Is the Grinch on Disney Plus? How to Watch It Online?

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Want to know where to watch The Grinch, or is The Grinch on Disney Plus? We have all the answers for you!

No matter what we say or believe in real life, we do not dread watching anti-heroes on the silver screen. We love it.

Hence, Grinch being one of the most loved anti-festival spirits, the question Is The Grinch on Disney Plus is very common.

Movies make our lives. In those movies, we get attached to certain characters who either open the door to the life that we cant get or bring us closer to ourselves.

One such movie and a character Grinch. So, if you are willing to know the answer to the question is The Grinch on Disney Plus, follow the article until the end. We will also discuss other OTT platforms where Grinch is available.

Also, if you do not like the Christmas holidays and spirits, Grinch will love you too because he also doesn’t like Christmas. If all of these sound Hebrew, then let’s start reading about is The Grinch on Disney Plus!

Yarrow Cheney and Scott Mosier directed The Grinch movie, which was produced by Illuminations. Universal Studios carried out the role of distribution. It was a box office hit and collected $500.


If you still haven’t watched The Grinch, we might help you with that by providing a small overview of the movie.

Is the Grinch on Disney Plus? How to Watch It Online?

Whoville and Cindy

This is a small town story captured in a festive mood. Whoville, the town, is inhabited by Whos, human-like creatures.

Just like humans, they are also excited about Christmas around the corner. However, Grinch, an inhabitant of the village who lives in a cave with his dog, is not happy with all these festivities. He only visits the town when he runs out of groceries and then also plays a prank on the residents.

Another character, Cindy Lou Who enters the plot, is very troubled by her mother’s burden. She decides to talk to Santa Claus to rid her mother of all her troubles.

In an encounter with Grinch, he convinces the girl that she needs to talk to Santa physically. Thus, Cindy decides to visit the North Pole. However, her mother dissuades her by saying it would take a month. Thus, Cindy tries to make plots to trap Santa.

Grinch and Christmas

With Christmas approaching, Grinch’s desire to wreck all the decorations bubbles up. He even destroys a tree-lighting ceremony.

However, that brings back some unwanted buried memories of the past, reminding him how alone he was in his childhood. So, he and his dog Max plan to steal Christmas. They appoint Fred, a reindeer.

But, when Grinch learns that Fred has a family, he lets him go. So, even if Grinch is a big, devilish character, he has emotions, too, which makes him loved by everyone.

Thus, if you have been intrigued till now, the desire to know the answer to is The Grinch on Disney Plus has surely increased!

On Christmas eve, he prepares himself to steal Christmas decorations when he falls into the trap that Cindy made.

Once again, he falls prey to his emotions. When Cindy talks about her mother’s load and also appeals kindly to listen to the choir, the loneliness that Grinch felt on Christmas overwhelmed all these. He continued to go on his mission.

They steal all the decorations and present and travel to Mount Crumpit for their disposal. The residents of the town wake up in utter shock.

Cindy also tries to blame herself and says all these happened because of her traps, but her mother convinces her.

She says Christmas has nothing to do with presents. It is just a ritual that enhances the experience. So, the residents of Whosvile celebrate Christmas to their heart’s content without bothering about decorations and presents. This surprised Grinch, who then joined the choir. His heart then triples in size.

Grinch returns to Whoville

After all, these get over, Max and Grinch return to the village to return the items. Following this, Cindy invites them over when Grinch realizes his hatred towards Christmas originated from loneliness. Thus, he happily accepts the friendship this time and sings merrily with the residents to his heart’s delight!

Likely, you are still wondering is The Grinch on Disney Plus. Everyone loves Grinch despite being an anti-festival spirit because his emotional side has been shown.

It is not because he tries to harm someone. Rather, it is his loneliness that has created a feeling of despise. So, when that happened, he was Who’s next good, kind, and empathetic friend.

Voice Cast

Another reason you are wondering about Is The Grinch on Disney Plus may be because of the amazing voice cast of the movie.

It had very dramatic and soulful voices. You wouldn’t for one-second feel alienated from the characters portrayed on the screen and the voice actings. So, here is more information about that.

The Grinch’s resentful, lonely, grumpy voice has been provided by none other than Benedict Cumberbatch.

Cameron Seely plays the character of Cindy Lou Who. Rashida Jones has voiced Donna, Cindy’s mother.

Kenan Thompson plays the role of Bricklebaum, the friendly neighbor of Max and Grinch, Mayor McGerkle is played by Angela Lansbury, and Pharrel Williams narrates the movie.

Tristan O’ Hare voiced the character of Groopert, Sam Lavagnino voiced Ozy, Ramon Hamilton voiced Axl, and Scarlett Estevez voiced Izzy.

Is the Grinch on Disney Plus? How to Watch It Online?

Is Grinch available on Netflix?

All this information has further excited your desire to watch Grinch for sure. Initially, Netflix US had the Grinch on its platform. Also, it was one of the most-watched Christmas movies of 2019.

But, currently, Netflix cannot stream the film as they no longer have streaming rights. Two producers have produced the film, so anyone has the final say.

Is Grinch available on Amazon Prime Video?

