Beauty And The Beast Wedding Decorations

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Beauty and The Beast Wedding decorations are ideal for couples who share the vibe with the theme. Most of you new to this blog might not be aware, but the leaders of our blog Derek and Rachael had a Disney wedding!


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While their wedding looked like it came right out of a dream, you might want wedding suggestions with this particular theme.

7 things to do for your Beauty and the Beast wedding decorations

Let us admit that many find Disney movies inspiring enough to create a wedding theme around them. If you are interested in going all-in for Beauty and the Beast wedding decorations, we will guide you to go about it!

1. Candelabras

Candelabras are a must-add if you plan your Beauty and the Beast theme wedding. Let us also give you a great skit idea by making Lumiere do a cameo at your wedding. Well, they can’t necessarily be candles, but what if someone from your family dressed up as the character?

What if you asked the servers to follow this theme? If you do not want to go overboard, you can add dramatic candlesticks to the tables. The bigger it is better. This will give your wedding a luxurious touch!

Furthermore, you can mix and match it with some floral centerpieces and lower candles. This will make a mix of heights in your wedding hall.


2. Red roses

How can you have your Beauty and the Beast wedding decorations without adding the perfect amount of roses? No matter how cliche they seem, you got to admit that roses represent love!

Moreover, you can only use red roses on your wedding decors if you want to have a romantic statement throughout the reception. Also, you can adorn the tables with ruby arrangements with some soft pink or red blooms.

However, replace the ruby arrangements with white arrangements if you like a subtle look.

beauty and beast wedding decorations

3. Stack of books for readers

Among all Disney princesses, Belle is known as a bookworm. She loves to read books, and if you are honoring Beauty and the Beast, you must include books in your decors.

There are a few things you can do with books such as:

  • Use your favorite books as the centerpieces
  • You can give names to the tables after your best picks or an iconic character from your favorite book
  • Used books for wedding favors
  • You (or someone) can read some part from your favorite novel at the ceremony

4. Afternoon tea theme decor

Mrs. Potts and Chip are probably some of Beauty and the Beast’s most interesting characters. If your wedding theme is a lunch to supper affair, you can include teapots in your decor to commemorate this.

Moreover, you can have an afternoon tea party instead of a traditional cocktail party. Also, for a twist, you can serve cocktails in a teapot. It will be a fun thing to add as no one at your wedding probably had a cocktail in a teacup.

Furthermore, you can give Mrs. Potts and Chip design teapot as your wedding favors. Also, you can use teapots on the tables as decoration.

 5. Cloche as centrepiece decor

Cloche (glass dome) is a wedding classic. We have all seen weddings that have these over-the-top pieces. For Belle and Beast romance commemoration, you can consider these as well!

Moreover, have a single rose at the table to pay an ode to Belle and Beast. Also, add some rose petals around every table to have a dramatic look.

Since it is a single rose, the florist needs to provide you with sturdy roses. Since it should be sitting perfectly in the vile of water at the tables.

Besides, if you want to add a modern twist, you can add some eclectic florals to the cloche preparations. Some of the long-lasting and popular choices are succulents and ranunculus.

6. Horses for the most dramatic impact

Every Disney princess fans know that horses play a huge role in the movies. Whether it is Merida’s Angus or Snow White’s Prince who is riding on the white steed or the pumpkin carriage of Cinderella.

For Princess Belle, it is her trusted horse, Philippe. Philippe tells Belle about her father’s situation and brings Beast back to the palace when he saves Belle from those wolves.

Hence, why don’t you arrive at your wedding with a horse? Also, you can feature some filly in your ceremony photographs.

7. Classic Yellow Dress

We know a yellow gown is not something a bride wants to wear on her wedding day. But you can make your wedding outfit in the same design or pattern as Belle’s classic yellow dress.

If you do not want to wear yellow for your wedding, you can make your maid of honor wear it. What about having all the bridesmaids dressed like the character? The Disney wedding pictures will reflect the theme well.

Again, the groomsmen can carry the look of the Beast. Just imagine having men with great physiques pull off such a theme!

If you do not like this idea, you can ask your Flower Girl to wear Belle’s yellow dress. That would be a very cute input in your wedding.

Beauty and the Beast lessons

We have talked about the décors for your theme wedding. Now let us look at some of the lessons we learned from Beauty and the Beast.

You can also use these lessons as quotations/writings on your wedding day tables. It will be thoughtful and a nice touch for your Beauty and the Beast-inspired wedding.

1. True beauty always comes from inside

This is probably the most important thing we learned from the story. Someone’s true beauty does come from inside. It is important to be kind and not be full of yourself.

2. Do not let your fears win

We know life is scary. But that should not stop you from learning new things and having new experiences. Get out of your comfort zone to become a better person.

3. Being arrogant is not attractive

Frankly, nothing can be worse than interacting with someone who is self-obsessed and narcissistic. We all hated Gaston in the movie, and for the right reason.

Even though everyone in the town swoons over his silky hair, chiseled muscles, and charming smile, Belle never falls for it. It seems that Belle knew how brainless and egotist he was from the beginning.

Final thoughts

Hope these Beauty and the Beast wedding decorations ideas and these quotations helped you decide what to do at your Belle and Beast-inspired wedding.

You can always pick and choose what you want to do at your wedding and add other things.

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