Kali River Rapids Animal Kingdom Ride Experience

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Kali River Rapids Animal Kingdom is a raft ride that travels through the lush waters of the Asian rainforest.

This whitewater rafting experience is in the Asia part of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. This is right next to the Maharajah Jungle Trek.

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History of Kali River Rapids Animal Kingdom

Kali River Rapids launched for the first time on March 18, 1999. This attraction was intended to be named Tiger Rapid Falls. However, they named it Kali River Rapids drop instead.

It made up for not having the name by being situated next to the Maharajah Jungle Trek. Guests can view live tigers here. There is a tiger sign at the entrance of this attraction. Additionally, there are tiger-inspired designs on the journey.

The queue for Kali River Rapids

If you’re wondering if Kali river rapids open and how long the queue for it is, then keep on reading.

It is an outdoor attraction. It moves through the jungle and then enters the rafting offices. Guests can enjoy fictional expeditions.

The offices for Kali river are detailed. It tells the story of the attraction. Some of the queues for the ride are enclosed while the other bit continues outside.

Ride experience

After the raft leaves the platform, they float up a gradually moving lift hill. Once the ride reaches the hill, guests expect a Kali River Rapids height drop. However, instead of a drop, there is a gentle dip into the river. A waterfall and a geyser are located nearby for an extra splash.

The movement of the raft is gentle and bobs up and down. It journeys its way to the logging site to showcase the dangers and devastations of logging.

The raft moved down a twenty-foot slope here to create the effect of a gigantic splash. The raft continues its journey making its way through a small cave and under a bridge. Eventually, it returns to the station.

The entire ride is ten minutes long. The guests feel this is a very short amount of time for such a beautiful experience.

Image Credits: Flickr

Kali river rapids accident with water

Getting soaked during summers may sound like an enjoyable experience. However, many might not share those sentiments for such a short ride for an entire day.

The discomfort is amplified during winters. Guests may have to return to their resorts for a change of clothing.

If you plan to enjoy this ride, make sure you wear water-resistant clothing and shoes. Take off your socks before getting on the ride.

Consider covering your shoes with plastic or water-resistant clothing to prevent them from getting wet. Walking around in wet shoes after the Kali River Rapids Animal Kingdom ride can give you blisters on your feet.

This ride offers guests a free locker rental for two hours. Guests are free to store anything here that they do not wish to carry with them to the ride. They can store their change of clothes here as well.

Ride vehicles

The raft vehicle can accommodate 12 passengers on plastic chairs. These chairs come with an armrest on one side.

These vehicles have belts for safety that the guests can share on each vehicle. There is a circular bar for guests at their waist level to hold onto during the duration of the ride. Additionally, there is a circular bar at the bottom for guests to rest their feet on during the ride.

Final thoughts

Kali River Rapids Animal Kingdom is a comfortable ride. Larger guests can also request a two-seat section all to themselves for more comfort during the ride.

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