How Tall Is Olaf if He Is a Snowman That Melts?

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Who doesn’t love Frozen? The Elsa and Anna characters are iconic in the Disney movie, but let’s talk about someone else, Olaf! If you’re looking to learn how tall is Olaf?

If you want to know his shoe size or how much he weighs, this article will cover all of that and more! It’s time to get to know about that ol’ snowman himself, so let’s find out how tall Olaf from Frozen is!

Who is Olaf?

The Disney movie Frozen was a huge success, and it introduced you to Anna, Elsa, Hans, and Olaf! But just how tall is Olaf in feet and inches?

As it turns out: his height ranges from four feet two inches to three feet. In different scenes of the film, you can see him kneeling or jumping high into the air. It’s evident that although he’s one of Elsa’s snow creations, he’s a little clumsy at times.

His head might consist of snow, but you are sure he would have fallen flat on his face without his body, which has a significant volume behind it. So, how tall is Olaf the snowman? He stands approximately 3ft 6in (1.06 m) when standing upright with a base of 2ft 10in (0.86 m).

It makes him very similar in size to a seven-year-old who measures 4ft 2in (1.27 m) with shoes on and weighs around 80 lbs (36 kg). So there you have it – Olaf is not as short as you all thought!

How Tall Is Olaf In Comparison To Other Characters?

He’s three feet six inches, which means he’s technically a little shorter than Elsa and Anna. Though, if you look at him standing next to Kristoff (who stands at six feet), they appear to be a considerable height difference.

It could have something to do with their ages. Olaf usually behaves like a child, so his size is comparable to Anna and Elsa’s. Or it could be because he’s an ice creature that hasn’t matured yet—many cartoons use shorter characters for younger children and taller characters for older ones to further distinguish between them.

And then there’s always Sven! The friendly reindeer towers over everyone else in both size and stature. It seems like most animals are more significant than humans in Arendelle.

It makes sense considering its residents live off farming, hunting, and fishing—things animals can help with while humans focus on things like education and medicine.

But maybe we shouldn’t rule out magic. After all, these people can build castles made out of snow! Whatever the reason, one thing is sure: If you ever find yourself in Arendelle during winter and want to feel warm, hug a reindeer. They make everything better.

How Tall Are The Animated Characters in Frozen?

There’s no one answer to how tall is Olaf and animated characters because there isn’t a widely adopted standard for animation; character heights vary according to who created them.

Just take a glance at some of Disney’s most famous animated characters: Cinderella and Snow White are both shorter than Elsa, but then again, so is Gaston (or at least he is in Beauty and The Beast).

And that’s without even touching on whether they draw these figures to scale. There aren’t any hard-and-fast rules, so when you’re trying to figure out how tall your favorite Disney character might be in real life, it depends on where they fall to their peers.

How Tall Is Olaf if He Is a Snowman That Melts?

How Tall Is Elsa?

Many people wonder how tall is Elsa? Elsa stands at a whopping 5’11. In comparison, her little sister Anna stands at an average height of 5’3, and her love interest Kristoff clocks in at 6’2.

It’s not often that you see snowmen roaming around Disney World. When Olaf was first introduced to us in 2013 as Elsa’s adorable first-ever made-by-herself snowman, you didn’t get a chance to notice just how big he was.

So now you have asked yourself that question: How tall is Olaf from Frozen? The answer turns out to be 3 feet 6 inches, or 1.06 meters.

How Tall Is Kristoff?

If you’re wondering how tall is Olaf, there are a few ways to figure it out. For starters, Disney reports that Olafs height is about 5’11 or 6’0.

How accurate these numbers depend on which actor you see in a role and whether or not they have size 15 shoes on.

However, you can use visual clues in Frozen to deduce an approximate height. In one scene, Anna (Kristoff’s love interest) tells you that she’s 5’3.

Since Anna is wearing boots while standing next to Kristoff in flat shoes, you can assume she has at least two inches of footwear advantage over him.

Using your high school math skills, you can subtract two inches from his height and come up with a rough estimate of how tall is Kristoff: somewhere between 5’9 and 5’10.

He could be shorter than that or taller depending on his shoe size, but let’s stick with those measurements for simplicity’s sake.

How Tall Are Sven And The Reindeer?

There’s not much to say about their height regarding Sven and the reindeer. While reindeer are members of a large family of animals that includes moose, elk, and caribou, their species can vary widely depending on where they live.

In Scandinavia, the Sami people domesticated and bred a semi-domesticated subspecies of deer known as caribou (called reindeer when domesticated).

