Disney Characters That Start With Y and Their Significance

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Which Disney character would you choose if you had to pick just one? Depending on your mood, you might have different answers, but the top Disney characters that start with Y are indeed on everyone’s list.

Popular Disney Characters That Start With Y

Whether you’re at Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida, or Disneyland in Anaheim, California, every kid and adult knows plenty of characters in both parks that start with this letter.

From Yen Sid to Donald Duck to Yellow Submarine, let’s look at the top Disney Characters that start with the letter Y!

Yama from Big Hero 6

Yama is a minor adversary in Disney’s animated feature film Big Hero 6, released in 2014. He is among San Francisco’s most prominent gangsters, known for his illicit bot-fighting ring.

Hiro Hamada’s arch-nemesis is Yama. He is like a rikishi (sumo wrestler). Yama is a local criminal leader that lives in San Francisco. He involves himself in bot-fighting, thievery, illicit money lending, and murder, among other criminal activities.

Yama has a legendary reputation among the most dreaded characters of San Fransokyo’s underground because of his aggressive and robust manner. His operations center is in a seedy neighborhood known as “Good Luck Alley,” carefully secured by Yama’s minions.

Yama’s primary source of amusement (and revenue) is illicit bot fights in the city’s back alleyways. Except when Hiro Hamada joins the arena, Yama is the uncontested champion in this sport with his robot Little Yama. Despite being an enemy, these Disney characters that start with Y are entertaining to see and deafening to defeat in bot bouts.

Yar from Dinosaur

Yar is an older lemur who appears in Disney’s 39th animated full-length feature film Dinosaur as one of the 3 tritagonists (Plio and Zini).

The deceased Ossie Davis provided the voice for this character. Yar is devoted to his family and overprotective of Zini, his son. Plio, his daughter, discovers a dropped egg and frees the young dinosaur from its shell, deciding to keep him and naming him Aladar.

Yar is first unhappy about it, but he finally embraces the baby. When Aladar gets older, Yar becomes more relaxed with his kin and welcomes Aladar among them.

When a dinosaur egg lands on Lemur Island, where Yar lives with Plio (his daughter), granddaughter Suri, and son Zini, you first see him. Zini approaches the fallen egg as other lemurs congregate around it, but Yar warns him that it’s not safe.

Plio decides to raise him. She orders Yar to dispose of the monster since Yar said he would devour them one day. Plio asks for forgiveness from the infant and instructs Yar to do the task independently.

He tries to dump the baby dinosaur but cannot do so when the infant urinates on him. Although he seems strict, Yar is among the most loveable Disney characters that start with the letter y.

Disney Characters That Start With Y

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Yang from the Pirate Fairy

Disney characters that start with y, Yang, is a seagull fairy in Peter Pan. She got her wings when she attempted to take Tinker Bell’s pixie dust.

When Tink told her it was something only fairies could have, Yang broke into a spell and tried to take them (as well as Pixie). The result: Yang fell from a cloud onto a ship, where she became friends with some pirates.

After finding out about Tinker Bell’s relationship with Peter Pan, Yang confronts her about it and tells Tink that she won’t be able to fly anymore once she has kids of her own. She also reveals that she’s been spying on her.

Later on, however, after learning more about Tink’s past, Yang helps rescue Wendy Darling by throwing a rope down to save her from falling off of Skull Rock.

In return for saving Wendy, Tink gives Yang back her wings so she can fly again. She then joins Peter Pan and his gang at Neverland forever.

Disney Characters That Start With Y

Yuni Verse from Wreck-It Ralph

When it comes to video game characters, few names are more recognizable than Ralph. First appearing in Wreck-It Ralph and its sequel, Ralph is a strong but not-so-smart lousy guy.

In one of his most iconic scenes, he squares off against sword fighter Vanellope von Schweetz in Sugar Rush after she accidentally breaks his jaw. His last name is Felix, and John C. Reilly voices him.

What makes him so remarkable is that he’s just as misunderstood as their other favorite animated movie villains like Scar from The Lion King or Ursula from The Little Mermaid despite being a villain.

And they love him for it! He’s what would happen if you took your typical badass gaming character and put them into an adorable, funny story about friendship. They think he deserves top billing on any list of great Disney characters that start with Y!

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Yeti from Monsters Inc. / Monsters University

The giant, hulking, furry monster from Monsters Inc. has a minor role in his more recent film appearance.

At Monsters University, he plays basketball with Mike Wazowski on his team against Sulley and Waternoose’s team.

When Mike talks to himself about how bad he is at playing basketball and how much he hates it because he stinks so much at it, they see a shot of Yeti laughing at him on the bleachers.

It proves that Yeti has quite a sense of humor, which is not something you would guess by looking at him! He doesn’t seem like much of a comedian based on his usual appearance. However, apparently, Yeti likes a good laugh when there’s one to be had!

Yeti also enjoys partying. When Sulley and Mike first arrive at MU, they hear some loud music coming from inside a room. They open up the door to find an entire party happening inside!

