Aurora Sleeping Beauty – Where to Find at Disney World?

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Aurora Sleeping Beauty, also known as Briar Rose or Sleeping Beauty, is a fictional character from an animated Disney film released in 1959. The voice behind Sleeping Beauty was Mary Costa.

She is the 3rd member of the Disney Princess line-up. Also, her character is significant as she is the last one to be developed by Walt Disney.

Moreover, she is the only kid of Queen Lean and King Stefan. On the day of her naming (christening), Aurora Sleeping Beauty was cursed to death by Maleficent, an evil fairy.

The curse changed after the efforts of three good fairies. The curse made Princess Aurora go into a deep sleep. Only the kiss by a prince could wake her up.

Sleeping Beauty Castle Paris
Sleeping Beauty Castle Paris

The story of Aurora Sleeping Beauty

Princess Aurora is a beautiful, generous, loving, gentle, and elegant person. Also, she is a hopeless romantic. As she is being sheltered all her life, she seems timid, playful, shy, and carefree. She is also honest and loyal to her aunts.

Usually, she follows all their rules, although she might disagree with her aunts. One of the rules was not to talk to strangers, and hence when Aurora saw Prince Philip in the forest, she was startled and nervous.

But Aurora was drawn to the prince but remembered the rules about not speaking with strangers.

Later she and her aunts agreed and arranged a meeting with Philips at Aurora’s cottage, where her aunts supervised them.

Even though she is dependent on others’ opinions, she isn’t helpless or passive as it might seem when you look at her.

For instance, in her teen years, she was annoyed at Merryweather, Flora, and Fauna because they treated her like a kid. This means Aurora does want to be independent and does not want to rely on somebody for the rest of her life.

Moreover, Aurora is mentally strong and selfless. When she knew about her background and understood that she wouldn’t see the prince anymore, though she was sad, she showed her loyalty to the people who cared about her.

She agreed to let go of her feelings and do her royal duties. She then returned to her castle and fulfilled her duties as the princess, where she had to marry someone she barely knew and did not love her.

Later it is shown that she has matured a lot and was confident in her abilities and opinions.

Who designed the character of Princess Aurora?

Tom Oreb made the original design, and Audrey Hepburn inspired her figure. After that, Marc Davis did a detailed sketch and improved her appearance and her clothes. Alice, Marc Davis’s wife, also designed some of Aurora’s outfits.

How old is Aurora the Princess?

Aurora is 16 years old.

What kind of outfit does Aurora wear?

Princess Aurora wears a blue or pink ball gown and has a petal overskirt with a ruffled petticoat in white. Her outfit’s sleeves are mainly long and in a triangular shape. She wears a gold tiara and wears pink or blue shoes.

How long did Aurora sleep?

In the original tale, she had slept for more than 100 years before being awakened by a kiss laid down by Prince Phillip. For the movie, they adjusted this detail and introduced Prince Phillip much earlier. Hence Aurora wakes up much sooner in the film.

Sleeping Beauty prince age

Prince Phillips was 20 years old when he was going to the castle where Aurora was sleeping.

Sleeping Beauty original story

The original Sleeping Beauty story is much darker and horrible than the Disney version. In 1934, Giambattista Basile, an Italian author, wrote the original version, and it is a very messed up story.

Moreover, in the original story, Aurora was sleeping inside an abandoned castle and was discovered by a king, not a prince, like in the Disney version.

While being unconscious, the king sexually assaulted and raped her. He did not think anything about and return to his kingdom. At this time, the king was married to Maleficent.

Princess Aurora becomes pregnant, and after 9 months, she gives birth to a girl and a boy while still unconscious.

At this time, two fairies took care of the twins and tried to breastfeed them from their sleeping mother. Instead, the twins suck on the fingers and suck the poison from Sleeping Beauty which finally woke her up.

After some time, the king returned to the castle and saw that Aurora was awake and taking care of the twins. He told her what had happened and they fell in love.

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Maleficent – in the original story

In the 2014 Princess Aurora story, Maleficent was already dark by Walk Disney standards. But in the original version, she was much more sinister and crueler.

In the Disney version, Maleficent curses Aurora to die, and later the fairies alter it where she is sleeping. However, in Giambattista Basile’s story, she was the king’s wife who assaulted Aurora Sleeping Beauty.

Moreover, when Maleficent finds out that her husband betrayed her, she tricks Aurora into sending her kids to her. She then ordered the chef to cook and fed the kids to the king.

Luckily, the chef felt bad and hid the kids and made a dish with lamb instead. Maleficent saw that the king was eating his meal and thought it was Princess Aurora’s kids.

But she wasn’t satisfied with it and kidnapped Aurora and planned to throw her in the fire. However, the king caught what she was doing and ordered his guards to throw Maleficent instead.

The king finds out that the kids are alive, gets married to Princess Aurora, and lives together.

Aurora Sleeping Beauty story

Where can you find Aurora Sleeping Beauty in Walt Disney World?