However, these animals still roam wild, so you won’t be able to determine anyone’s individual Olafs height. Instead, you can look at how tall domesticated reindeer tend to be—which tends to be between 5-6 feet.

How Tall Are Anna, Hans, And Marshmallow?

So, how tall is Olaf—the loveable snowman from Disney’s Oscar-winning hit film Frozen? That depends on who you ask. The character’s official stats—5 feet, 3 inches—were recently revealed by voice actor Josh Gad on Twitter.

However, other sources point to his being about 4 feet tall or shorter than your average 5-year-old child. While it may seem like a big difference, he’s pretty easy to pick out in a crowd! But how tall is Anna and Hans, two of your favorite characters from Frozen?

And what about Marshmallow, that giant snow monster with an insatiable sweet tooth? Here’s everything you may wish to know about these three characters and their respective heights: Anna (Kristen Bell): 5 feet 2 inches, Hans (Santino Fontana): 6 feet, Marshmallow (voiced by Frank Welker): 8 feet 10 inches.

The Story Behind Summer

The makers of Frozen have been pretty quiet about who exactly Anna and Elsa are, so it was a surprise to learn that you could find out some of their histories just by watching their movie.

Summer appears early in Frozen, during Elsa and Anna’s childhood. It’s not just an ice-fishing song—the lyrics reflect an authentic event in which circumstance separates the two little girls. The emotion behind it comes across clearly; if you catch yourself singing along, you can imagine how much it meant to Elsa and Anna when they sang it together as kids.

But what does all that mean for Queen Elsa as she builds her new kingdom in Arendelle? In Frozen Fever, those old memories still mean something to her. If you’re wondering how tall is Olaf from Frozen, then look no further than his first screen appearance!

He shows up with Sven and Kristoff at Elsa’s coronation party—and he gets quite a bit of screen time as he dances with his reindeer friend throughout In Summer. His height will come as no surprise to fans of Disney animation: He stands around three feet tall. At one point, he says he might be four or five inches taller than average.

So how tall is Olaf?

Well, he’s created by Walt Disney Animation Studios, so it would be impossible to know for sure. But they’re pretty sure that he’s about four feet tall with a snowy white coat of hair and plenty of rosy cheeks.

Why do you think so? Because when all your co-workers saw a picture of Olaf, they questioned immediately: how tall is Olaf in Frozen?

That little thing is supposed to be an adult? When did animation get so realistic? If you’re not sure, or if you have kids or are just a big fan of frozen, who wish to know, you should check out Olaf height. It will answer all your questions and more!

How Tall Is Olaf if He Is a Snowman That Melts?

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure on Disney Plus

While you wait for Walt Disney Animation Studios to release a Frozen sequel, you can catch Olaf’s Frozen Adventure on Disney Plus.

A new short film that opens with Disney’s Coco and plays before Pixar’s The Incredibles 2 brings back nearly all of your favorite characters from Disney’s smash hit about sisters Anna and Elsa.


1. What is frozen?

Frozen is a Disney animated feature film released in 2013. It is the 53rd animated movie in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series. Frozen is an American (2013) 3D computer-animated musical romantic comedy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures.

2. Who is in the cast?

The voice cast of Frozen includes Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, Josh Gad, and Santino Fontana. Bell and Menzel reprise their roles as Anna and Elsa, respectively, from the original film.

New cast members include Kristen Bell as Anna’s sister Elsa and Idina Menzel as Elsa’s stepmother, the Queen of Arendelle. Jonathan Groff voices Kristoff, an ice harvester who befriends Anna and Elsa. Gad voices Olaf, an adorable snowman who is accidentally brought to life by Elsa.

3. What are the main characters of Frozen?

The main characters of Frozen are Princess Anna of Arendelle, her older sister Princess Elsa, and their father, King Agnarr. Other characters include Anna’s love interest, Prince Hans, and their mother, Aduna.

4. Who composed the music for Frozen?

The music for Frozen was composed by Christophe Beck.

5. How long did the makers take to make Frozen?

Frozen took four years to make.

Final thoughts

How tall is Olaf in real life? He would probably be 5 feet in height. If they were human beings, Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) would be 6’1, and Hans (Santino Fontana) would be 5’8.

Anna would be 4’11, while Elsa (Idina Menzel) and Sven would stand at 7′. But really, how tall is Olaf in real life? It depends on who you ask. Some sources say he’s 8 feet tall; others say 9 feet.

In reality, Olaf is probably only 3-4 feet tall. But let’s not tell him that! He’d get upset if he knew you were downgrading his height was getting downgraded!

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