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Do you know Richard Madden recently said that former Miss Universe Priyanka Chopra could make a fantastic Marvel character? The Eternals actor is currently working with Chopra in Citadel, and her vigor seems to have impressed Madden. Well, we don’t know if this could ever happen, but we should already know about the existing female Marvel characters!

Most of the time, when people think about the Marvel franchise, they think about strong male characters. But female Marvel characters equally shape the significance of power in movies, comics, and TV series.

Not only are they physically strong and have powers, but also intelligent and emotionally superior. We have seen many of them in the movies, but few have not yet appeared in films or TV series.

Today we will tell you about the female Marvel characters who deserve more recognition.

Top 6 Female Marvel Characters

#1 Carol Susan Jane Danvers or Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is one of the most powerful female Marvel characters, and we have seen her using her abilities in the Captain Marvel movie.

In the movie, the character gets trapped in a radioactive explosion. Then she absorbed this energy and projected it on her will to create heat and light.

Also, she can absorb other energy forms as well like electricity. It amplifies her energy projection and strength to the point where she can explode even nuclear weapons.

The only form of energy that has a consequence when she uses it is magical energy. However, she did help Dr. Stephen Strange with magical power when he was fighting with Sir Warren Traveler.

Moreover, she can fly almost six times faster than the speed of sound and has durability, stamina, and extreme physical strength.

Besides, Captain Marvel has cosmic awareness, which is very similar to Spidey Sense. This means she can sense any trouble way before it happens. Thus, it makes her one step ahead of her opponents.

#2 Natasha Romanoff or Black Widow

One of the Avengers female Marvel characters is Black Widow, the master spy.

She has worked with various spy organizations worldwide and even worked with many masterminds that have given Black Widow a skill set that only a few Marvel characters have.

Hence, she can outsmart a lot of powerful and intimidating characters. Also, her looks make it easy for her since a lot of people fall under a spell.

Moreover, she is fantastic at martial arts. Even though most of the time, she uses high-tech gadgets and weapons.

Black Widow Generated $60 Million From Premier Access Says Disney

#3 Gamora

Gamora is one of the green female Marvel Characters who is the adoptive daughter of Thanos. Thanos has trained her, which enhanced her strength, agility, speed, and durability.

He even helped her become a tough hand-to-hand fighter, took martial art training from various planets, stealth techniques, and used weapons of the Milky Way galaxy.

Also, she is a highly-skilled assassin and gymnast and used to have a telepathic connection with Thanos. She has a lot of weapons, but she primarily uses a dagger. The properties of the dagger are unknown, but it is skilled enough to slay powerful characters like Magus and even Thanos.

Furthermore, among female Marvel characters, she is the most skilled martial artist. She can destroy opponents who have superhuman strength, and their durability is much more superior to hers.

It is seen that she defeated a military team that had more than dozens of men in a few minutes. Besides, she also has Infinity Gem, which is mentally linked with her. This gives her power like time control. However, she stated that she does not know how to use it properly, and thus she rarely uses it.

female marvel characters

#4 Wanda Maximoff or Scarlet Witch

One of the Avenger’s best female Marvel characters is Scarlet Witch because her power is limitless. Even though movies have shown Wanda’s mutant magic, we have yet to see her using her abilities with full power. Her counterpart in comic books has shown them more than her.

Furthermore, we have seen in the comics that Wanda can rebuild reality to fit her own needs. She needs to do it with a bit of furry, whispering three words, and minimal concentration.

Due to this power, all the characters in Marvel Universe changes and all their storylines as well. Scarlet Witch probably has one of the strongest powers in their universe.

#5 Okoye

Okoye appeared on the big screen in the 2018 “Black Panther” movie. She is highly skilled in different types of combat also is the leader of Dora Milaje.

Moreover, she is extremely good at using many Wakandan tools and weapons, mainly skilled in using spears. Also, she is a fantastic strategist and tactician.

Later in the film, it is shown that she also supports T’Challa, who used to be the king, but it is cut short cause Erik Killmonger overthrows him. Okoye helped him to take control of the kingdom again.

A sequel of the movie is expected to be released in 2022.

female marvel characters

#6 Anne Weying or She-Venom

Anne Weying first appeared in the 2018 “Venom” movie. She works as a district attorney and is the ex-fiancée of Eddie Brock, aka Venom.

In “Venom,” we see Eddie becomes a host of the alien symbiote, which gives him immense powers. It is stated that Anne will most likely have the same capabilities as well see in the preview that she is the new host of the symbiote.

We would see more of She-Venom in the new spin-off movie.

4 Female Marvel characters not in movies

#1 Heather Douglas or Moondragon

If you like complex stories, then Moondragon’s character is very complicated. It is stated that she is directly connected to the Titan himself.

After Thanos destroyed her home, killing everyone except her, she trained with Shao Lom monks. This gives her telepathic abilities.

Moondragon is one of the powerful telepaths equal to Emma Frost, Professor X, and Jean Gray (without her Phoenix Force).

It was later revealed that her father’s spirit was reborn in Drax the Destroyer.

#2 Jessica Drew or Spider-Woman

Spider-Woman is a mix of Spider-Man and Black Widow. She has all the powers that Spider-Man possesses, and she is also a private investigator and spy. Thus, not only making her tactical and intellectual but also physically powerful.

