Cast of the Mysterious Benedict Society, Plot, and More

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What do you know about the cast of The Mysterious Benedict Society? What is the Mysterious Benedict Society? Is this a secret organization planning to topple some historic government? Or should we have heard this name in our school history textbook?

These are some of the questions that might arise in your mind the moment you hear the name The Mysterious Benedict Society. If you are not acquainted with this recent TV series, our article will help you with that.

Cast of the Mysterious Benedict Society, Plot, and More

What is The Mysterious Benedict Society?

Before knowing about The Mysterious Benedict Society cast, let’s know a little about this society.

A very popular trope of cinema worldwide is the trope of found family, where several individuals who share some traumatic past come together and find a sense of belonging in each other. However, this fond family trope is imposed by some mysterious Mr. Benedict in The Mysterious Benedict Society.

Situated on Nomansan Island, during a high emergency, some mysterious individual named Mr. Benedict employs four orphans for a very important mission. He has assigned these children the task of infiltrating Dr. L.D. Curtain’s school L.I.V.E. L.I.V.E. stands for Learning Institute for Veritas and Entertainment.

Dr. Curtain is an intelligent individual who wants to conquer the world by ruling people’s minds. So, Mr. Benedict, one of the most important casts of The Mysterious Benedict Society, directs these four children to save the world from the cunning Dr. L.D. Curtain believes he can infiltrate someone’s subconscious with the help of children.

The first season started airing on June 25, 2021, and ran till August 6, 2021. The series had eight episodes featuring the vibrant cast of The Mysterious Benedict Society.

Mysterious Benedict Society Episodes

Episode 1

Directed by Jim Bobin, the first episode named “A Bunch of Smart Orphans” introduces you to the main cast of The Mysterious Benedict Society. An otherwise weird kid, Reynie Muldoon, gets a scholarship opportunity at Boatwright Academy.

He was supposed to bring only one pencil on the second step of the scholarship test. When he found out another girl, Rhonda lost her pencil, he divided his pencil in half, and only he emerged successful in the test.

The other three children who passed the test were from other rooms. After the four assemble, they meet Mr. Benedict. So, Reynie, Constance, Kate, and Sticky are the four orphans who team up. Mr. Benedict informs them they are the recruits for a mission designed to stop “The Emergency.”

Episode 2

In this episode titled “Carrying a Bird,” we learn that encrypted messages on television are causing the Emergency that the orphans have to put off.

The orphans are then prepared to be sent to an off-shore school. In this episode, another cast of The Mysterious Benedict Society is revealed. The children meet their guides – Jilson and Jackson. The headmaster named Mr. Curtain looks like Mr. Benedict.

Episode 3

Directed by Glen Winter, this episode with the title “Depends on the Wagon” was aired on July 2, 2021. Mr. Benedict and Mr. Curtain are identical twins. Upon this knowledge, Benedict discovers that the headmaster is none other than Nathaniel, his long-lost brother.

When the results for academic merit are declared, Kate and Constance are seen as failing. So, Benedict advises them to cheat. Otherwise, the least successful student is exiled from the island. Reynie meets with Mr. Curtain’s adopted son S.Q. and joins him for dinner, who advises him to trust no one.

Meanwhile, Jilson and Jackson catch Kate and Constance, who sneak out to trace the messages.

Mr. Perumal decides to schedule a meeting with Mr. Curtain as he grows suspicious about Reynie.

Episode 4

In this episode named “A whisper, not a shout,” we see Milligan, an employee of Mr. Benedict, and Mr. Benedict go out to spy on Mr. Curtain and his deeds. They also stumble upon his potential base. The orphan also decodes Mr. Curtain’s journal to find Mr. Benedict, Milligan, Rhonda, and Number Two on the potential list of enemies to mind sweep, something that Mr. Curtain masters.

Mr. Curtain promotes Sticky and Reynie as messengers in Mr. Oshiro’s class. Due to her hypersensitivity, Constance starts listening to voices that might have something to do with The Emergency.

Episode 5

The fourth episode, titled “The Art of Conveyance and Round-tripper,” is an episode with much suspense. The cast of The Mysterious Benedict Society gets the first hints of conflicts when they realize Mr. Curtain’s intention of planning something big called “farm and the forest.” Moreover, Mr. Benedict also instructs the kids about the secret passageway. Sticky and Reynie also go near the Whisperer for their messenger duty, realizing they must disable it.

Episode 6

The title of the sixth episode, ” Run Silent, Run deep, ” starts with a flashback of Benedict and Curtain as children in an orphanage. There, Benedict gets adopted, and Curtain is left behind.

Kate enters the farm, a huge server room, and she befriends Martina. S.Q. leads Reynie into the forest. Milligan was sent to rescue the children when the submarine he was riding gets crashed.

Episode 7

The seventh episode, “The Dance of the Celestial Orb,” rides up the hill of suspense. Jackson and Jilson find out about the intruder, so Kate cannot enter the server room. Milligan, after surviving the submarine crash, rescues Kate.

Curtain thinks Martina allowed Kate to enter the server room while she thinks she was framed. Ms. Perumal now faces reality where she sees her mother and others being mind-controlled in the streets and shares this with Mr. Benedict. Mr. Benedict takes the children and escapes in a hot air balloon. Martina also finds out about Kate’s breaking into the server room.

