Best Ways to Watch Fireworks at Magic Kingdom

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Fireworks at Magic Kingdom is one of the best highlights of visiting Disney World for many. Trust us when we say that is no less than magical.

The Disney Enchantment show is one of the most famous shows of Magic Kingdom. People love this show the most and look forward to the incredible fireworks. Although these fireworks look great from literally everywhere, certain spots give the best view.

How to spot fireworks at Magic Kingdom

Below we have jotted down the best spots at Magic Kingdom to see the Disney Enchantment fireworks. Read on to know what they are to get the view once you are there:

Through a ride

We bet no one would disagree on the fact that it is thrilling to view the Magic Kingdom fireworks while on a ride.

Did you think that was weird?

Well, in that case, you would be amazed to know that people love enjoying the fireworks the most while on a ride.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

There are many rides in the Magic Kingdom from where you can enjoy the fireworks. But the best of them is undoubtedly the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

This roller coaster ride made of steel is located just at the back of the Cinderella Castle. Trust us when we say that the views of the fireworks that this ride provides are nothing like the rest.

We had gone through the reviews of many people who had loved the fireworks when they were on this ride.

As per them, the feeling of having the fireworks almost right in front of your face when the roller coaster reaches the top is heavenly.

Well, if you are to believe what others have experienced, you would go back again and again to relive this mesmerizing beauty.

Some people have ridden on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train more than 10 times to enjoy the fireworks. Yes, you heard that right.

The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is the second ride to enjoy the fireworks just after the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. This roller coaster is loaded with lots of dips and turns.

Along with that, this ride also includes lots of mountains, floods, caverns, and avalanches. This ride is located at the Frontierland behind Splash Mountain.

Standing on the USA Main Street

Finding the correct spots where you can enjoy viewing the fireworks with the Main Street and Castle in frame can be tricky. However, many people have loved to view the magical fireworks by standing on the USA main street.

There are two places to enjoy the fireworks from the USA main street. The first one is from the middle of the street. We suggest you hurry a little before anyone else reaches the place.

Once there, get yourself a secure place right in front of the famous Main Street Bakery. For those of you who have been there, you would know how magical the fireworks would look from here.

The second one is from the extreme back of the USA main street. Now, once you view the fireworks from this place, you might feel that you have not got the best view.

But, if you do not like the crowd and want to avoid all the rush once the firework show is over, then hands down, this is the best place. From here, you can view the fireworks and leave before everyone else. Sounds like a good deal, does it not?

fireworks at magic kingdom

From your Hotel

Some people want to get dressed and be on the streets while enjoying the view of the magical fireworks. However, many people want to put on a pajama, sit lazily on their verandah, and enjoy it. Magical World understands both our moods, for sure.

For the same reason, many resorts and hotels inside the Magical World provide us the same. These hotels have rooms from where you can view the fireworks. Unlike many people believe, there are many good parts about viewing the fireworks from your room.

The first thing is that you can avoid crowds. Well, in case you did not give this a thought, Magical World remains extremely crowded during the time of the fireworks. Hence, finding a perfect spot to view the same without getting smashed in the crowd is next to impossible. Unless, of course, you are in your room in your private space.

The second thing is to personalize the night according to your wish. You can choose to play your favorite music in the background, wear your favorite dress or slip your pajamas in. You are your boss.

From the Hub

Do you wish to see Tinker Bell’s flight projections and Cinderella’s Castle? Do you also want to see fireworks closely? Then hands down, the best place for you to view the fireworks is the Hub. This prime spot is located just under the nose of the Castle.

But this prime spot also comes with a little drawback. The drawback is that you would have to turn your heads around to view the projections when standing on this spot. Apart from this, some people consider this spot the best amongst all of the spots to view the firework display.

From the Dessert Party

Are you one who feels that the Dessert Parties are too overrated or overpriced? Well, in that case, you would not find it the same anymore. By now, you must be wondering how that is possible, right? Then, you would get to see from these parties because of the mesmerizing views of the fireworks.

If you believe the experience of some of the guests who have been here, they have loved the fireworks from here. The Disney Enchantment Dessert Party is held at Tomorrowland Palace or the Plaza Garden.

The real debate is about which of these places provides the best views. Some people feel that the views of the fireworks from Tomorrowland are unbeatable.

Witnessing the display of fireworks just before the dessert party begins is truly mesmerizing and mood-lifting.

For others, they prefer viewing the fireworks from the Ferrytale Fireworks Dessert Party. For them, viewing the fireworks display while on the Seven Seas Lagoon sitting on a boat is truly dreamlike. However, this downside is that the dessert party boat ride is quite expensive.

fireworks at magic kingdom

Final Thoughts

The debate around which of the spots mentioned above is the best to view the fireworks display has been going on for a long time now. The choice for the best spot is truly extremely personal and varies from one person to another.

If you have a little extra money to spend, then the boat cruise is termed one of the best places to view the fireworks display. Apart from that, all of these spots are fun and unique in their special way.

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