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If you are a fan of Disney World, you must be aware of Disney Vacation Club. However, certain people are not clear about what Disney Vacation Club is.

We all are extremely fond of Walt Disney World. This park certainly has a huge list of things to offer to all its visitors. This park has it all, from crazy rides and attractions to a delicious spread of food to dream DVC resorts. Thus, it is very likely for people to keep coming back here.

Are you one of those who cannot have enough of Disney World or Disneyland? And thus end up planning a trip at either of these places almost every year? Then, we suggest you consider taking the Disney Vacation Club membership.

But here is a question that most people keep asking. It is:

What is a Disney Vacation Club?

To simply put, a Disney Vacation Club is a family ownership program. You could say that it is a timeshare program. In here, you could buy an ownership interest along with other people in a Disney Vacation Club property. This membership system is point-based.

This timeshare program is operated as well as owned by Disney Vacation Development. This is responsible for and allows the purchase of a real estate interest in Disney World.

Hence, this club comes with several benefits for all the regular visitors of Disney World. These people could buy an ownership interest and consider the resort their vocational house whenever they plan a visit to Disney World.

If you think this is the only good part about being a DVC member, you are wrong. The Disney Vacation Club membership comes with several benefits. Let us have a look at what they are.

What are the benefits of being a Disney Vacation Club member?

Here are some of the benefits of being a DVC member:

There are various discounts on merchandise and dining

If you thought that having ownership is the only perk of getting a DVC, then you would be amazed to know the other perks that it comes with. Every DVC member gets a Blue Membership card. This is when they buy around 150 DVC points from the club directly.

The perk of this membership card is that you can get almost around 20 percent off. This offer is available in various restaurants, shops, and cafes of Disney World. If you sit down to calculate the benefits, you will notice how the DVC members can save up to 75% in the coming 45 years.

But remember always to keep the DVC membership card in hand and not lose it. These offers and discounts are only applicable to DVC members.

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Moonlight Magic

Moonlight Magic is one of the many special perks that a DVC member must avail. It is a special event exclusively made for DVC members to stay in the park even after dark. They can thus be on the rides for a shorter time and a shorter queue. The weather is also cooler, unlike the daytime.

This event is available on some selected dates only. Only the DVC members who have above 150 DVC points can participate in the event. Apart from just the rides, you would also get complimentary beverages, super-fun dance parties and would also get to greet some of your favorite characters.

There is a tendency of many DVC members to not show up to the event. However, if you are a DVC member with points above 150, you must be here.

The sad part is that this event was halted since the pandemic put the world at a stand-still back in 2020. But now Disney World has announced the comeback of the Moonlight Magic and has also released the dates. Do check them out.

Benefits of the My Disney Experience Application

A little change has been brought about for the DVC members back in the year 2021. The DVC members were previously given a complimentary Magic Band whenever they booked. However, since 2021, Disney World has discontinued the complimentary Magic Bands.

Instead, the members are now asked to download the My Disney Experience App on their phones. This is done essentially to enhance their experience at Disney World. With My Disney App, the members will have access to various places at Disney World without a key. This includes the theme park, hotel rooms, and Disney photo images, amongst many others.

However, if someone wants to go by the traditional method of having a Magic Band, they can as well. But, the Magic Band would not be complimentary like before. It would be chargeable.

The resorts are a home away from home

The resort rooms are not like the rooms of a typical hotel or a resort. It is more like a home that you would visit on your vacations. Hence, once you visit these resort rooms, you are less likely to get a luxury feel and would thus get more of a homely feel.

For instance, once you enter the resort, the staff members would greet you with a ‘Welcome Home’ sign. Various rooms accommodate a different number of people that you can choose from. Here are some types of rooms that you can choose from.

  • Studios: This room can accommodate around four people.
  • One bedroom Rooms: Around five people can stay in this room.
  • Two-bedroom Rooms: Around nine people can stay in this room.
  • Three bedroom Rooms: These rooms are called the ‘Grand Rooms.’ Around 12 people can sleep in one such room.

All the above rooms except the studios have all kinds of amenities available. Dryers, washers, pepper dining areas, a fully-equipped kitchen, etc., are all available here. The main idea is to make people feel like they are at home and not at any random hotel.