Episode 8

Milligan remembers his life as a scientist and realizes Dr. Curtain swept that memory. Reynie makes Dr. Curtain angry, which leads him to sleep. Both of the brothers have narcolepsy, which makes them faint when they come across intense emotions. Constance is all set to destroy the Whisperer.

Dr. Curtain, now waking up, tricks his brother, who falls asleep, and the former escapes with Dr. Garrison and S.Q. Milligan understands that he is his father of Kate. Ms. Perumal adopts Reynie. Constance starts living with Mr. Benedict.

Will there be a sequel to The Mysterious Benedict Society?

That the season will return for a sequel- Mysterious Benedict Society Season 2, is understood when Dr. Curtain and Dr. Garrison hatch some new interesting plan.

Based on Trenton Lee Stewart’s best-selling book, The Mysterious Benedict Society, Season 2 is all set to return. This season, the kids unite after a year of their mission to save the planet from The Emergency. This season, they will again embark on a new journey against Mr. Curtain, who is all set with his new strategies and maneuvers.

The Mysterious Benedict Society Cast

Now that we know the plot of The Mysterious Benedict Society, we can shift our attention to The Mysterious Benedict Society cast.

Tony Hale

Tony Hale is one of the most important casts of The Mysterious Benedict Society and plays the characters of Dr. Curtain and Mr. Benedict. After Toy Story 4, it is undoubtedly his biggest Disney project. He has also featured as a voice actor in many famous animated shows, including Arlo The Alligator.

Cast of the Mysterious Benedict Society, Plot, and More

Kristen Schaal (Number Two)

Kristen Schaal plays the role of the most important associate of Dr. Benedict- Number Two. She has also played the female lead in The Last Man on Earth.

MaameYaa Boafo

Rhonda is one of the strongest assistants of Mr. Benedict, who follows him on his many adventures. MaameYaa Boafo, a Pakistani-Ghanian actress, plays this role. Her breakthrough was when she acted in one episode of Madam Secretary. She also plays a recurring role in Season 2 of Ramy.

Ryan Hurst

Milligan is played by Ryan Hurst, the bodyguard of the Benedict Society. The star has also featured in Remember The Titans cast and also acted in the role of a paratrooper in Saving Private Ryan, directed by Steven Spielberg.

Ryan is from Santa Monica and is a famous face as a recurring artist in several TV shows such as Walking Dead Season 9 and Sons of Anarchy. He has also played roles in the Coen Brothers’ remake of The Ladykillers or Rango. Paradise City is also a show where Ryan Hurst played a character.

Gia Sandhu

Another important cast of The Mysterious Benedict Society is Gia Sandhu, who plays the role of Ms. Perumal. She debuted in The Moth Diaries, a 2011 horror drama. The artist also played a recurring role in Nikita with Maggie Q, a CW action-adventure series. The Indian Detective, Kim’s Convenience, and A Simple Favour are some other shows where she acted in select episodes.

She graduated from National Theatre School in Canada. However, the biggest role she has played in her career till now is in The Mysterious Benedict Society- the role of Ms. Perumal. Her character is like that of a parent; in the end, she even adopts Reynie.

Mystic Inscho

This brings us to another important cast of The Mysterious Benedict Society. He is a very talented young artist, and everything like martial arts, acting, dancing, singing, and playing instruments come under his forte. In School of Rock, Inscho played the role of a ten-year-old guitar prodigy. His breakthrough is in Benedict society as the talented kid named Reynie.

Seth B. Carr

The cast of The Mysterious Benedict Society has many other gems in its box. One such is Seth B. Carr, who plays the role of Sticky in the show. He was in Her and also played leading guest roles in series like Superstore and Ray Donovan. In Black Panther, this 13-year-old played the role of younger Killmonger. This is one of the greatest hits on Seth B. Carr’s acting resume. After that, he even featured as the young Andre Braugher in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Emmy DeOliviera

Emmy DeOliviera participated in a true crime documentary series named Killer Kids in 2012. She had also lent her voice to the Lifetime movie Lizzie Borden Took an Axe. Her co-actor was Christina Ricci. After that, she participated in dark comedies like Teachers, a TV Land Original Sitcom. In The Mysterious Benedict Society, she plays the character of Kate.

Marta Kessler

The cast of The Mysterious Benedict Society takes on a new high when it features Marta Kessler as Constance Contraire. Her small body structure is a perfect contrast to her big brain and big attitude. Marta Kessler had also featured in Survive, where she played the younger version of the lead character played by Sophie Turner.

She was born in Russia, and much of her earlier filmography refers to her by her birth name- Marta Timofeeva. She is a popular face in her country in the horror films like Baba Yaga: Terror of the Dark Forest or sci-fi like Cosmoball. Both of the films were released in 2020.

Final Thoughts

So, the cast of The Mysterious Benedict Society is star-studded. Also, after much careful testing and scrutiny, the selectors choose the most talented kid to act in the characters of the show.

Thus, these four young actors stand out in their approach and design, much like the already established adult actors in The Mysterious Benedict Society cast. So, if you haven’t yet watched the show, sign in to your Disney+ account and enjoy your adrenaline rush while watching them save the world from Dr. Curtain’s deeds.

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