Disney World New Attractions with Launch Dates

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Selecting a perfect date to book tickets for a Disney World vacay is one of the most challenging tasks. And why not? A Disney vacation is a dream to many. If you have already visited this place once, you would be keen to know what’s new. Here we present Disney World new attractions to plan your next Disney vacation around them!

Hence, without a doubt, we want to take most of it while we are there. Well, that is one of the main reasons why there are so many things to consider while we plan the perfect Disney World vacation.

We do not shy away from admitting that the list is enormous. We keep everything in place, from ensuring that the weather is pleasant to taking office and school holidays before booking the tickets.

But, most of us also have a look at the perfect dates at Disney World where we would be able to see the maximum of it.

For most of us, a trip to Disney World is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and thus it is pretty evident that we would want to see everything there.

The good thing is that Disney World new attractions include the opening and reopening of many new rides, dining arrangements, musicals, and more.

While they have offered us an official period when we can expect these rodes and attractions to open, they have not given us any official date.

Thus, we cannot book the Disney World tickets ideally for obvious reasons, can we? Without knowing the exact opening dates of all the new rides and attractions, it is impossible to select the perfect dates when you would be able to enjoy the most of the park.

Disney World New Attractions

Let us look at some of the most awaited Disney World new attractions, rides, and more:

Roundup Rodeo BBQ

We have all been super excited ever since we got to know that Disney World is about to introduce Roundup Rodeo BBQ back in 2020.

For those of you who are not yet aware, Roundup Rodeo BBQ is a restaurant that will open at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios. However, ever since the announcement, Disney has not talked much about the opening date of the restaurant.

All we know about the opening of this Toy Story-themed restaurant is that it will open sometime this year in 2022 in Toy Story Land.

Additionally, we know that it is all set to be the favorite dining spot for all the Toy Story fans. It is set to take all its guests to the Toy Story land in full swing.

It would be showcasing all of Andy’s toys of the train station and western town playsets. Along with that, it also promises to include some never seen before playful details of our favorite Pixar characters.

All those details are sure making us extremely excited about knowing the final opening date of the restaurant, are they not?

Image Source: Disney Tourist Blog


Fantasmic! is one of the most popular nighttime live shows at Disney World and in Disneyland. However, this nighttime live show and the Festival of Fantasy Parade were discontinued at Disney World.

With immense delight, we inform you that Disney World announced the return of both Fantasmic! and the Festival of Fantasy Parade in 2022. However, Disney World has yet to announce one fixed official date for when these shows would be returning.

However, there was a little piece of information that was shared with us though. The Festival of Fantasy Parade would take place on the streets of the Magic Kingdom. This teaser-like information has only fueled our excitement to know the releasing date of the same.

Disney world new attractions
Image Source: Flickr

Dining Plan of Disney World

The Disney Dining Plan was discontinued when it reopened after being shut for the pandemic. However, in June 2021, Disney World hinted at reopening it sometime this year.

But, at the same time, it did not mention any particular date or even period for when we can expect it to reopen. However, we are guessing that the Disney Dining is about to reopen shortly. The past couple of weeks saw quite a price hike in the food section. This could be because Disney World plans to introduce the Dining Plan again.

We are guessing that the possible reason for the delay in reopening the Disney Dining Plan is that many restaurants are still not open. That is right.

When the pandemic struck, everything had to shut down as per the government guidelines. Even though most of the things (be it food, resorts, rides, or entertainment) have opened, some restaurants and cafes are yet to open.

Hence, one can easily say that the possible reason for the delay in reopening the Dining Plan could be that Disney World is waiting for all the restaurants and cafes to reopen.

Magic Band +

One of the things that we cannot wait to open soon at Disney World is the Magic Band+. Well, many things are getting remixed this year. One of those exciting things is the Magic Band+.

Magic Band+ is an upgrade to or previously known Magic Band. It will have all its previous features. Along with that, many new features will get added, and trust us; they are all super exciting.

Some of the most talked-about features are:

  • Color-changing lights
  • Gesture recognition
  • Haptic vibrations
  • It glows up along with some special effects during the nighttime vibrations

Disney World has promised to unlock features in the Magic Band+ that we have never seen before. And we sure cannot wait to have an experience of what those are.

