Disney World Fast Pass 2021 – How to Use the Replacement?

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Right before Disney World was starting 50th-anniversaryΒ celebration preps, they made an announcement. They informed interested visitors that the Disney World fast pass 2021 will go through a replacement. Currently, the paid services include Individual Attraction Selection and Disney Genie+.

Disney World fast pass 2021 replaced

So, the fast pass Disney World 2021 got revamped with the new park services and was launched in October. We will give you some tips and tricks to know to avoid long queues and make the most of your time.

For starters, you need to know the way to stack multiple Lightning Lane return windows. Note that WDW has changed the loophole of stacking.

Unlike Disney World fast pass, the Genie+ lets guests book Lightning Lane return windows one by one. However, you must note that when choosing one return window over two hours from the time you booked or the time since the park opened, you need to wait two hours more before securing the second one.

So, you can use Disney Genie+ to make a Lightning Lane reservation when you’ve already availed of the first one or the time of the return window is over. Again, if you had booked another two hours before, you get one more booking availability post 120 minutes.

You can avail any of the above options depending on which one comes first! Note that this excludes Individual Lightning Lane options like the Fancy Rides. These can be booked one at a time just as you are done with them one by one.

How does it change ride availability?

Alike Disney fast pass, 2021 rules seem more flexible. The two-hour rule is pretty convenient. It was created to ensure that the bookings are not far out with Genie+ when it comes to returning time. Thus, you do not need to wait for an hour to use the facility again.

Now, you need to know what happens if you stack two reservations with changed return times. Previously you had the allowance to stack one Lightning Lane booking along with another one.

Again, you could choose a new return window at one more ride after using each one individually. So, you had access to two windows all the time and throughout the day.

Suppose you booked a 12 pm return time for one ride and booked around one right beside it with 11:30 am as return time. You could avail of the first attraction and book another before finishing the second one.

The current update sent out by Disney Genie+ lets guests go through the two-hour rule. But you can still stack reservations when booking ones to avail two hours later than the first.

However, depending on when your return window opens for the day, you will have to go one by one unless you book another two hours away.

Since the two-hour rule exists, it is better to book reservations late as you get to stack several reservations.

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