The Walt Disney Company Mission Statement Analysis

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The Walt Disney Company is the pioneer of kids’ entertainment. Through time, the company became more diverse, and nowadays, adults are also enjoying their content. This article will analyze the Walt Disney company mission statement.

Every organization has its unique mission and vision to set up the work culture and achieve the objectives. The Walt Disney Company also has its mission and vision statements.

Walt Disney company mission statement as per official website

As per the company’s website, the Walt Disney company mission statement says that the company wants to entertain people. Additionally, they want to inform and inspire people worldwide. By their unparalleled storytelling, the company has become the world’s most iconic brand in the entertainment sector.

The company’s vision statement stated that the company wants to be one of the leading brands in the entertainment and information industry.

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Past experiences of The Walt Disney Company

The animation was not a popular entertainment medium back when Disney started. But the Disney Brothers wanted to adopt this. Needless to say that after some time, the medium became popular among people to see the cartoon characters on the screen.

Disney’s journey was not less than a roller-coaster ride. The company faced many ups and downs in its business. Back in 1923, the company faced severe bankruptcy. And in 1941, the company met a considerable staff turnover rate as many company employees were resigning.

After all these hurdles, the company became the most popular entertainment company globally, not just the animation medium, but the company adopted many other mediums such as real-life movies, shows, and music.

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What does the Walt Disney Company Mission Statement state?

The mission statement records the company’s overall objectives, markets, processes, products, and other things. From the mission statement, the following points can be noticed:

  • The reason behind the existence of the company
  • The main objectives of the company
  • The products and services the company has to offer
  • The geographical spread of the company’s business
  • The primarily targeted customers of the company.

In their mission statement, the company wants to provide entertainment and information by their storytelling to the global audience. With the help of new and innovative technology and creative minds, the company wants to become a premium brand in the entertainment industry.

In their corporate mission statement, the company stated that they want to create an innovative, creative and profitable brand. The company intends to use its brand portfolio to separate the content, products, and services.

The Walt Disney Company Mission Statement Analysis

Analysis of the statements

As per the Walt Disney Company mission statement, all the necessary details and information about the company can be noticed; they stated that they want to give knowledge, information, and wisdom about various things. To do the same, the company has chosen entertainment as the medium.

The first thing is the products and services the company offers. So as the statement said that the company mainly focuses on entertainment content to inform, inspire and educate people.

The next thing the statement says is the primary market and the targeted people. So the company wants to serve the global audience. Therefore the company targeted the global market to do their business. But the company mainly started its operation with animation.

So basically, they targeted the kids as the audience. But with time, the adults began to enjoy the animations, so the company decided to make content for the kids and the adults.

Technology upgradation

Their mission statement stated that the company wants to use creative minds and the latest technology to make their content innovative and advanced, as the technology adopted by the company is very much developed.

Their movies and shows use third dimension pictures, IMAX pictures, and even fourth dimension. So it can be said that the company is operating as per its mission statement.

While on the other hand, they have more than 220,000 employees worldwide. All these people are innovative and creative. So their mission statement is strictly followed by the management.

Talking about their corporate mission statement, it can be noticed that the company is working as per it for the last decade. They stated that they want to differentiate the content of their company.

They have created a diverse brand portfolio of their products. From the kids to the adults, they have content, products, and services for people from every age group.

To make this diversity, the company explored many other mediums of entertainment apart from animation. They have made brands for each age group and the people with different tastes.

Some of their popular brands are MARVEL STUDIOS and Disney PIXAR.

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More advancements in Disney business

Disney also started their own online content streaming platform named Disney+. This online video streaming platform is a massive success worldwide. Apart from that, the company has television channels all over the world.

Disney is not limited to visual entertainment. They have many other entertainment sectors. One of them is the most popular amusement park. There are a total of 12 amusement parks in the world.

Disneyland is the most famous and popular among the people. There are six Disneylands in the world. Moreover, Disney offers other major amusement parks like Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal kingdom.

Final thoughts

By this, it can be said that the company is the premium class business in the world entertainment industry. It has a clear corporate and general mission statement, and the management is working according to it.

Thus, with this clarity and an effective operation process, the company is achieving constant growth and sustainability.

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