How to Use Disney Genie+ Correctly to Enhance Your Vacation

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Disney World is all about technologies, and it smoothens your experience inside the premises of the magic land. Previously, the FastPass+ system had much traction, but now Disney Genie+ has exceeded the former’s performance.

Genie+ has its pros and cons. Many guests are not very comfortable using these technologies and find it difficult to cope with this fast-paced world.

However, there are also many manuals for enlightening them. However, this article will help you understand how Disney uses Genie+ to improve guests’ experience and control activities inside the park premises.

Understanding the new usage of Genie+

For those who are not yet familiar with the system, Genie+ is the replacement for FastPass+. You can use it both at Disney World and Disneyland if you pay an additional charge.

If you pay the required fee, you will have the option to select your return time for the ride you would want to go on. When that time arrives, you will no longer have to wait in the long queues, and you can directly go to the ride. You can make only one Genie+ selection each time in the whole day.

However, if you are not willing to pay additional money for Genie+, you can also avail the free Genie service. This service will be your personalized assistant in your vacation experience.

This free service has several jobs to cover. That includes wait times in rides and future waiting queues. Also, it will recommend ride options. Moreover, if you want, Genie can also create an itinerary for you for the entire day.

Much talk has been about how the Park Pass Reservation system has helped manage crowds. But, no matter how expert you are in managing technologies, it is certain that you have no clue how much Genie+ has helped Disney to manage crowds!

disney crowds

Features of Genie+

Wall Street Journal says there is a heat map in each Disney Park that functions as the operation center for that park.

If you are using Genie+, that map will be able to track your presence in the park using GPS technologies.

So, Genie+ has GPS technologies attached to it. Thus, around 50 percent of park guests nowadays decide to use Genie+, so mostly they get data for around half of the park guests.

By using Genie+ then, park operators can look at the heat map and notify visitors about places with fewer lines. They even offer them merchandise and food promotions to navigate the crowd away from the highly concentrated regions.

Thus, this fact is proved in the words of Josh D’ Amaro, the Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products Division Chairman. He said if he sees too much crowd on the west side, he works to direct the crowd towards the eastern side. In this way, the attractions better balance the loads and thus offer shorter lines with an enhanced experience.

Thus, Disney uses Genie perfectly to spread the guest flow throughout its park premises. It is also using it to alert the guests about shorter lines on park rides or restaurants.

In this way, the guests also have an enhanced experience. You will not have to wait in the sweltering heat for long and can cover as many things as possible with less exhaustion.

Thus, again using the words of the Wall Street Journal, the new technology, Genie+, is helping improve traffic control and spreading the number of guests more evenly. It is also helping in an overall reduction of wait times and also upsells the guests by offering several promotions on ride-reservation charges, merchandise, and food.

Thus, if you plan to use Genie+ on your vacation, it might happen that while waiting in a long exhausting cue on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, a Genie+ notification pops up like a blessing.

Genie+ App May Not Work as Promised Announces Disney

Suggestions to use Genie+

It suggests you redirect to Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room to cover an attraction with lesser crowds. However, mostly, guests tend to visit more crowded places. The reason is that those are the most fantasized attractions and rides all over Disney World.

So, at times, even if Genie+ is suggesting you to a less crowded location, usually, it happens that those attractions are not that popular. Hence, many guests even do not tend to listen to these recommendations that often.

There are many ways in which Genie+ will come to your help. It is mostly in the arena where you must figure out the estimated wait times. This can help you plan the accommodation of other attractions and to-do lists. In this way, Genie+ can help you plan your day better.

However, not every feature of Genie+ work the best, and not all recommendations will give you the elements to have the best day in Disney World. One example is how it will direct you to less popular attractions just because the crowd is less there.

Thus, it is better that you study the recommendations well. Don’t just follow all the suggestions blindly. After all, it is a machine programmed and fed with instructions. That will be best if you can go and check out some of the information before following them. For example, if you can’t find any recommendations on short wait times, it is always best to check them out yourself.

Final Thoughts

So, there is no wonder that Genie+ and other technologies are making the guests’ experience smoother. However, not every part of it can always go right. So, cleverly depending on the technology, make the best of your experience at Disney World!

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