in Disneyland are based on an imaginary planet. In simpler terms, these unforgettable memories of the world make it a unique theme in history.

The ticket prices for the Disney Star War theme are the same as any other theme park. But it is advisable to book the pass in advance for a peaceful tour to the planet Batuu.

Changes due to COVID-19

Every business has seen a downward shift in the profit graph due to the pandemic, and people have come up with new rules. So, let us check out what are changes Disney has made this year:

  • Disney Park in California is gradually reopening.
  • The state guidelines allow only three families in the park as visitors.
  • The downtown Disney district is open only with few dining places and retail shops.
  • The reopening of a few attractions and tourist stops limits entry to only a few people. And several resort services available are following the protocol.


After the reopening of Disneyland, the creators and other officials are planning to create a development in the structure of Disneyland, keeping the ticket prices for Disney at a relatively similar rate. According to the recent announcements, the planning is being done to develop retail stores, theme parks, adding a Disney town on the west side, and forming Disney Spring on the east side which will attract visitors.

Final Thoughts

Disneyland is a world of wonders where all the visitors enjoy to the fullest. Even if the ticket prices for Disney are not pocket-friendly, the Disney World ticket discount makes it possible! However, if you want to know more about Disney World, don’t miss checking out their website regularly to get the recent updates and the Disney ticket prices 2021.

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