You can meet Princess Aurora in three places:

1. World Disney World Resort, Florida

You can book for Princess Aurora’s Tea Party at Garden View Tea Room in Florida resort. This is a one-time opportunity where Aurora is the host of the tea party. It is an incredible experience for kids and one of the best activities to do at Disney Resort.

Moreover, the tea party includes singing, storytelling, dancing, Princess Parade, and even talking with Princess Aurora Sleeping Beauty. At the party, they also provide light foods, such as sandwiches and juice instead of tea.

Girls will get My Disney Girl doll which is dressed in Princess Aurora’s costume. Then a fresh rose, bracelet, princess tiara, a set of princess scrapbook, and a certificate called “Best Friend” as keepsakes. Most girls come to the tea party dressed as Disney princesses.

For boys, they get a plush Disney bear, princely crown, and they also get the certificate.

Price of the Tea Party

It starts with $250 for one kid and one adult. If another kid comes along, it will be an additional $165, and for an additional adult, it will be $85.

You need to make a reservation for the tea party, and it is open at 10:30 am from Sunday to Friday.

2. The Magic Kingdom

You can meet Aurora at three places in Magic Kingdom – Cinderella’s Royal Table Princess Meals, Princess Fairy-tale Hall, and Festival of Fantasy Parade.

#1 Cinderella’s Royal Table Princess Meals

Princess Aurora is one of the featured princesses at Cinderella’s Royal Table. It is a famous princess stop, and the restaurant is situated at Cinderella’s Castle.

3 to 4 princesses are always at the restaurant, and Aurora is included most of the time. Aurora Sleeping Beauty appears she is in her classic pink gown.

Disney does not give early announcements for which princess will come to the place except for Cinderella. So do not promise your kid that Aurora will be there. Just tell them there will be Disney Princesses visiting them!

Furthermore, once you go to the restaurant, you will take a picture with Cinderella with your photo pass photographer. After you meet her, then you have to go upstairs where you will have your fixed meal. If you have your dining plan, then it will cost you around two dining passes.

Moreover, after your meal, you can participate in the wishing ceremony. Here, the children receive a want or a sword. Many Disney Princesses will visit you at the table, and at this time, you can take pictures with them.

Even though the Princesses you will meet are not the same always, Aurora is there most of the time, and you can even chat with her for a while.

This place is always booked, so prior reservations are necessary. Also, you need to pay in full when you book your table unless your package includes the Disney Dining Plan. For each person, you need 2 table service passes.

#2 Princess Fairy-tale Hall

Disney occasionally changes the location of the princesses at this hall. So, you need to check if Aurora will be available here when you visit it. It would help if you had a Fast Pass included in the park entry with no extra charges.

There are also PhotoPass photographers who will either take pictures with your phone, camera or you can opt for the Memory Maker service.

Besides, when Aurora is there, she takes some time to chat with the guests. So, you might need to wait for a long while. So do this either when the park opens or visit her late in the evening.

#3 Festival of Fantasy Parade

A lot of Sleeping Beauty characters join the Festival of Fantasy Parade. They walk down the Main Street of USA. The guardian fairies of Aurora are there, and also, you will see Malificent’s breath fire when she walks down the street.

Most of the time, the parade takes place either at 2 pm or 3 pm, and it happens daily. You should check the My Disney Experience app to know the exact timing of the parade for that day.


Two places in Epcot where you can meet Aurora – Akershus Royal Banquet and Character Meet:

#1 Akershus Royal Banquet

At the Royal Banquet, you can meet a lot of Disney Princess, which includes Aurora. You need to make a booking before handed. It is a buffet system which is a favorite for a lot of people.

Also, it is cheaper than Cinderella’s Royal Table. Hence, if you do not want to spend a lot of money or didn’t get a chance to get in, then this is an excellent option for the princesses. It also has breakfast reservations which happen before the park is open.

This banquet is located at The World Showcase (Norway Pavilion).

However, it is not predecided on which princess one can meet on which day. So, there is no assurance of meeting Aurora in person. But she is there most of the time.

#2 Character Meet

After Aurora left the Magic Kingdom, the only place you can find Aurora is here. She is at the Word Showcase (France Pavilion) most of the time. There is no Fast Pass to meet this character. But you will know the available time in your My Disney Experience app.

Note that you need to book your slot for six months (180 days) before visiting Disney World. Also, there might be changes compared to earlier schedules due to the 50th-anniversary celebrations going on right now!


Final thoughts

Aurora Sleeping Beauty is one of the most famous Disney Princess. She is timid and gentle, which might make her seem weak, but we have seen that she hates it when fairies treat her like a kid.

After being cursed, Prince Philips found her in a castle where she slept for a few years. The curse was broken after Philips kissed her.

If your kids are a fan of Princess Aurora, then in Disney World, there are many places where you can meet her. The best thing? In the Florida Disney resort, there is an exclusive tea party that Aurora hosts!

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