Club 33 Disney World Application How to Submit

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Today we will tell you about the Club 33 Disney World application and how you can join it. Club 33 is one of the luxurious places in Disney Parks. It is a private dining location all Disney lovers want to access.

It was fisted opened in 1967, and it was modeled after many VIP lounges created in New York World’s Fair (1964) by some pavilion sponsors.

You will be surprised to know that it was the first place that serve hard drinks! Yes! It was one premium Disney dining outlet with access only for the elite.

Benefits of Club 33

Before we tell you about the Club 33 Disney World application, let us look at the benefits you will get when you join Club 33.

Club 33 membership perks include:

  • 50-day admission tickets
  • Access to Dream Suite at select resorts
  • Complete access to 5 VIP private tours annually
  • Exclusive park passes to visit Disney parks
  • Exclusive Club 33 merchandise

Club 33 Disney World Application

Do you know that Le grand Salon and to Lounge 1901 was once the only Disneyland bar? Yes! This is where everyone wanted access amidst all the Disney park fun and frolic.

Even today, cracking through Disney Club 33 membership is tough. You really need two things to get through – money and patience!

There are two ways for the Club 33 Disney World application and membership.

Club 33 Disney World Application How to Submit
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Paying for Club 33 membership

1. Mail an application letter to the authorities

The first way on how to get into Club 33 is to write and mail your application letter to Club 33 Member Services.

In the application, you need to pen down your earnest request and be eager to get into Club 33. Your letter should be different from other people appealing the same. It will give you an upper hand and the chances of accepting your application will be more.

One of the most common tips is to explain your love for Disney. You can explain how much you have eaten at Disney restaurants, how influential you are, and how much are you a Disney fanatic.

Some things to note before you mail the Club 33 Disney World application:

  • You should know that Club 33 membership card only applies to one official member, and only that person can make schedules and reservations. Also, they can invite up to three people.
  • When you are writing the letter, make sure it sounds professional. They are considering people who can fit in this elite club, so you need to express that they are a fit for this role.

2. Wait for Club 33 invitation

After mailing the Club 33 Disney World application, you need to be patient until it is your chance.

The next process starts once the Member Services contacts you. They will inform you about an available position that you can fill in. Note that the Club 33 waiting list is fairly long. 

According to previous reports, members have had to wait for a decade before getting their spot.

If you did not get through Disney Club 33 on the first attempt, do not be upset. In fact, you need to let at least a couple of years go by to expect a callback. Reports suggest that for every 500 memberships available there is a waiting list of more than 1000 aspirants.

If you have an exclusive application due to your personality, you might get a membership at once. If no one contacts you, call and speak to a representative to enquire about your position.

3. Fees to hold your membership spot

Irrespective of how long it takes, you will receive a callback. By then, if you are still keen to get Club 33 membership, you can take the process ahead.

To secure your spot inside Club 33 the authorities will give you details regarding the fees you need to pay. You will also find out about the perks you will receive against your membership.

Once you pay the specified amount, you will receive all the Club 33 benefits promised to you.

4. Annual membership fees

To hold your position year after year as a member of Club 33 you need to keep paying the annual fee.

Once your membership requires renewal, a representative will inform you about your dues. You need to pay before the deadline to ensure you still continue to be a member. Make sure you find out how much you need to pay as it keeps increasing every year.

5. Know the rules to abide by

By now you know that Disney Cub 33 membership is not for everyone! So, it was highly likely to expect some rules to follow as a member.

Every elite dining room requires us to follow basic etiquette. When you are a member of Club 33 you have to follow a proper dress code when you avail of their services.

Men are to wear suits while women gown for dining routines. Members are expected to be courteous and respectful to one another. The behavior towards staff members must also be warm and kind.

If you wish to share your membership with a non-member, you need to make the reservation in your name. Such bookings require two or three months of prior approval. Moreover, the authorities must have complete details about the person using your card.

In most cases, pass holders must be present during the dining affair. Your guests are welcome to the dining when they come with you.

Club 33 Disney World Application How to Submit
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Corporate Pass for Club 33

There are several companies with Club 33 membership that lends access to their employees. If you cannot get direct access to this elite club, your company can provide the privilege.

1. Verify Club 33 benefits by your company

Companies across America love to offer perks for their members. One such perk includes access to Club 33.

All you need to do is find out if your company associates with Disney Club 33. The level of access and the members allowed through the same might differ from one organization to another.

If you get access through a corporate pass, you can come along with eight other people for reserving your spot at the elite club.

Note that most companies offer this facility to employees of high rank. But you will definitely stand a chance when it’s your turn!

2. Seek help from HR

If you find out that your company is quite frequent with Club 33 access, you can write to your HR. The concerned person will be able to assist you with how you can obtain similar access.

Your HR might also be able to guide you with making use of all the perks. Once you get the corporate pass, make sure you go through the rules to follow.

