Disney World Tips to Overcome All Stress During Your Trip

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Knowing about some of the best Disney World tips can help you keep all stress at bay. In this post, you will learn about the fundamental problems you may encounter. However, you can ensure that the trip goes as planned with the given solutions. After all, you will not be able to enjoy it entirely if you keep worrying about the crowd, passes, or accommodation at Disney World.

Check out the following problems and the best Disney World tips to combat them in the following list:

Disney World Tips

Making decisions can be stressful. Besides, it isn’t easy to choose between McDonald’s and sushi for supper, but at Disney World, the options seem never to end!

It would help if you chose the hotel to stay at. Then, you must decide where to eat – so you need to make reservations for the restaurants you wish to visit? Is it possible to get the reservations you want 60 days ahead of time, or have they already sold out? Do you need to come back to see if anything has changed? Will you primarily provide speedy service?

It would help if you decided which parks to visit and how many times. Are there any you may want to skip to see more parks?


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 It would help if you decided which rides to ride and in what order to ride them. This significantly impacts how long you must wait and how much you may do in a single day. It would help if you also decided whether or not to purchase Disney Genie+.

Start planning to be able to answer all these questions. Make a detailed plan that includes your itinerary, considering your budget. Of course, saving money is possible during your Disney World trip to utilize the correct offers and discounts. Moreover, it is important that you relax and not rush into decisions.

What about the hotels?

There are a plethora of hotel options, and deciding on the “perfect” one for you can be stressful. However, aside from simply choosing a hotel, availability and costs can be limited, especially if you don’t book immediately or arrive during peak tourist season!

It can be frustrating to know that you’re going on a trip to spend a lot of money just on your hotel room. Finding the best offers, looking for a room at a reasonable price, or finding a room that meets your budget might add stress.

Decide on your accommodation, tickets, Park Passes, meal reservations, and other details as soon as possible so that you may get them out of the way and not have to worry about them later. You won’t be stuck making those judgments later if you have a clear plan and get things done early!


Disney World is so costly that it can cause anxiety. You could spend thousands of dollars on transportation, food, lodging, tickets, goods, Genie+, PhotoPass, etc.

Sadly yet expectedly, costs have been steadily increasing. Lately, visitors are experiencing ticket price hikes, price hikes on hundreds of food items, select commerce items, and even surge pricing for Genie+ in the last few months.

Setting a realistic budget and sticking to it is essential for a good trip. Moreover, it would help to practice using the My Disney Experience app before your trip to ensure you know how to use it. Then, set everything up, including your friends and family and all of your tickets, park passes, and hotel reservations. Finally, make sure you have everything ready to go when you arrive!

Park Passes

Park passes can also be a source of anxiety. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to enter the parks unless you have your Park Passes ready for the days you’ll be there.

If you neglect to get your Park Passes ahead of time or wait too long to reserve them, you may find yourself all dressed up with nowhere to go. In other words, you may be all prepared for your vacation. However, Park Passes may be exhausted for all or some of the parks you wanted to visit. It means you are left with a non-satisfactory and not at all ideal trip experience.

Even if you don’t wait too long, if you arrive during peak season and don’t book your Park Pass reservations early, a slight delay may result in the parks crowding up by the time you check again. On the other hand, if you’re a vacationer who likes to go with the flow, having to reserve Park Passes may be too much for you.

Though obtaining a Park Pass and the possibility of Park Passes being sold out can be worrisome, the system itself can be beneficial in some ways. Once you’ve obtained your passes, there is no need to worry any  longer. Moreover, it means that you will get an entry to your favorite park, irrespective of peak hours.


Let’s be honest: Disney World isn’t exactly a “secret” vacation spot. Instead, it’s a popular destination for visitors from worldwide. As a result, expect to see a lot of people. But lately, the crowds have been enormous!

While the crowds have been enormous this year, you don’t have to be in the middle of it all the time. There are a few advantages that can help you avoid crowds. For example, Early Theme Park Entry allows you to enter any Disney World park 30 minutes earlier on any given day (assuming you have the appropriate Park Pass).

Extra evening hours allow you to spend more time in the parks later in the evening. However, you must note that this is only for select parks on specific, designated nights. Besides, this offer is only applicable if you are staying in Disney Villas or the deluxe hotels.

Disney World Crowd Calendar 2022

Long queues

Long queues can form from snack stalls and quick service restaurants to attractions, merchandise stores, and public transportation. Due to the more significant crowd levels, you may be waiting much longer than usual, which can be frustrating if you are unprepared.

Mobile order lines and wait times can be extremely long if you don’t plan. For example, if you wait until peak eating hours to order your dinner, it may not be ready until much later. Alternatively, if you choose to pick up at a high eating hour, you may find that the wait is quite long. Hunger plus worry equals a vacation that isn’t exactly pleasant.

You need to attempt to be strategic. Take advantage of early entry, extended evening hours, rope drop, and other services that can allow you to spend more time in the parks while avoiding the crowds. Get those big rides in early, when there are likely to be fewer queues, or save them for later in the evening, when some lines may have died down. Advance and tactical planning can solve all your woes at once.


For some, Disney Genie+ has made vacations more stressful. The My Disney Experience app controls this tool, so you’ll need to be familiar with it and the Genie+ features to receive the best return timings.

You’ll also want to know how to use those features and tap quickly to get some of the more difficult-to-get options, especially if you’re not staying at Disney World hotels. If you are staying at Disney World hotels it is possible to get first choice of selecting attractions.

Then you have to keep checking your phone for the following reservation, then the next one, and so on. Because you can only make one Genie+ pick at a time during the day, this is the case. (However, this is similar to the situation with FastPass+, when you may make further selections one at a time after your first three.)

There are also other unique Genie+ rules to be aware of, such as the 120-minute rule, how different sign-up times apply to those staying at Disney World hotels versus those staying at non-Disney World hotels when it comes to individuals Attraction Selection, and other rules.

Genie+ might not be as horrible as some critics claim. When used correctly, it has the potential to help you get more done in the parks by allowing you to skip some of the long lines.

Disney Genie Is Now Live – Here Is All You Need to Know


The parks’ firm reliance on technology and the knowledge that technology can malfunction can be stressful. Disney World presently uses technology for almost everything – mobile ordering, mobile dine walk-up waitlists, checking in to your hotel, mobile merchandise checkout, checking ride wait times, Genie+, making dining reservations, etc.

Some are more “optional,” while others are a must-have. Cellphone ordering is practically helpful in numerous fast service restaurants across Disney World. If Mobile Order goes down, or if the My Disney Experience app has technical issues (won’t show wait times correctly, won’t show your bookings, etc. ), it can add to the stress.

Some tasks become easier with the help of technology. For example, if you use the online check-in, you can go straight to your Disney World accommodation without going to the front desk. Some stores allow you to purchase items without waiting in large check-out lines. You don’t have to walk up to a desk to check-in for a reservation.

Disney World tips on rules and changes

At Disney World, things are constantly changing, which can be stressful for families. This is especially true considering the COVID-19 pandemic’s ever-changing nature and health and safety regulations.

Previously, there were mask restrictions that all guests had to follow in all indoor areas. Now, masks are optional indoors if you are fully vaccinated. However, they were still necessary in enclosed vehicles.

With the help of the My Disney Experience app, you can easily keep track of everything. In addition, you can keep note of all new developments and announcements from the official Disney website. Planning will give you time to understand and consider the smallest of factors. Finally, the best Disney World tips we can offer is asking you to stay tuned to Disney Wire for all updates!

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