Best Annual Pass at Disney World 2022

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The best annual pass at Disney World will differ from person to person due to usage, geographical location, frequency of visit, and more. Check out which one suits you best against the rest!

Disney World is full of changes and new regulations. If you have been following those updates regularly, you know that Disney World launched a new annual pass holder program last year. It had new benefits, passes, and prices.

The four different types of Disney World passes are Incredi-Pass, Sorcerer-Pass, Pirate Pass, and Pixie dust Pass. The first three passes are unavailable in the buying option as Disney World has drawn a pause for their sale. However, when they are back for sale, you will need to know which pass suits you the best. So, we are doing that work beforehand.

In this article, you will learn about the price break-ups of each pass and the perks of those passes, which will help you judge the suitability of the passes.

There are certain similarities between the Disney Passes. If you are a Disney World annual pass holder, you can park hop, make extra park reservations, combine park reservations, and gain access to bonus reservations.

You can even get standard theme park parking and discounts on some particular merchandise and dining restaurants. Moreover, the option of adding Photopass or Sports and Water Parks option to any four passes are also available in the Annual Passholder program.

Moreover, if you are a Florida resident, you can make monthly payments for a down payment of $205. So, after knowing these common perks, let’s focus on individual passes.

Best annual pass at Disney World

So, here are the best passes you can choose from; let us tell you why:


The most beneficial of all the passes is Incredi-pass. It doesn’t have block-out dates, so there are no bindings on visiting the parks. Moreover, you can have 5 park reservations at a time if you have an Incredi-pass.

However, it is also the costliest pass and will cost you $1299 excluding tax. Thus, if you count on a per-day basis, it is $3.56 a day per annum. If you are a non-Floridian and do not have the Disney Vacation Club membership, only then will you be eligible for this pass.

Sorcerer Pass

Sorcerer Pass has some block-out dates, but you can also have 5 park reservations at a time. Even the block-out dates are minimum, comprising 19 such dates, mostly around Christmas and Thanksgiving, until June 2023.

However, contrary to Incredi-Pass, you are eligible for this pass only if you have a Disney Vacation Club membership and are a Floridian resident. Per day this pass will cost you $2.60 in a year.

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Pirate Pass

Till now, the differences between Sorcerer and Incredi-Pass were not much. However, things change a little bit in the case of Pirate and PIXIE Dust Pass.

With 68 block-out dates, you can have 4 park reservations at a time if you buy a pirate pass. It will cost you $2.35 per day per annum, and you are eligible for this pass only if you are a Floridian Resident.

So, if you are local and have no problems with restrictions, this pass of ideal for you. You can save a lot, and 68 block-out dates won’t be much of a problem if you plan a short weekend trip.

Moreover, not many people can afford more than one trip a year. So, these restrictions won’t be of many problems in that case. Thus, if you pay $700, you can choose any date among the 297 days in the year.

Pixie Dust Pass

If you are in the mood to buy any Annual Pass right now, Pixie Dust Pass is the only available among all the four.

You can have three park reservations at once if you buy Pixie Dust Pass. But unfortunately, you will also have the most number of block-out dates with this pass. There are 143 block-out dates till June 2023, which covers most of all peak times and weekends.

You are eligible for this pass only if you are a Floridian resident. Even if you have the highest number of block-out dates, the pass cost is much less than the others.

You will have to pay $399 per annum, which amounts to $1.80 per day. However, you can still have 220 days at such a considerably low cost. So, this is the most suitable pass for you if you are not too excited about celebrations and want to avoid crowds.

Thus, the pass is the most valuable for locals who occasionally come to the parks without much planning.

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Final Thoughts

Thus, if you are still searching for the suitability of the passes, you must keep a few things in mind. Obviously, you will not spend all of your holidays at Disney World. So, plan when you want to come, set your priorities, if you want to stay here for celebrations, then choose the passes accordingly.

Depending on these, the suitability of the passes will vary. So, try and make the best out of the perk passes!

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