How to Use My Disney Experience app Correctly?

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Knowing how to use the My Disney Experience app is mandatory to have a seamless experience at Disney World right now. Making Disney park reservations, accessing Genie, and knowing what events are coming up, it’s all here!

How to Use My Disney Experience app

Let’s have a look at how you should use this app

Using the app before reaching Disney World

Always have the Disney app loaded before you get to Disney World. Please do not do it at the last minute. Why would you want to waste time on your vacation? So, it’s better to save as much time as you can.

Also, do not forget to download the app on a fellow member’s phone. In case your phone gets discharged, you will not have to panic. Since the app has all your passes and tickets to everything, you’ll need to explore Disney World.

Exploring the app before you explore the Disney World

Getting used to the app before you actually use it at Disney World is wise.

Technology can be tricky sometimes, and you do not want to break your head during your vacation. It can be pretty frustrating to understand to use the app after you reach there. So, it is better to explore it before you reach your destination.

The app has a lot to do and a lot to learn. So check what it has in store for you to use at Disney World. This will prevent you from getting stuck on your vacation and worrying about this petty stuff.

How to Use My Disney Experience app

Below are some essential features of the app that you must know are:

  • Using the Disney Genie & Disney Genie+
  • Booking a lightning lane
  • Booking rides along with DAS in case you opt for it.
  • Learning how to use mobile order

Linking your entire group

If you are going with your group of friends or family, you must link each of them to your Disney account.

There are many things at Disney World where you can indulge in activities and do them together. And to do that, all your group members should be linked to your account.

Make sure this is done before you miss some fantastic lightning deals.

Keeping the app updated

Now that you know how to use the app, you must ensure that your account is updated with all the correct information.

Before you start your journey, ensure that the account is correctly updated with your name, payment details, email ID, etc.

Whatever order you place in the app, the confirmation will be coming to the information you. Hence the account must have all your records updated to avoid any trouble while you place your orders.

Having a proper plan

You must have your plans properly made and updated in the Disney experience app since you don’t want conflicting objectives. For example, if you book a reservation for dining at a theme where you missed booking the pass for the park itself.

Hence checking the passes and plans for the trip before your journey is recommended. So you don’t have to face any last-minute rush.

Since there are so many things to do at Disney World, it is better to plan it. You can also avoid wasting time on finalizing and booking your rides.

Using the Disney experience app for hotel check-in

Did you know you can use the Disney experience app to check in early at your hotel? If you have booked your stay at Disney World, you can happily check in the app if you need to check in early and see if your room is available and ready.

And once your room is done, it will send you a notification so that you don’t have to wait long in the queues. Isn’t that great? Instead of wasting time in the hotel queue, check in by yourself using the app!

Using the mobile order feature

Who wants to wait for food? No one wants to wait for food. The Disney experience app has another feature, mobile order, which you can use to order your food online and ditch the long queues.

At Disney World, there are many food joints for which you can use the mobile order facility to get your food on time without waiting. Another tip is to pre-book your food and set up a pick-up time. Enjoy your hot meal without waiting in long queues.

Disney World Food Prices to Create a Full Day Budget

And in case you want to dine in at a restaurant but forgot to book your reservation, then check the app for the restaurants that don’t need a reservation and walk up to the restaurant and enjoy your meal.

Using the app to not miss showtimes

If you don’t want to miss a single thing at Disney world, use the app that will help guide you.

Many astonishing shows and parades are happening at Disney world at different schedules, but keeping track isn’t easy.

But the Disney experience app is here for your rescue. Check out the showtimes and be there so you will miss a thing at Disney World.

The character meets the most fun at Disney World; you obviously won’t like to miss it. Get unique clicks and hug your favorite Disney character by checking the app.

Using the app for easy transport

Disney transportation is the most convenient to travel around. Specifically, buses at Disney World are available at different intervals to take you from the park to the Hotel and vice versa. So, in the Disney experience app, you can also check the timings for the same.

This feature makes your travel hassle-free and saves time waiting for the buses. This is just another tool in the app that makes your stay easier at Disney World.

So, now that we are at the end of the article, I hope this helps make your trip worthwhile and save time. The Disney Experience app has many features that can help you in many ways! Just keep exploring and make use of it.

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