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Breathtaking pools

One of the best things about all DVC resorts is that each has its own uniquely themed pools. Along with that, these pools also have a poolside cafe.

The best part about being a DVC member is that you can hop on to any of the DVC resort pools. Therefore, if you get bored by spending time at the pool of your resort, you can hop on to any other resort’s pool.

However, there are certain things that you must keep in mind before hopping on to other resort pools. To begin with, before going on a pool hopping to other resorts, make sure to check in by calling the front desk. This is because all of the DVC resorts do not allow pool hopping. To mention, here are some of the resorts that we know for sure do not allow pool hopping.

  • Stormalong Bay, Disney’s Beach Club
  • Leisure pool, Disney’s Beach Club Villas
  • Bay Cove Pool, Bay Lake Tower
  • Beau Soleil Pool and Riviera Pool, Riviera Resort
  • The Leisure Pool and the Lava Pool, the Polynesian
  • Grand Floridian pools of Disney
  • Copper Creek Springs Pool and Boulder Ridge Cove Pool, Wilderness Lodge
  • Pools at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Along with this, there are also block-out dates that apply to the pool. Hence, the pool would not be open for hopping on these days. Thirdly, there are chances of a member of another DVC resort then you may not be allowed to enter the pool if it reaches its maximum number of people. In that case, the resort members would get the first preference.

Disney Vacation Club Rentals

There is another popular thing that many Disney World fans are unaware of. They are the DVC rentals. By now, we are already aware of what a DVC membership is.

The DVC members have the opportunity of using these properties anytime they want during the year. The number of days they can stay at the villa and the kind of room they would get depends on how big their share is.

For example, for the same length of period, one person might get a two-bedroom room, and the other might get a three-bedroom room.

The best part about a DVC membership is that you customize your room settings and length of stay according to your preference.

Let us suppose that your points allow you a two-week stay at the resort. The good part is that it is not a mandate for you to stay here for two weeks. Instead, you can break down the stay with a huger quality of rooms that your points allow.

Now we come to our point about what a DVC rental is. There are certain times when a DVC member cannot put their timeshare in use.

In those cases, they can choose to put their timeshare at rent to another person. In this case, a person does not have to be a DVC owner. All a person has to do is find a person willing to put their unused points on rent to another person.

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Disney Vacation Club’s ‘Favorite Weeks’: What is it?

Many DVC members know what ‘Guaranteed Weeks’ is all about. Well, it is a way in which a DVC member can book identical accommodation every year for the same week. However, they would have to pay 10% points more than a usual booking. This concept that was previously known as ‘Guaranteed Weeks’ is now renamed ‘Favorite Weeks.’

You might become a little confused when you hear about booking similar accommodation every year for the same week. Hence, let us take an example for the same.

Let us suppose that you are confirmed about getting Christmas Holidays every year from Christmas to New Year. Hence, you are sure that you want to plan a trip to Disney World at that time. In that case, you can opt for ‘Favorite Weeks.’


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There are certain benefits of the program from the DVC members’ point of view. For suppose, you would not have to head on to the website every November to make your bookings.

Secondly, you cancel your booking any year according to your preference. At the same time, you can also lock your points for your ownership duration, which is required for the week.

Hence, as we can see, nothing of ‘Guaranteed Weeks’ has changed, except, of course, its name. We assume that the name change has been done, keeping some legal points in mind. However, we would still keep our eyes and ears open for any further announcements by Disney World on the same.

Disney Vacation Club Resale

Some Disney Vacation Club members might choose to resale their membership because, well, they are allowed to do so. If you are worried or confused, there is a DVC contract that every member is made to sign. This clearly states that a member can choose to sell their membership anytime they wish to.

However, the trick lies in getting to sell the membership. You must only take help from a resale agency while selling your DVC membership. You must also ensure that the agency specializes in the DVC club. If you are not selling your membership through a licensed agent, you must be very cautious while doing so.

Final Thoughts

There is no harm in getting yourself a Disney Vacation Club membership in any way you see. That is only when you know you want to visit the park frequently. The good part is that you can choose to sell the same or put it on rent when you get bored of it. Hence, that is a win-win situation, is that not? Hence, avail of the Disney Vacation Club login and enjoy the numerous benefits that come with it.

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