How to Download DVC Membership Card

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With some big changes being announced about DVC membership cards, this article is all you need to know about how to download a DVC membership card.

In this new era of OTT platforms, we all know that we get many benefits if we subscribe to a certain OTT platform.

So, nothing comes free. Similarly, if you subscribe to the membership of Disney Vacation Club, you can avail yourself of many benefits. However, recently, Disney has announced certain crucial changes in this regard.

What is a DVC Card

If you have a Disney Vacation Card membership, you can get many discounts on several items.

The room discounts are another lucrative feature of the card. You can get free parking at Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, and Magic Kingdom with this card.

If you stay at Deluxe Villa and possess this card, you will not have to pay for overnight parking.

If you are a Disney Vacation Club member, you can make early bookings. Also, you can explore exclusive merchandise, among many other things.

There are many activities that you can avail of at lesser rates. This includes recreational activities like surfing, boating, and playing golf.

Discounts during park hours and water park tickets are other perks of having a Disney Vacation Club membership card.

So, if these membership extras had already lured you, your physical card had come to your help for accessing those benefits. However, now, your physical card can no longer be used.

Previously, you could avail of discounts and make special bookings using the blue physical copy of the DVC membership card, but now may be the time to discard that.

You might wonder then, what is this much talked about big change? Well, Disney has launched a DVC virtual membership card.

So, if you are not so tech-savvy and do not know how to download a DVC membership card, this article will help you out in the process.

The new DVC virtual membership card

So, the expiry date of the physical version of the membership card was on 31st December 2021. Disney Vacation Club didn’t give any particular reason for this digital shift.

Instead, they said, they are always looking forward to novel ways to enhance the members’ experience.

Thus, from November 2, no member could have ordered a physical version of the card anymore.

Unless you have received your digital substitute, you can continue accessing the benefits with the physical card. Or you can also visit to get access to a digital copy.

So, if you are still wondering how to download the DVC membership card, here is the article to troubleshoot your problem regarding it.

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How to download DVC membership card?

Here is all you need to know about downloading DVC membership card:

My Disney Experience App

From January 2022, the DVC membership card’s virtual version is a place. If you use an Android phone, Apple Watch, or iPhone, your device should necessarily have GooglePay.

After that, you will download the My Disney Experience App on your device. Ten, on your digital wallet, add Disney MagicMobile Pass. From this app, you can now download the DVC Membership card.

To-do list before starting

One of the most crucial parts of downloading a DVC membership card is to tick mark certain things off your checklist before you begin.

At the very beginning, you need to confirm that you have already linked your membership with the Disney Account. So, download the My Disney Experience App and log in to your account.

Go to the right-hand corner at the bottom of the page and click on the icon representing three lines stacked horizontally.

A taskbar will get opened. If you click the option “MY Profile,” a further taskbar will open, which will have the following options:

  • Membership and Passes
  • Magic bands and Cards
  • Account settings
  • Mobile Device notifications
  • Payment methods

So, select the first option: membership and passes from this list. How to download the DVC membership card will no longer be an unsolvable puzzle if you follow these steps calmly.

Clicking on membership and passes will allow you to see all the things that have already been linked to the account that you are using.

So, if you cannot see your DVC membership here, you will have to link it to the Disney Vacation Club membership website. You can also contact Disney technical support.

You will have to do your mobile number verification in the next step. Also, you will again have to click on that icon and go to account settings in the ‘My Profile’ option.

So, if you haven’t already verified your mobile number, they will send a Time Password to your registered mobile number. So, once the verification is done, you can then move on to the next steps.

DVC Card generation

The DVC membership card My Disney Experience app download is not a hard nut to crack if you diligently follow this article.

Download and log in to your My Disney Experience App and go to the icon representing three lines stacked horizontally in the right-hand bottom corner. Options such as:

  • Top Board
  • My Genie Day
  • