Water Ride at Disney World to Sail Through Magic

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A visit to Disney World will never be monotonous, and the sheer variety of attractions present in the park can keep visitors of any age glued to the park. If you ever plan to take a great trip to this wonderland, don’t forget to pay a visit to the types of water ride at Disney World.

Water ride at Disney World

The water rides also have a significant variation. A roller coaster ride is your niche if you love more thrilling adventures. If you enjoy a relaxing boat ride, that option is also great for you. Here is the list of best water ride at Disney World.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Were you a fan of this movie and Johnny Depp since introduced to the world of films? Did the exciting sea adventures excite you? If yes, here is your chance to live that experience for real.

It is a nine-minute journey to the sea of wonders and the pirates’ life. Keep your eyes and ears open; who might say Jack Sparrow might also visit you!

Pirates of the Caribbean

Crush ‘n’ Gusher

A combination of a roller coaster and a waterslide ride, crush ‘n’ gusher will take you up and down the hills when you board your river raft.

Jungle Cruise

Take a magnificent ride in the Jungle Cruise of Magic Kingdom and travel past bathing elephants, angry hippos, hungry lions, and whatnot. Also, beware of the head hunters. If you want to have a fun-filled yet climactic adventure water ride, Jungle Cruise is your stop.

Summit Plummet

Not every family would find fun in this ride. But, are you a solo rider and have a checklist of the solo adventurous to-do list?

If yes, experience the 120 ft. long vertical drop in the Summit Plummet. Here, you travel through a narrow dark tunnel. Feeling the thrill in the skin, right?

Ferry Boat Ride

Ferry Boats at the Magic Kingdom is one of the other major attractions in the water ride at Disney World. Here, General Joe Potter, Admiral Joe Fowler, and Richard Irvine will help transport between Magic Kingdom and the ticket and transportation center.

Watch the Space Mountain and Cinderella Castle pass by as you relax on your ferry. So, these serve both as transportation services and hotspots of unique experiences.

Gangplank falls

If you are searching for a ride that your whole gang can experience together, gangplank falls as your best call. Rushing through the rapids, it can accommodate up to four riders. So, cheers to the group, and enjoy this experience as you shout your way through the falls.

Liberty Square River Boat

If you want to relax on a boat ride, you can do so in Liberty Square River Boat as well. Another surprise for you is the magical recording of Mark Twain’s voice as you wander through the river.

Splash Mountain Magic Kingdom

Splash Mountain Magic Kingdom is another ride you will never want to miss. The experience is similar to galloping in the other water rides where you can never save yourself from getting wet.

Traveling, instead, rushing across 950,000 gallons of water will be not only a delight for your adrenaline but also your mind and body.

Around 100 animatronic sweet little creatures like frogs, possums, raccoons, bees, etc., will accompany you on your journey.

Also, to add to the magical experience, these creatures will sing the classic Disney Song. In the end, it will end in a five-story long splashdown.

There are three dips and a final five-story drop. If you sit at the back, the chances of getting wet are lower than in the front, and however, the fun is similar at all places.

You can keep your personal belongings at the lockers to prevent them from getting wet.

Splash Mountain

Animal Kingdom rides

These are some of the Magic Kingdom’s water ride at Disney World. But, if you want to visit the Animal Kingdom, you will find many other Animal Kingdom rides that will mesmerize you.

Navi River Journey

This ride takes you through a bioluminescent rainforest in the Avatar zone of Animal Kingdom. You will search the Navi Shaman songs once you step aboard this ride.

Expedition Everest

Most of us have seen Everest climb videos on YouTube, but none have gathered the courage to take that bold decision. Hence we are deprived of that experience as well.

But, the expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom helps you get a tad closer to that experience where you ride a roller-coaster themed on Mt Everest. If you are lucky, you can also come across a Yeti.

Avatar Flight Passage

The rides themed on Avatar have been added recently, but those are enough to take your breath away. It is a 4-D experience that will stimulate all your nerves when you can feel the sprays of the sea. While this one is not an actual water ride, it does give you 4D feeling of being into the sea.

Kilimanjaro Safaris

Just like the Everest expedition, Kilimanjaro safaris take you through the African wonder without you ever having set foot there.

As you sit inside a tram, you travel through the forest trails as live animals swarm beside you. Animals are more active in the morning and night, so avoid visiting the forest during noon.

Pangani Forest Trail

Also, you can take an actual life exploration trail where you will meet hippos and guerrillas as you walk your way in the Pangani Forest.

Dinosaur Rides

If you meet the height requirement of being 40-inches, enjoy another pre-historic surreal dinosaur ride experience.

Here, animatronic dinosaurs will follow you as you want this ride. However, it will not be dangerous as the one shown in Jurassic Park. So, don’t worry and enjoy the thrill.

So, these rides at the Animal Kingdom will bring back so many things. From historical realities to contemporary ones, they bind together all the experiences you couldn’t have or can never have. If you want to be a part of that surreal experience, definitely visit Animal Kingdom.

Final Thoughts

Disney World will never dishearten you, and it is a land of wonder, magic, and wish fulfillment. So, enjoy these rides together with your family and have a fun-filled, thrilling adventure ahead of you.

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