Best Time to Visit Disney World 2022

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If you have money in your pocket and a desire to escape the bustles of the real world, then no other place can be as suitable for you as Disney World. However, often, we get confused regarding the best time to visit Disney World 2022. So, here is the article which will provide you with the best details to plan your trip to the dreamland or Disneyland.

The article will also provide you with detailed factors you must consider before traveling to the land of wonders. So, read till the end to know more.

Well, time stops in the magical world, and there isn’t any time which is unsuitable for your trip to the wonderland. But, if you want to take in the most beautiful experience, you will have to do some research.

Usually, it would help if you made yourself familiar with the Disney World 2022 crowd calendar before venturing out on your trip.

It is generally said, avoid Disney World in its most crowded time. But, there are many other factors that you should keep in mind before deciding the best time to visit Disney World 2022.

Due to the pandemic atmosphere, Walt Disney had shut their doors in March 2020, and it reopened in July 2020, and that was when the crowd was the lowest.

However, if you plan to go on a trip to Disney World, you shouldn’t worry about sanitizations and hygiene.

In 2022, social distancing is not enforced. But, you should always put your face masks on while indoor and keep your sanitizers in hand to attract and spread infections.

Best Time to Visit Disney World 2022

Best time to visit Disney World 2022

So, now, we enter the phase where we will discuss the critical factors you will consider before making your plans for a Disney World visit.

Avoid opening days

Usually, it would help if you looked out about new park installations or new attractions opening up. Guests start visiting the parks in swarms when new attractions open up.

So, if you want to avoid crowds, avoid these times. The themes that will be opening or new attractions that will be installed will always be there. So, take some time and visit when the rush is over.

Rise of the Resistance was opened in the park’s off-season, but then you can’t imagine the crowd the park attracted. T

here was a huge cue of visitors outside the way before its opening time. The same thing happened when Mickie and Minnie’s Runaway Railway was opened.


Also, it would help if you considered the weather factor. Keeping that in mind, September and January are the best time to visit Disney World 2022.

In these two months, the number of visitors has a healthy balance, and costings and weather also remain in a manageable plane. However, at this time, usually, kids have school. That is the reason why the crowd is low.

Again, this might be the best time if you plan on a solo trip or a friends’ trip. In fact, at this time, Disney World packages 2022 are also enticing.

What will remain closed

Keeping the Covid scenario in mind, you should notice every minor change in the opening policy of Disney World.

By March 2022, every park and resort should open its doors to visitors. However, places like Jiko, Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue, 1900 Park Fare are likely to remain closed.

Don’t worry about the other events. Most of the festivals will be back by 2022, including the Festival of the Fantasy Parade.

Best months for visiting Disney World

We will give you some dates to plan your visit to Disney World.

Avoiding New Years’ eve and Christmas, December weekdays usually see a balanced crowd in the Disney world.

April 20-29 can also be an ideal time for your visit. The end of spring and the start of a cool summer can make your stay more pleasant than you can imagine.

The entire month of September and October weekdays are also suitable for a low-key Disney World visit.

If you want to enjoy the coldest time in the Disney world, nothing can be better than visiting the place in the early days of January.

Also, if you want to skip the harsh winter, January 24 to February 10 can be a good time for your visit.

If you mark our dates carefully, you will notice one thing; we excluded all the holidays. Spring break, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter attract the most visitors. So, if you want to enjoy a peaceful stay, avoiding these times is a must.

But, in 2022, it’s hard to guess which time of the year is the best time to visit Disney World 2022. This year is right in the middle of the year-long celebration marking the 50th anniversary of Disney world.

Disney crowd calendar

So, if you glance at the Disney World 2022 crowd calendar, you will see Disney World remains the busiest when kids are on vacation.

4th of July, Christmas, New Year, and Thanksgiving are the busiest time for the magic world. Usually, the crowd begins 2- days before the vacation and lingers until 2-3 days post-vacation.

While other parks attract the public on a balanced level, Magic Kingdom hits the top for the crowd list. However, in 2022, the busiest day will be October 1, in EPCOT.

Can you guess the reason? The day marks the official day for celebrating the 40th anniversary of the park.

Best Time to Visit Disney World 2022

When is it cheapest to visit Disney World

What can motivate you more than avoiding crowds while planning a trip to Disney World? Well, there comes the money factor. This section will figure out and list the best time for you to visit Disney World on a low budget.

The answer to this question will inspire you even more to plan your trip at the least busy time of Disney World.

The cost is directly proportional to the crowd, meaning the more minor the group, the lesser the price.

You can save thousands of dollars by choosing the wisest time of the trip. January, August, and September are the cheapest months for visiting Disney World.

Also, as we already wrote, these are the times when the crowd is also the lowest. You will get a discount on your park tickets, resorts, and plane tickets. So, book the most innovative Disney World packages in 2022, including the Disney resort hotel package, and start your vacation with a boom.’

Final Thoughts

Nothing should go unplanned in life, and a trip to Disneyland tops the list of things you should plan well ahead of. So, read this article to choose the best time to visit Disney World 2022 and enjoy a planned trip to Disneyland.

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