Even though she has a complicated origin story that has changed her a little bit, she has always been portrayed as a strong character.

Moreover, Jessica has a lot of experience while working with both HYDRA and SHIELD. This experience made her much wiser than her male counterpart, Spider-Man.

#3 Jennifer Walters or She-Hulk

Whenever we think about physically strong characters in MCU, we look at the Hulk family. After doing a blood transfusion from Bruce Banner (Hulk), Jennifer gained her She-Hulk abilities.

She has immense superhuman strength, which makes her the strongest female Marvel character physically and emotionally strong.

Even though her strength remained the same for many years, her strength rapidly increased either from anger or fear, similar to Hulk. Besides, she has superhuman stamina, reflexes, agility, and speed.

She Hulk

#4 Doreen Green or Squirrel Girl

At first, Squirrel Girl was a comic relief character. But she was one of the few people who had stopped Thanos. Doreen can talk with squirrels and has the same abilities as her furry friends.

For instance, she can jump from tree to tree, have knuckle spikes, and chew woods. Later in “The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl,” the character had increased jaw strength.

Now she can bite through 1.8 million pounds of pressure which means she can even bite through anything such as solid steel.

Besides, she has additional powers such as heightened reflexes called “squirrelgility.” Even her vision became more assertive. It is seen her eyes glow red when there is low light which means she can see things even when it is dark.

Furthermore, her sense of smell was also enhanced, which helped her know if there was any danger or other person nearby.

Doreen is also good at hand-to-hand combatant, and it is shown that she has taken down Wolverine in a no-claw fight.

5 Female Marvel villains

#1 Jean Grey or The Phoenix

Jean Grey is one of the top female Marvel characters, even without Phoenix Force enhancement. She is exceptionally talented when she is using her (sometimes not predictable) telepathic and telekinetic powers.

Moreover, her mutant ability is the same as Professor Charles Xavier. It can be even more when she merges with Phoenix Force.

While using her powers, Jean can move anything she wants with her mind. If she wants, she may manipulate people in whatever direction, tear human body parts, and even take planes out from the sky.

Dark Phoenix is the movie about Jean Grey, released in 2019, and Sophie Turner played the lead role.

#2 Mary Alice Walker or Typhoid Mary

At first, she was introduced as Alice Walker, and later it was revealed that she is Typhoid Mary. She is shy and has lost her memories of her wrongdoings.

Mary suffers from dissociative identity disorder due to childhood abuse, and thus her Typhoid personality arises. Whenever she switches to Typhoid, she suffers from high fever, has more energy and stamina, and lacks control.

Moreover, she has killed people and is working with Kingpin, who uses her pyrokinesis ability to set Wolverine and Daredevil on fire on two different events.

However, Typhoid is not the worst personality of Mary. After she is institutionalized, a new persona arises, and it is Bloody Mary. This third personality is unstable, sadistic, violent, and only kills men who torture women.

It is stated that throughout these years, the character developed more personality.

#3 Selene

She is another female Marvel character who is a mutant and made her debut in Mutants #9. It is stated that Selene is one of the oldest characters in MCU, and she has been around since the Apocalypse.

Moreover, she is one of the members of the Hellfire Club sometimes; she even leads the team. This means she has met X-Men several times.

Selene’s primary ability to live a long life which makes are immortal. She can take life energy from others to revive herself.

She made her movie debut in the movie “Dark Phoenix.” However, she played a minor role in the film as one of the members of the Magento’s Brotherhood. We did not see her full potential in the movie.

#4 Yuriko Oyama or Lady Deathstrike

When Yuriko Oyama was introduced, she had only one goal, and that was to kill Wolverine. She believed that her father’s studies, which was about combining human skeleton with adamantium, was stolen by Wolverine. Thus, she persistently hunts him to restore her father’s honor.

However, every time they met, Yuriko lost, and hence, she decided to fight him after Spiral transformed her into a cyborg.

Before becoming a cyborg, she had knowledge of a lot of weaponry, trained as an assassin, and had sword skills. After she transforms with the help of Spiral now, she has superhuman speed, durability, stamina, agility, and strength.

Besides, Yuriko has adamantium claws which means she can slice and cut through almost anything. As a cyborg, she can interface with technology, install her consciousness, and understand her surroundings. As the original body of the character is no more, this works out for the marvel super power.

Even though recently Yuriko is working with the Weapon X team, her true intentions are yet to come out.

#5 Hela

Hela debuted in “Journey into Mystery 102,” and she is the Goddess of Death. Odin appointed her to rule over the dead, which is a very accurate position for Hela.

But over the years, it is seen that Hela began to hate Odin and wanted to get back at him and even tried to take the soul of Thor.

Hela is a God, so she is mighty and one of the characters that Thor cannot defeat physically. Hela primarily absorbs her energy from Asgard. In the movie “Thor: Ragnarok” the character came in as Odin’s firstborn.


Final thoughts

Whenever we think of female Marvel characters, three things come to mind: strong, powerful, and intelligent.

MCU has a lot of female characters, and each one of them is different from the others. You will find you’re your favorite among them.

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