Directions to Disney World for a Complete Transportation Guide

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Ideally, we do not need an address and directions to reach our dream destination. Similarly, directions to Disney World wouldn’t be necessary in an ideal and utopic world. However, in reality, things are a little different. You would need the perfect route map to your dream location right from when you land at the Orlando International Aiport.

Directions to Disney World from Airport

Previously, there used to be a free shuttle ride between Disney World and the airport to carry the guests to the location. However, that service has been pulled off indefinitely in the post-pandemic period.

With the new transportation updates that keep coming continuously, one can get confused about the directions to Disney World. So, if you want the travel to your dream location to be seamless and stress-free, follow our guide to reach Disney World without hassle.

Step 1

Directions to the Disney World discussion will start with the bookings. Needless to say, if you want to embark on this dream voyage, you will first have to book your flight tickets. After that, block your Disney dates and make the reservations at the hotel where you want to stay.

Step 2

The next step involves your transportation to Disney World from the airport. The Magical Express, the free shuttle service, has been discontinued. So, you must book your ride to reach Disney World correctly.

This constitutes one of the most important steps while learning about directions to Disney World. Below are some of the options from where you can choose your ways of reaching Disney World.

Shuttle Van or Shuttle Bus

Depending on the hotel where you have booked your stay, you can either get into a shuttle van or shuttle bus. However, the most important con of choosing this is that it will take some time because it will stop at many stations before reaching your destination. So, if you are in a hurry, it is best to look for the other options.

Private Car

The private car service can be a good choice because it will provide you with all the required facilities. However, this might be a little less affordable if you have a tight budget.

Car rental

Car rents can also be a good way to reach the hotel. But, again, this is an expensive choice, and you will also have to pay the parking fee out of your pocket when you reach your hotel. The same applies to taxi services. While the taxi services are one of the fastest options to reach Disney World, they will also cost you a good amount of bucks.


One easiest and simple way to reach Disney is by booking any rideshare option. One of the perks of using rideshare is that you do not have to worry about any advanced bookings. Just look at the prices and then book the most appropriate ride.

Mears Connect

Mears Connect is the company that used to run the Magical Express previously. So, you can even choose Mears Connect to take you to Disney World. There are two services available in this. One is standard, a shared service, and the other is the express service. However, the express service is also not private, but it is a faster option.

If you select the standard service, the cost is $16 and $13.50 for adults and children for a one-way trip. For round trips, it will be $32 and $27 for adults and children, respectively.

However, the cost gets a little higher if you choose the express service. For a family of four, a round trip will cost you $250. If you have additional passengers, they will have to pay $55 per head.

The Sunshine Flyer

Another exquisite transportation service to Disney World is the sunshine flyer. If you want your directions to Disney World to be a little vibrant, include a sunshine flyer in your itinerary.

Another replacement to the earlier Magical Express is the sunshine flyer with train-themed buses where even employees wear theme costumes. So, even before reaching Disney World, you get the vibe of going there. It doesn’t have an express option. A round trip will cost you $34 for an adult and $25 for a child.

Another option that will be available shortly is the Brightline train which connects Disney Springs and the airport. So, if you want to land directly at the shopping hub, this can be an attractive option.

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Step 3

So, once you have fixed these, the most crucial part of the directions to the Disney World manual is that you kindly do not miss the flight. Well, it sounds funny but doesn’t take this for granted; otherwise, all these plans will collapse like a sand castle.

Step 4

Once you have reached the Orlando International Airport, get to the main terminal by boarding the “I’m at the Disney airport” monorail.

Earlier, Magical Express even provided luggage services. But now, the Sunshine Flyer and Mears connect don’t give you that option. So, collect your bags yourself because you will have to do that if using any of the transportation mentioned above.

transportation at disney world

Step 5

Follow the signs at the airport to reach the desired riding service location. Usually, the Ground Transportation Level/ Level 1 houses the resort transportation, buses, rental cars, shuttle vans, and economy parking shuttles.

You can find some taxi or private car services at the baggage claim. The Sunshine Flyer is located on Level 1 Terminal B. If you remember, the Magical Express lane.

So, once you have located these and selected your desired transportation services, voila, you can now make your dream voyage to Disney World.

Drive routes to Disney World

What if you do not take the flight to Disney World and want to get there by car. So, here are the directions to Disney World via some of the best and easiest driving routes.

  • If you are coming from Washington DC, it would be best to take I-95 South to I- 4 West and then turn to Walt Disney World Exits.
  • Coming from Toronto, Ontario would require you to take the I-90 South to I-90 West. Then take the I-79 South to US-19-Alt South.
  • After that, drive through I-64 East/I-77 South to I-26 East to I-95 South to I-4 West. Finally, take the Walt Disney World Exits.
  • If you are coming from Raleigh, the best route will be to take I-95 West to I-4 West and the Walt Disney World Exits.

