Disney World Weddings – How to Plan Your Magical Day?

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Disney World weddings are the place where dreams begin. The phrase ‘happily ever after’ got engraved in our consciousness from the time the world started watching the stories of the Disney princesses.

Be it Cinderella or Rapunzel, no matter how hard the entire life is, they will catch the attention of a charming young prince.

Finally, when the wedlock occurs, the Disney princess lands on the bed of roses, getting past all life’s misery. Are you among them who wish to begin their journey of ‘happily ever after’ in the very land of Disney World?

Destination weddings are the dreams of many. But what if you choose that destination to be the dream place you always wanted to visit? People say magic happens at Disney World.

So, if you’re going to make your wedding your very own special moment, the most magical as it can get, you should read this article about Disney World weddings.


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Tips to have a Disney World wedding

Before jumping into the details, let’s look at some of the conditions that you might have to keep in mind while planning your Disney World weddings.

The most exquisite wedding at Disney World is at the Magic Kingdom. It was nearly impossible to manage a wedding plan inside the theme park some years back.

While you have the opportunity to host your wedding ceremony at the illustrious Cinderella Castle and enjoy the exclusive view of Main Street, some things might bug your planning.


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¬†While there are 50 different wedding spots, you will have to select them, considering the number of guests. Don’t forget to add the toddler or the infant as a guest, and their headcount is also necessary.

In addition, you can’t book the theme parks in the regular park timings. With exceptions at EPCOT, you will either have to plan your wedding after midnight or at daybreak, which most families find inconvenient.

Also, Disney World weddings aren’t very cost-effective. How much does a Disney wedding cost is something that we will discuss later in the article!

But, daydreaming doesn’t need a budget. So, check out some of the best spots for your most awaited Disney World wedding and start dreaming without any reality check:

  • Main Street, USA, Magic Kingdom
  • Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom
  • France Pavillion, EPCOT
  • Italy Pavillion, EPCOT
  • Japan Pavillion, EPCOT
  • Trees of Life, Animal Kingdom
  • Pandora: World of Avatar, Animal Kingdom
  • Hollywoodod Studios, Sunset Boulevard
  • Disney World Resorts

So, if any of these ring a bell, voila! Otherwise, there is also an extensive list of other venues that you might explore. But let’s get back to reality a bit.

How much does a Disney wedding cost

Well, realities are harsh. So, Disney Wedding is something that is not very cheap. Korri McFann, Fairy tale Weddings’ Director, gave an estimate of around $3500 for an intimate and close-knit wedding where four guests will be invited. Other than that, if you want a grand celebration with a much bigger decorations and invitees list, it will just start at $12,000.

However, the event minimums depend on the venue. The range of event minimum at EPCOT oscillates somewhere between $7,000 to $17,000, and Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios might cost you anywhere between $15,000 to $25,000. However, remember, these numbers are just the event minimum, and the budget shoots up hugely.

However, does this mean your dream of having a Disney World wedding ended even before it started? Well, that is not the case. If you want, you can very well have intimate weddings which will not cost you hugely.

Do you love a retrospective wedding? If yes, and if you want to bring back the sepia charm of the 1920s and your very close friends and family, plan an intimate wedding at Disney’s Broadwalk Resort. Situated beside EPCOT, it is by the side of Walt Disney World Resort’s Crescent Lake.

If you want to get married in the shades of large oak trees and by the side of a river bathed in moonshine, what can be a better option other than Port Orlean Resort’s Oak Manor Lawn.

However, by far the bull’s eye for wedding planners at Disney World is Disney’s Wedding Pavilion. Nothing can beat the grandeur of this venue.

With Cinderella Castle in the backdrop, the high towers of the chapel by the side of the Seven Seas Lagoon are the best place to get married in this entire world.

It has a lot of seating spaces and a soft color hue that seamlessly absorbs a wedding celebration’s grandeur.

Disney wedding pavilion cost is naturally a bit higher than the other spots. The event minimum starts at $10,000 and goes to $35,000. If you want to plan an extravagant celebration, it will cost you more!

Perks of a Disney World wedding

Before discussing the details of Disney World weddings on a budget, let’s look at some perks of a Disney World wedding:

Complete event decoration at one-stop

Weddings are not only about the connection of two souls, and it involves a lot of planning and execution. So, planning a wedding at Disney World helps you get full service from one place.

Various marriage services like transportation, entertainment, food, decoration, and many more are offered at Disney World. You will not have to keep on running here and there to plan a neat wedding!

Wedding weekends

We are all very much trapped in the busy schedules of our lives. So, we are always on the lookout for multi-headed occasions. So, if you are marrying at Disney World, you will also do great work in offering a lovely weekend to your guest.

You can even arrange for rehearsal dinners and choose from multiple spots. The director added that couples nowadays also choose special brunches, have a light eating, and chill around by the lakes later at night.

In EPCOT, eleven pavilions provide ample options to select and make your wedding experience more bright and enchanting!

