Ways Disney World for Adults Are More Fun Than for Kids

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Will you be surprised to know that there are way more reasons showcasing Disney World for adults is more fun than it is for kids? Well, Disney theme parks are ideal for all age groups. But if you think it is typically for kids, think again!

There are various rides, attractions, and things of entertainment at Disney World for both kids and adults. Moreover, certain things are made only keeping the adults in mind. Here, we will tell you why adults tend to have more fun than kids!

Disney World for Adults only

Let us look at the top 10 things in Disney World that adults enjoy more than kids.

1. Nightlife that is specially made for the adults

If you thought that there is nothing made for adults-only at Disney World, you are about to be proved wrong.

Did you know that many places at Disney World keep an adults-only environment at certain hours of the day? Yes, you heard that right.

There are certain places at Disney World where you can enjoy the nightlife. You can enter these nightclubs if you are of or above 21 years of age.

Here is a list of some places you can go to enjoy the nightlife:

Atlantic Dance

You can head over to this place to enjoy some drinks while you groove on the tunes of some fantastic music. The nightlife here starts just after midnight.


Good food, drinks, piano, and the dance floor. Sounds like too much fun, does it not? The nightlife here starts in the wee hours.

The Edison

The adult-only life starts here at 10 at night. This place is located in Disney Springs.

Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto

If you are looking forward to a place where the nightlife starts a little earlier, you head towards Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto.

Well, that is because here the adults-only entertainment starts at 8 pm. This place is located at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

2. Visit the EPCOT festival to enjoy all the cultural cuisine

EPCOT festival is one of the most famous festivals of Disney World. One of the most alluring things about the festival is the delicious delicacies that are served from all around the world. What no one can deny is the fact that the food served here caters more to the taste of the adults than kids.


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If you look through the menu of the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival that is running in 2022, you will find how mostly these foods are kept keeping adults in mind. If you are a fan of simple foods, we are sure you would love the spread.

Some of the foods you get at the festival this year are Korean Short Ribs (boneless), Taco Vampiros, Corned Beef Brisket Hash, Frushi, Arepas, and tons of others. Let us not forget the select alcoholic beverages that showcase a part of Disney World adults only.

3. Scary and thrilling rides and attractions

Well, we know how most kids are quite uncomfortable around scary or thrilling things, right? Hence, one can say that the scary and thrilling rides of Disney World are made especially keeping the adult adrenaline in mind.

A list of rides at Disney World might be called too jarring for the kids. As a result, they automatically become adult-friendly.

Apart from that, many thrilling and scary rides come with certain height restrictions. This again refrains the kids from being there. Moreover, it is always good to keep the kids away from the scary rides because they are pitch dark and intense. Just the environment of the scary ride or attraction might scare the child.

Some of the rides that you can go to to have a thrilling time are Dinosaur and Tower of Terror.

4. Disney Springs Shopping Zone

If you love to shop, we are sure that Disney Springs would be your best friend when in Disney World. If you are ready to spend money without worrying about the world, Disney Springs has got you covered.

There are plenty of stores to shop from at Disney Springs. You would get Zara, Havaianas, Chapel Hats, and Uniqlo, amongst many others. Hence, if you thought that the merch available at Disney World is only princess dresses and Micky Mouse hats and the like, you are highly mistaken.

From Disney Springs, you can also ship mature stuff for yourself. There is plenty of footwear, bags, accessories, and clothes that you can get hold of.


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 5. Laze around in the hotel lobbies

Kids love to jump around. They would not rest for even one second and play around in the park given a chance. But, that is not the case with us adults. Adults love to steal some me-time even if they are out on vacation with their family and friends.

For such times, the gorgeous hotel lobbies of Disney World are the best getaway. You can laze around in the hotel lobbies, sit and listen to a beautiful piano note and feel at ease.

There are plenty of things to enjoy at a Disney World hotel lobby. From warm fireplaces, elegant paintings, breathtaking ceilings to some soothing music, the choice of things is huge.

6. Savoring some delicious drinks in EPCOT

EPCOT tops the chart when it comes to serving good food and drink in Disney World. There is a variety of restaurants and bars that serve the choicest of foods and drinks worldwide. These include beers, vodka, wines, cocktails, and margaritas, amongst many others from the best of the countries.

But what is more exciting apart from just these is the passing time referred to as Drinking Around the World. This thing is strictly limited to the guests who are above 21 years of age only, just like the nightlife at Disney World.

This includes you trying the best drinks for the choice of countries at the EPCOT World Showcase. That sounds super exciting for everyone who loves to drink, does it not?


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 7. Appreciate the smallest of details

There is one thing that no one can deny, and that is Disney World has put in a lot of effort in decorating even its tiniest corners.

From the parks, rides, and attractions to the resort and restaurants, a lot of effort has made these places so pretty and attractive. Each of these places is made with a unique set of themes aided with classy detailing and designs.

However, understanding and appreciating these works of art is something that we cannot expect the kids to do.

As we mentioned previously, kids tend not to be patient. Especially when we are at a place like Disney World, we cannot expect our kids to sit quietly and understand the detailing and thought put in every corner, can we?

But, we can take some time out and appreciate the people who made Disney World one of the best places to visit in the world, can we not?

8. Visit the educational entertainment attractions and rides at EPCOT

If you were not aware before, there are some rides and attractions at EPCOT that provide educational entertainment to all the guests. These attractions are extremely slow-paced, and you can enjoy sitting in a luxurious air-conditioned atmosphere. Some of such attractions are Journey Into Imagination With Figment, Living with the Land, etc.

Those two qualities of these attractions do not go well with the kids. Kids have a higher adrenaline rush when compared to adults. As a result, when they are at Disney World, they tend to get more attracted to rides that have thrilled and are fun.

On the contrary, these attractions are relatively boring from a kid’s viewpoint. However, people who like to enjoy things that are a little slow-paced would love these attractions for sure.

9. Cirque Du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil is a new addition to the attractions at Disney World. Even though the attraction theme is more like a circus, it is not one of those that kids would like in particular. It has many artistic elements added to it that the adults would surely enjoy a lot.

But, when it comes to kids, we are not that sure. Most importantly, such a piece of at is something that would go above their heads, leaving them confused to the core. Therefore, one can say that the Cirque Du Soleil is more of an adult attraction than a kid one.

10. Enjoying an EPCOT film

Are you ready to experience movies on screens so huge that it would put iMax to shame? Then, it would help if you headed to EPCOT. However, the only problem is that these movies are slower. This is when they are compared to the nerve-wracking roller coaster or rides. Thus, it appeals to the adults more than the kids.

Adults enjoy medium and slow-paced attractions. They prefer something to enjoy sitting at a comfortable seat in an air-conditioned room. However, it’s a bonus if you can make the children sit there to watch the movies. It would leave a positive and inspirational impact on them.

Some really inspirational movies are showcased here. Some of them are Canada Far and Wide, Reflections of China, and Awesome Planet, amongst many others.

Final Thoughts

These were the list of the best amongst the huge list of things made for adults only. Adults can enjoy the rides and attractions with the kids as well. But that is not it. At the same time, they can choose to pass their time indulging themselves in one of the stuff mentioned above too. That sounds like a good deal, does it not?

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