You will have to take other unconventional routes if you decide to come from Ottawa. Here, After embarking on 416, take the 401 South.

After that, take 137 to the border to I-81 South. This will connect to I-83 South, then hop on to the conventional road I-95 South to I-4 West. After this, take the final Walt Disney World Exits.

Other directions to Disney World would include roads if you come from Boston, Chicago, Columbia, Dallas, Montreal, Hilton Head Island, New Orleans, New York, and Atlanta.

So, Disney World is also well connected via roads to the neighboring cities. So, if you follow these routes, you can easily reach your dream vacation site without any hurdles.

Directions to Magic Kingdom

So, with the directions to Disney World, you might also want to know the directions to Magic Kingdom.

Once you are fluent in the directions to Disney World Florida, this is the next thing you would like to tick off your bucket list.

Let’s begin with the address of the Magic Kingdom. Drive to 1180 Seven Seas Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32836, to knock at the doors of your dream magical place. However, the real question is how to knock at heaven’s door! Here is our guide.


If you are driving and want to reach Magic Kingdom, you must get through the Magic Kingdom Toll Plaza.

After that, park your car at the Ticket and Transportation Centre at 1151 Seven Seas Drive, Orlando, Fl- 32836.

From here, a vehicle will drop you directly at the theme park entrance. On reaching the spot, you can either jump on a monorail.

Or a boat, if you want that exquisite water riding experience, and then get to the Magic Kingdom. However, it is preferred that you select the route that takes the shortest time.

While going to Magic Kingdom, if you choose monorail, you should know you have two options. The express line is faster and only stops at TTC and Magic Kingdom, the direct route. The other is the resort line which stops at TTC, Polynesian, Grand Floridian, Magic Kingdom, and Contemporary, respectively.

Pros and Cons of Renting a Car at Disney World


If you want to undertake a long trail, you can also choose to walk from the Ticket and Transportation Centre. However, you will have to cover around 1.5 miles if following the prescribed path.

From TTC, go to Polynesian Resort; from there, walk to Grand Floridian resort. You can reach the park’s entry gate using the pedestrian path. So, this can be your route if you want to walk this long path.

Now, after the Magic Kingdom route check, let’s see how to reach Disney Springs. Well, it is fairly easy if you want to reach Magic Kingdom from Disney Springs. Take a bus to Grand Floridian or Contemporary Resort and then walk to the Magic Kingdom.

Directions to Disney Springs

Now let’s discuss the directions to Disney Springs.

Disney Springs is the shopping hub of Disney World. If you want to take bags full of gifts from Disney World, nothing can be a better destination than Disney Springs. So, it is very crucial to know the directions to reach there.

If you stay at on-site hotels, you can avail bus transportation to Disney Springs. However, other than that you can also take normal buses.

The two bus stations are Town Centre and Marketplace. The Town Centre has around 18 load zones. The Marketplace bus station can be used if you stay at off-property sites.

The bus service you can avail of from your hotel runs from  9.15 AM. The return service to the hotels ends at 4:oo AM. There are one-way services that run from 4:00 PM to 11:00 PM.


One of the best ways to reach Disney World is to take your private car to Disney Springs. However, this will only be possible if you stay in Orlando. Traveling at the weekends or during evening hours can be difficult for you because the parking lots remain extremely busy.

However, the parking garages are the most beautiful innovations of all time as digital technology will let you know when the parking garages and spaces are full.

You can also avail of valet parking which will cost you $20 plus tax. These are the open slots:

  • Near the Orange Garage 10.00am – 2.00pm
  • In the Lemon Lot, close to the World Disney Store, timing – 10:00 am-2:00 pm
  • On West Side, close to Cirque du Soleil Theatre, timing- 4:00 PM to 2:00 AM


If you love scenic walks, you can also take the trail to Disney Springs. If you stay at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort, it will not be difficult to reach Disney Springs by walking.

The sidewalk will take you to the Marketplace.

If you stay at Disney Springs Area Hotel or Hotel Plaza Boulevard, you can walk via their sidewalks and pedestrian bridges. So, this way, you can get directions to Walt Disney World and its various spots.

Disney World souvenirs

Final Thoughts

So, this travel guide and directions manual have laid down all the possible ways to reach Disney World and the theme parks.

Once you reach the Orlando International Airport, you do not need to worry about the rest! So, have a happy and stress-free journey to the dreamland!

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