3. Reserve your spot on behalf of your organization

So, first, you need access from your company. Once you obtain that, you need to connect with Club 33 Member Services. They will verify your allowance and reserve a table under your name.

Note that you might have to present proof for verification. Also, share the names of people who will come to dine with you using the same reservation option.

Club 33 Membership Cost

To get your club 33 membership, you need to pay a membership fee and later a yearly fee if you want to be a member for the following year.

Moreover, the price of Disney World and Disneyland is different, and Walt Disney World is more expensive. Also, the cost is higher because there are exclusive clubs inside Disney World.

Disney World Cost

Disney club 33 cost to join is the club is $33,000. Then there is an annual fee which is $15,000.


The cost of Club 33 at Disneyland Resort is $25,000 to get the membership card. Later the annual fees will be $10,000 every year.

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What are Club 33 Ears?

Disney club 33 Mickey ears are amazing, and their designs are unique. Every time you see the club 33 merchandise, you will see exclusive stuff.

All the Mickey ears at Club 33 is for $30. 5 Mickey ears are very popular, and they are:

  • Gold Ears
  • Black and Rose Gold Ears
  • Haunted Mansion Ears
  • Rose Gold Ears
  • Salon Nouveau Ears

Club 33 Menu

Buffet Lunch Menu of 2022

The price per person is $59.75. Also, entrees change every season.

Appetizer Buffet includes:

  • Cold Meats
  • Shrimp
  • Crab Legs
  • Sliced Tomatoes
  • Grilled Vegetables
  • Cheeses and Pate
  • Lobster Tail
  • Assortment of Salads
  • Sliced Fruits


  • Fresh Pasta Three by the Three
  • Maine Lobster with Yukon potato chips and avocado relish
  • Pan-Seared Chateau Briand, which has truffle port reduction
  • Seared Muscovy with tangerine jus and cheese polenta
  • Lam Top Sirloin, French lentils cooked in stewed barbecue sauce, and pea shoot tendrils


The dessert section changes a lot. But last time few dishes frequently appeared which was:

  • Mousse
  • Strawberry Gelatin Parfait
  • White chocolate
  • Ricotta Cheesecake

Club 33 Dinner Menu of 2022

Their dinner has a lot more options than their lunchtime. For a five-course meal, it will cost $120 per individual. Also, six-course meals are available, but the price is not revealed yet. If you want to add wine, then it will cost you:

  • 4-course meal – $49
  • 5-course meal – $59
  • 6-course meal – $69

Signature Dish – Golden Osetra Caviar

This dish is served with fresh lemon, fingerling potatoes, and crème Fraiche. Club 33 offers the best caviar available in the world. Moreover, the Golden Imperial Osetra is sourced from the Caspian Sea.

Their finest Champagnes and sparkling wines perfectly complement this nutty, buttery, and luxury item. Also, they have some rare and unique Vodkas.

This whole thing will cost you around $175.


The club mentions the costs of the appetizers:

  • Local Field Green has candied pecan and melon vinaigrette. Price at $8.
  • Artisan Cheese is priced at $14.
  • Heirloom Tomato Bell Pepper Soup is priced at $9.
  • White Eggplant Bisque with Chicken confit priced at $25.
  • Day Boat Scallop preparation is priced at $16.
  • Tasting of California Cavier is priced at $28.
  • Baltimore Crab Profiteroles and Fruit Compete priced at $18.
  • Skillet Seared Prawn with Bloomsdale Spinach priced at $14.


The club mentions the costs of the entrees:

  • Wild King Salmon made with Pea Couscous, and Shiitake Mushroom is $35.
  • Mahi Mahi in Hawaiian Style made with minted tabbouleh and lemon risotto priced at $34.
  • Filet of Chateaubriand made with potato puree and truffle port priced at $42.
  • Strip Loin made with creamed corn priced at $38.
  • Duck Pan Roast made with Apricot jus and French Lentil priced at $37.
  • Artichoke Provencal made with Smoked Tomato Sauce and Pea tendrils priced at $32.
  • Organic Chicken with Mascarpone orzo is priced at $35.
  • Crusted Rack of Lamb with Pineapple Polenta priced at $38.
  • Seared Ahi with Wasabi Sabayon and Potato Croquette priced at $36.
  • Veal Loin Medallions with Bean Ragout and Stewed Cherry are priced at $40.


  • Fresh Citrus
  • Cherry
  • Strawberry Sorbet
  • Pistachio Short Sable
  • Toasted Almonds
  • Lemon Bar
  • Peach Cake
  • Pecan Brittle
  • Vanilla Custard
  • Chantilly Cream
  • Manjari Chocolate Bar
  • Orange Poppy Seed Pastry
  • Roasted Date
  • Coconut
  • Vanilla Ice Cream

Final thoughts

You need to submit your Club 33 Disney World application to Members Services. Remember two important things – one that is extremely expensive and every year they increase the annual fees. Also, the other thing is that it might take more than 10 years for you to become a member of Club 33.

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