It might be disheartening, but even Amazon doesn’t have the movie. However, you can browse through Amazon Video to get hold of other Christmas movies and series, but if you are determined to watch The Grinch, they do not have it.

However, you can watch it online if you are willing to pay an extra charge. But, even if you have a Prime subscription, this is the method that you will have to follow.

You might now be a little disheartened and wondering where to watch Grinch. Well, as we saw, it is unavailable on Amazon Prime Video or Netflix. But is The Grinch on Disney Plus? Sadly, the answer to this question is also no.

So, no OTT platform currently has the streaming rights to The Grinch. So, the next question that might pop up in your head “Where can I watch The Grinch?”

Is The Grinch on Disney Plus have a negative answer! No other OTT platforms like Paramount Plus, HBO max., Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon host it either.

So, the remaining choice is to buy or rent the movie. Peacock has The Grinch Stole Christmas. The subscription starts from $4.99, and it is the Peacock Premium Package.

Peacock Premium Plus Plan at $9 can give you an advertisement-free viewing experience. You can also rent The Grinch on platforms like iPhone, Vudu, Google Play Store, Microsoft Store, and YouTube. Also, you can rent it on iTunes.

The movie can also be rented on Amazon Prime Video at a minimum price. It will be a little less on Google Play Store. So, these are The Grinch streaming options.

Even though Is The Grinch on Disney Plus has a negative answer, there might be a little silver lining. Hence, if you are that passionate about watching it, prove it, spend some bucks, and have a good time absorbing this soulful story!

Will there be a sequel?

The release date of The Grinch was November 9, 2018. It bagged the highest position at Box Office for four weeks straight and emerged as one of the biggest hits among Christmas movies. Even if it had the highest opening record in 20 years, there is a hush about its sequel.

Usually, it so happens that if the popularity of a book, show, or movie skyrockets, the makers think about making sequels. It happened with none other than Arthur Conal Doyle and his creation Sherlock. However, no such thing is in the fate of The Grinch.

The film was adapted from Dr. Seuss’s book How The Grinch Stole Christmas in 1957. So, there is a high chance that the next film can be based on any of Dr. Seuss’s books. However, for that, you will have to wait for any official confirmation.

Other versions

Dr. Seuss is famous for iconic characters, and Grinch tops the list. There are several versions of the Grinch. However, the most famous is How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Dr. Seuss’s The Grinch Musical.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is another version of the original book released in 2000 and was directed by Ron Howard.

In this version, instead of Donna trying to persuade a disgruntled Cindy that Christmas is not all about presents, Cindy herself comes to that realization.

She meets Grinch at Post Office, and he also saves her life there. So, Cindy keeps researching him and learns a lot about his past.

The hatred towards Christmas had a long story. He arrived in the town of Whoville as a baby, and two elder sisters adopted him. Also, he even went to school and had a crush on a classmate.

He accidentally cut his face when he tried making an angel for his crush. Arriving at school the next day, his teachers and classmates teased him because of that mark. That is when he fled to Mount Crumpit.

The present Mayor of Whoville is MayWho, who previously teased Grinch. But, now Cindy nominates Grinch as Holiday Cheermiester.

However, many conflicts ensue, and Grinch continues stealing presents. Cindy even catches her stealing their trees. He had to lie to her for his escape.

Mayor blames the girl Cindy for all this mayhem. However, her father comes to her rescue. He is the town postmaster. Instead of her mother, in this version, her father explains to the Mayor and the residents that Christmas is not about presents.

When Grinch struggles to climb up, he hears the town erupt in singing. Once again, his attempt to curb the Christmas celebrations fail.

However, this time he also realizes the true meaning of the festival, and his heart grows triple in size. He has an emotional breakdown. After that, he slides down with all the gifts in Whoville.

Grinch apologizes for everything, and the police accept that. They do not pepper spray him, as the Mayor said. Also, Martha, his childhood crush, rejects MayWho and says that all her feelings are toward Grinch. Thus, finally, the movie has a happy ending where a rejuvenated Grinch joins the town feast!

Voice Cast

Here, Jim Carrey plays the role of the Grinch, and Anthony Hopkins is the narrator. However, despite this star-studded cast, your question is How The Grinch Stole Christmas on Disney Plus doesn’t have an affirmative answer.

The Grinch Musical

Another version of The Grinch is Dr. Seuss’s The Grinch Musical is the most recent Grinch adaptation. It is a television musical that was released in 2020 for NBC.

Timothy Mason did the musical based on the 2000 film, the earliest adaptation of the book. Troubadour Theatres first showed this film. Julia Knowles and Max Webster directed it. The writer of the musical is Simon Nye.

Matthew Morison played the lead role in this musical, which is considered one of the best Grinch-based musicals. The supporting characters are Gary Wilmot, Ako Mitchell, Amy Ellen Richardson, Claire Machin, Booboo Stewart, Dins O’ Hare, and Amelia Minto.

So, this is a wrap about Grinch and its versions

Final Thoughts

Is The Grinch on Disney Plus may have a negative answer, but Is Grinch in our hearts will have the loudest affirmative cry! So, rewatch it, buy it, rent it, and say yes to Christmas joy with all your heart!

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