However, what Disney World has not yet announced is the exact launch date of the Magic Band+. All we know until now is that it will open somewhere this year in 2022. But to know the exact date, we guess we would have to keep waiting for a little longer.

Image Source: MickeyBlog.com

Hey Disney!

Another fascinating thing among Disney World new attractions is the launch is the Hey Disney services or gadgets, as you may call them.

Some time back, Disney announced a brand new and personalized voice assistant feature.

For the same reason, it is in talks with Amazon to install Alexa in every resort room. But here is the catch, Disney is all set to introduce Alexa with a cute twist.

The Amazon Echos installed in all of the hotel and resort rooms will have cute Mickey Mouse ears.

Just like Alexa, Hey Disney! also comes with an interactive feature. Hence, you can interact with it during the period of your stay at the Disney World resorts.

The good thing is these smart devices would carry a lot of informative information. You can ask them to let you know about the park hours, set alarms, check the weather for you, tell you the time, and many more. Hence, you can say that this device would be a one-stop solution for all your queries.

But sadly, we are yet to know about an exact date or period for when it will be launched. Therefore, please do not expect it to be there in your hotel rooms at least for the next few months.

Parking Trams Return

It was not very long that the whole of Disney World had to halt all of its operations due to the pandemic hitting the world.

After a year of struggle, it had finally opened its gates for all of us. Even though the park is slowly and steadily returning to normalcy, some operations are still yet to reopen.

One of those operations is the parking trams. It was not very long ago that Disney World announced the return of the parking trams.

The four places where these parking trams are returning are Disney World’s Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, and Magic Kingdom.

Well, the good news is that the parking tram services have already returned to the Magic Kingdom. However, we are yet to know the exact dates on which the services would resume in the remaining three places. We guess we all would have to walk some extra steps from the parking lots until then.

Finding Nemo: The Big Blue…and Beyond!

Truth to be told, it was heartbreaking for all Disney fans when they got the news of Disney closing down their favorite Finding Nemo: The Musical.

Finding Nemo is hands down one of our favorite animated movies. But well, that was only for a greater purpose, right? It is not long that Disney announced the all-new Finding Nemo: The Big Blue…and Beyond!

This live musical show would have all our favorite Finding Nemo characters. But the trick is that they would all feature a brand new story. That sounds super fun, does it not?

All we know about the release is that it is about to open sometime in 2022. But, the exact date is something that Disney World is yet to announce.

disney world 2022
Image Source: Flickr

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

We were all over-the-edge excited when Disney World announced the construction of a brand new roller coaster bac in the year 2019.

The super thrilling roller coaster was all set to be launched at EPCOT and was named Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. That is right! The Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind roller coaster will be the first roller coaster based on a Marvel theme. That is super thrilling, is it not?

However, with the pandemic hitting the world, Disney World had to shut down. Along with that, the construction of the roller coaster also had to be put to a halt.

The construction had started back in the year 2019. Sadly since then, Disney World has not officially come with any specific date announcing the same launch.

All we know until now is that it is all set to launch sometime soon during the summer of 2022. Well, the best we can do is wait for Disney World to come up with a date.

Until then, what keeps our hopes high are the under-construction pictures of the roller coaster. You go by how far the construction is complete; we can expect the launch to occur anytime soon. Hence, grab your seats tightly!

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Final thoughts

Disney World new attractions launch dates usually come a few weeks before it begins. The theme park does not release the information way beforehand. However, this is what they used to do previously.

Usually, Disney World used to announce the launch date of a new attraction or a ride months or years before the launch date.

However, at the current time, Disney World announces the launch date or even the launch timelines only two to three weeks before the actual launch.

At least, this is what we have seen during the last two releases. That is of Disney Adventure Friends Cavalcade and Mickey’s Magical Friendship Faire. The release dates were announced only two and three weeks ago, respectively.

Hence, that could be a problem for anyone who wants to book their tickets, keeping the launch dates in mind. But, there is also an excellent part to the same. Let us imagine that the launch dates fall sometime when you have booked your tickets. In that case, it will come across as a pleasant surprise, are they not?

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