Disney World Lost and Found Accessibility in All the Theme Parks

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In the whims and rush of visiting your dream destination, excitement overwhelms you so much that you might often leave your essential belongings there. Thus, as Disney World tops the list of dream destinations in the world, so it is pertinent that you should know about Disney World lost and found policies before you go there. That way, you will not panic if something goes out of hand.

Walt Disney World Lost and Found is a very effective system because as it handled a huge number of guests in these 50 years, the experience is also huge. Thus, it is not surprising to hear about a Disney website specifically dedicated to lost and found procedures.

However, apart from the website, you can also find Disney World lost and found on-site services. So, in this article, we will share every detail of the lost and found procedure to make your journey stress free.

In-person lost and found places

These places are effective only if you search for the lost item on the day of losing it. To access this service, you need to know the lost location and find an on-site center in the park you are visiting. After that, you will have to head to that office for further procedures.

Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios Lost and Found are to the left after you enter Hollywood Studios. The Guest Relations center in the building houses the Lost and Found center along with First Aid and Baby Care Centre.

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom Lost and Found facility is at the Main Street, U.S.A., inside the City Hall. It is located near the Walt Disney World Railroad and Chamber of Commerce.


EPCOT Lost and Found is at Future World East, at the Guest Relations. It is to the left beyond the Spaceship Earth inside EPCOT.

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Blizzard Beach Water Park

The lost and found center at the Blizzard Beach Water Park is at the entry gate. You will not have to roam with a heavy heart for your lost belonging. This is the most convenient location.

Animal Kingdom

At Animal Kingdom, the lost and found center is to the left between the Expedition Storage Lockers and Guest Relations.

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Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

As an exception, the lost and found center is to the left of Typhoon Lagoon Water Park.

Disney Resort Hotels

If you choose to stay at the Disney Resorts, you will have to find that specific hotel’s lost and found center. However, the center is mostly situated in the hotel’s central building. You can talk to the front desk or the guest relations to know about the location of that hotel’s lost and found center and policies.

Disney Springs

Disney Springs Lost and Found are at the Town Centre’s Welcome Centre. This is one of the most prominent areas of Disney Soring apart from the Marketplace. So, it won’t be difficult for you to locate this place and file your report.

ESPN Wide World of Sports

The Box Office at the ESPN Wide World of Sports houses the lost and found center. So, if you have visited this place, you will easily spot the location.

In-Person Lost and Found tips

Now that you know all about the location of the lost and found centers in the different theme parks, let’s discuss some important points.

If you lost any of your belongings and a day passed, that item will be transferred to a central location.

You will have to go there and fill out an online form. However, if you recall leaving something itself on the day of losing it, you can directly go and check at the locations above.

  • You might inquire if you have left the item at the attraction site. Each attraction usually has one or two lost and found pick-ups. So, if you have lost the item recently, it will be found there
  • Often it so happens that you are not sure as to where you have left the item. In those cases, head to the lost and find the location’s center. They can let you know if the object is found or not.

So, for all of these cases, it becomes essential that you know the lost and found locations at each park.

Lost and Found online form

The website for the lost and found items was started in 2018. However, a third party called ChargerBack.com runs the website.

The process of applying to recover the lost item is pretty simple. You will have to answer some of the questions regarding lost items such as:

  • Where you had lost the item
  • What is the type of the belonging: whether it is a bag, electronics, purse or cellphone, etc
  • If you can specifically tell the nature of the item, then it will be better as the search can be more precise. So, if it is an electronic item, try mentioning whether it is a watch, a drone, AirPods, etc.
  • You will also have to mention the approximate date when you had lost it
  • Along with this, specify the area where you predict you have lost the items. If you are staying at a resort, was it lost by the pool, at the food court, or at the arcade?

Most of the time, the items are recovered and sent in good condition to the owners. For example, sunglasses were recovered from Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

It was at the City Hall Lost and Found at Magic Kingdom. Credit Cards lost at the park were recovered by cast members and delivered to the organized system and then to the owner.

However, if you lose your purse containing any identity card, it is best to report at Orange County Sheriff’s Department. You can also use it to board your return flight home.

Final Thoughts

So, if you have lost your belongings at Disney World, a high chance is you will get that back by using Disney World Lost and Found facilities. Don’t lose hope and follow the procedures to recover your lost belongings!

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