Short planning duration

If you are a spontaneous person and still want to plan Disney Wedding, Disney World can give you that chance.

According to the director, the planning can start as early as 16 weeks or as late as three weeks. So, if you suddenly come up with the idea of a Disney World wedding, no one can bar you from having one!

Wedding Planner

Also, did you know you are not alone in making your dream a reality? It’s not you who have to take responsibility for staging your dream wedding. One of the best advantages of Disney World weddings is that they help you talk with a wedding consultant.

Meeting at Franck’s Bridal Studios, this meet-up can add the necessary details required for the wedding. The consultant will discuss everything with you, from discussing budgets to fixing dates and choosing decorations.

Disney details are not mandatory

The Disney World weddings enthusiasts are often excited about the backgrounds and not the Disney characters. So, if you are one among them, you need not worry.

Planning a wedding at Disney World doesn’t require you to incorporate Disney details mandatorily. However, if you want and are a fan of Disney characters, you might think of making space in your guest lists. Mickie Minnie Goody can come to visit you if you invite them.

So, these are the perks that you can have if you want to plan your most precious and auspicious day at Disney World.

Disney wedding budget plans

But, given all these perks and choices, what remains is the budget planning! Often, couples keep on wondering how much a Disney wedding costs.

So, here in this article, we provide you with the details of the costs that a theme park might incur.

Florida Costing

The costs at Walt Disney World Florida include the venue fee and the event minimums. Depending upon the venue, the particular day, and the specific time you want to book, the event minimums vary. Sago Cay, Luau Pointe, Luau Beach, and Conch Key Marina are the most budget-friendly spots. The event minimums range from $5,000 to $15,000.

Leaving aside Cinderella Castle, the next budget bracket is $7,000- $17,000. Within that, you can select from various options, including Tamu Tamu, Japan Courtyard Bonsai Promenade, Terrace de Fleur, Eau de France, Canada Terrace, Morocco, China, UK Courtyard, Italy Plaza, Italy Isola, and German Courtyard.

If you raise your budget from $8,000 to $18,000, then a spectrum of stunning destinations opens up. This includes Oak Manir, Shipwreck Beach, the Wedding Gazebo, Sea Breeze Point, the Casitas Courtyard, Destino Plaza, or the Croquet Lawn.

Disney’s Wedding Pavillion has a pricey twist. With the Cinderella Castle in the background, it can cost you anywhere between $20,000 to $50,000.

Cinderella Castle weddings

But, if you are excited about Cinderella Castle weddings, that will cost you some significant bucks.

If your dream of getting married in the Cinderella Castle is too precious to you, you will have to let go of having savings. Cinderella Castle weddings’ minimum budget is $75,000. Here are some details if you are interested in this grand marriage ceremony!

If you are in for an intimate wedding with a close-knit guest community of 100 people, you can pull off the event within $25,000. However, this will not include food and other expenditures.

If you include those, the figure will be around $75,000. You will also have to book the ceremony time at 9.30 am sharp. In addition, this cost is only for marriage purposes, and you will have to select a different location for your reception.

Also, if you want the company of fairy godmothers, then the sky should be the limit of your budget. So, if you are willing to indulge this much, no one can beat you in the most beautiful and heavenly weddings ever!

Disney in Florida

Disneyland wedding costs

Shifting the venue from Florida to the west coast might save you a little. The ceremony fee is also dependent on the venue and the day, and the minimum costs of food and beverage will also depend on both of the parameters.

However, if you don’t like extravaganza in weddings and want to pull it off intimately, Disney California weddings can be your best choice.

The event minimum starts at $3,325. Along with the brunches, lunch, and dinner, you can even add additional services. These services include Disney characters, a string trio, a crystal coach, two footmen, a driver, carriages, and floral enhancements.

The Rose Court Garden, which houses more than 500 roses, might feel your heart with a rosy insignia. Doesn’t this location, situated privately, seem like the best choice for a cozy and intimate wedding? The ceremony fee of the place lies in the range of $4,000-$10,000.

Magic Kingdom Lawn, Brisa Courtyard, and Parkview Terrace can offer you lower rates. But, if you want a very warm and private wedding, none can beat the choice of Adventure Lawn Gazebo and Wedding Garden. Here, you can manage your wedding luxuriously too on a budget as modest as $2,600 and $6,000.

Disney Hawaii Costing

Hawaii is undoubtedly a romantic paradise. Your dream wedding is all set with the new Aulani Resort in Hawaii.

If you choose the pilialoha package, you can pull off a beautiful intimate wedding. It will have white chairs with the ocean in the background. You can have a setting like Sunset Alcove, Alohi Point, and Kula Wai. The price starts from $5,400.

However, if you choose Lokahi Package, you can customize it according to your will. It starts at $10,600, including the one-hour wedding, the beautiful white chairs, indoor ballroom reception, two hours of photography, and a water station.

Final Thoughts

Do you feel content with all these little details on your plate? If yes, then worry less and start executing your dream! The fairy tale weddings and the charming prince might come to you sooner than you imagine.

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