It seems as though Yeti throws these parties all too often (though who could blame him)? But still shows up for a class on time every day.

These two aspects of his personality prove that Yeti is a pretty fun guy – if only he were more sociable!

Then again, what does being sociable matter when you’re just there for sports and partying anyway? So long as you’re having fun, right? That’s what Yeti believes!

Yao from Mulan / Mulan II

One of the most beloved Disney characters that start with the letter y is probably Yao. This tough guy may be short, but he’s mighty.

Mulan’s tall, goofy sidekick is Yao; a farmer’s son who disguises himself as a girl and becomes one of Mulan’s fellow soldiers. He becomes an essential member of Emperor Shang’s royal guard in later films.

He has a knack for kung fu fighting and calls upon his fighting skills when Mulan becomes engaged to her former commander Li Shang in Mulan II.

While Mulan starts somewhat dismissive of Yao (she calls him Fei Foo Foon Fat!); she eventually loves him as much as she loves any of her other companions from the army.

What makes Yao such a great character is that he’s so different from everyone else. He’s big, strong, and not afraid to speak his mind! Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Eddie Murphy voices him! Most probably, people remember Yao more than they do Mulan. That’s because he had more screen time than your heroine did!

Yesss from Ralph Breaks the Internet

Another character in Wreck-It Ralph 2 wanted to splash into popular culture, and honestly, you don’t blame him.

After all, the movie is called Ralph Breaks The Internet; so you know there’s a good chance your little friend will be making his big comeback. He might be one of your favorite characters from RBAITI; even if you aren’t familiar with Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck-It Ralph.

But which other Disney characters that start with the letter y have gained so much popularity? Maybe one or two! So watch the movie today and know why people love this character so much.

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Yax from Zootopia

One can’t make a list of fantastic Disney characters that start with y without including someone from Zootopia.

Yax is essentially just a log (in elephant form), but he’s hilarious when you think about it. Plus, who doesn’t love meerkats?

Just writing about him makes us want to go back and watch Zootopia again. It was that good! If you haven’t watched it yet, what are you waiting for? Watch it right now! You’ll be glad you did!

Now then, let’s get back to talking about Yax. He’s just a tree trunk in an elephant costume. But something is endearing about the character that makes you like him anyway.

Maybe it’s because he likes to sit around all day watching TV and eating donuts while everyone else is out working hard at their jobs. People are big fans of his laid-back attitude and his hilarious voiceover work by Tommy Chong. Why isn’t there more zany humor like that in animated movies these days? It works so well here!

Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove / Kronk’s New Groove

Hailing from The Emperor’s New Groove; a 2000 film from Walt Disney Pictures and director Mark Dindal; Yzma is one of the favorite villains.

She tries to poison her boss, Emperor Kuzco (voiced by David Spade) and then plots to kill him. Kuzco ends up saving himself and kicking her out of his palace.

But not before she transforms herself into a cat! And even when she gets what’s coming to her in The Emperor’s New Groove 2: Kronk’s New Groove, played by Patrick Warburton; she doesn’t give up without a fight.

What you will love about Yzma is how relatable she is. She wants everyone to accept her for who she is; and isn’t afraid to go after it at any cost. If you’re looking for some more great female protagonist Disney characters that start with y, check out some popular Disney movies that will surely inspire you.

Yelena from Frozen II

Yelena appears in Disney’s 2019 animated movie Frozen II as a supporting character. She is the Northuldra’s silent leader.

Yelena is highly protective of her kin and neighborhood; although people know her to soften when others demonstrate respect for nature and the environment.

Yelena became the new leader of the Northuldra when King Runeard assassinated their former leader. Yelena’s reign started after the Arendellian and Northuldra battle. Also, an impenetrable mist engulfed the Enchanted Forest for the first thirty-four years of her reign.

When Lieutenant Mattias’ regiment of royal guards from Arendelle and the Northuldra face Elsa and her party, Yelena first emerges. Honeymaren tells Anna to put her weapon down, and Mattias tells Honeymaren to put hers down.

She intervenes, interrogating Mattias’ tone, greatly to the latter’s chagrin. Elsa and Mattias are surprised when Elsa utilizes her powers to defend herself and her companions.

They discover that Anna and Elsa are Arendellian nobility and that Elsa wields ice power, thanks to Olaf. Yelena wonders why nature would bestow magic on an Arendelle resident; with Mattias suggesting that it may be retaliation for the Northuldra’s crimes. If you’re excited to learn more about these Disney characters that start with y, watch Frozen II.

Disney Characters That Start With Y

Final thoughts

You may not take notice of it at first, but there are a few criteria for being top Disney characters that start with y.

It’s certainly not enough to be part of a great franchise, have memorable lines and visuals, or even have some emotional connection with viewers.

It takes something more to make it on this list. You need power—it has been around for decades, if not centuries.

It takes having some cultural significance and public awareness; if you’re just another person in an animated cast of thousands and nobody knows who you are (or at least forgets your name); it’s tough to crack this list.

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