Disney Magical Express Ending and Expected Replacement Service

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From January 1, 2022, Disney Magical Express ending and will be replaced with new services.

It alternatively means people need to arrange their transportation from the Orlando International Airport (MCO) to the hotel.

Since Disney will not provide services, we will give you the best options available.

Also, if you want a service similar to Disney Magical Express ending then you will have 2 options:

  • Mears Connect
  • The Sunshine Flyer

But how do these services work and which one should you choose? Let us look at the services.

Replacement services as Disney Magical Express ending

#1 Mears Connect

Mears is the company that will operate the buses. From January 1, 2022, they will offer shuttles from Disney World to Orlando International Airport. Their new shuttle service is called Mears Connect.

Moreover, with Mears Connect, you will have 2 booking options:

  • Standard Service
  • Express Service

There are a few key differences in both services.

Standard Service

It is a shared-ride shuttle where transportation happens in vans or charter-style buses. First, you need to be at terminal B at the airport. You need to check at the ground transportation level (level 1) here.

Then the guests will either board the van or bus. It will leave the airport within 15 – 20 minutes. Also, the shuttle will have a few limited stops, where they will drop the guest at different resorts like the Disney Magical Express.

Express Service

It is a direct service without waiting when you arrive at the airport. Also, there are no multiple stops once you are in the vehicle. It will take you directly to your hotel.

However, remember that it is not a private service. Hence, other people might be riding with you on the same bus or van.

Image Credit: Attraction Magazine

#2 The Sunshine Flyer

This is the latest shuttle transportation announced by Transportation Management Services (TMS). TMS is a private company. They will begin their services in February 2022 via a charter bus.

Moreover, The Sunshine Flyer will only be offering shared-ride services, unlike the Mears Connect. This means you will board their bus at Terminal B in Ground Transportation (Level 1) at the Orlando International Airport. They will leave within 15 – 20- minutes for Disney World.

Also, the buses will make stops at many Disney World resorts, and there is no direct transportation option.

Image Credit: AllEars.net


#1 Mears Connect

As of now, the cost is based on how many individuals are traveling to the party. The rates for Standard Services are:

One way trip

  • Child: $13.50 (from 3 to 9 years old)
  • Adult: $16

Round trip

  • Child: $27 (from 3 to 9 years old)
  • Adult: $32

For the Express Service, one fee is $250 for 4 people. The additional fee will be $55 for each person.

Children who are under the age of 3 can ride for free. They also stated that there wouldn’t be any surge pricing. However, the prices can increase after some time.

#2 The Sunshine Flyer

The price of The Sunshine Flyer is similar to the Mears Connect Standard Service. Pricing:

One way trip

  • Child: $12.50 (from 3 0 8 years old)
  • Adult: $17

Round trip

  • Child: $25 (from 3 0 8 years old)
  • Adult: $34

The price for the adults is costlier than the Mears Connect. But their kid’s price is lower than Mears Connect.

Children under the age of 2 can ride for free. Also, there won’t be any surge price. They also stated that these prices would stick around for a long time as they are not “introductory rates.”

What is Included is Disney Magical Express replacement services

#1 Mears Connect

For the Mears Connect for both Express and Standard Services, they will offer comfortable seating, clean vehicles (they follow state, county, local, federal, and CDC health and safety rules and regulation), onboard entertainment, real-time updates since they use modern technology, friendly drivers, arrival souvenir, and wheelchair accessibility.

#2 The Sunshine Flyer

Even though there is no welcome gift if you are traveling with The Sunshine Flyer, there are still many similarities with Mears Connect.

They will offer a 1920’s themed service. They will keep the trip within 60 minutes, clean, spacious buses, and clean. Also, the staff will help the guest with their suitcases at MCO as well as at the destination, easy boarding process, and to find location.

Also, TMS has been in the business for more than 25 years doing services like this.

Lastly, they also provide onboard entertainment and wheelchair accessibility. When you make a reservation, there will be a box that you need to click if a wheelchair is required.

Travel Time and Return to the Airport

#1 Mears Connect

You might be wondering with which service you will reach at Disney World sooner. Well, both of them are quite similar, but a few things depend on the service you will choose with them.

They have promised that you will be on the way to the resort within 15 – 20 minutes when you arrive at the airport. However, their site does not include how long it will take to reach the resorts as there will be many stops with the standard option.

But if the guest chooses the Express Service, there is no wait time when you are at MCO. Also, you will directly go to the resort without any additional stops.

Furthermore, when it is for the return services, then for Standard Services, they will meet you 3 hours in advance if you are going on a domestic flight and 4 hours before if you will be going on an international flight.

While for Express Service, they will pick you up 2 hours in advance for domestic flights. They will be at the hotel 3 hours in advance for international flights.

When you make a reservation, they will send you a confirmation email. Then a day before, your need to confirm the pickup time.

#2 The Sunshine Flyer

They also guarantee that you will leave from the airport within 15 – 20 minutes after you board the bus. But they are also ensuring that you will arrive at your resort within 65 minutes.

Besides, they have the same pickup windows. This means the Disney World resort will pick up guests 3 hours before their domestic flights and 4 hours if it is international flights.

Also, the pickup schedule will be sent to your email before the checkout day.

Things to note regarding Disney Magical Express ending and replacement

Another thing you need to know is that in both The Sunshine Flyer and Mears Connect shuttles, car seats might be used. However, according to the law, they do not need these shuttles. Also, both of these companies do not offer any luggage managing services.

Moreover, at The Sunshine Flyer’s site, they said they are trying to add luggage managing services by summer 2022.

Mears Connect stated that they are also trying to add luggage managing services. Also, they will send a confirmation to all the guests who have already booked their services with them.

Lastly, both the services offer similar services that you will have on the Disney Magical Express. In the end, there are only minor differences. Also, what is included, pricing and other things will help you decide which service you prefer.

For now, the major difference is that you will get an Express Service if you travel with Mears Connect.

You can book any of the services right now and reserve your seat online. Hence before booking your services, make sure you have the plane information confirmed as you need to give that information if you book the services at Mears Connect or The Sunshine Flyer.

Also, stay tuned with us to get more information related to Disney World and its services.

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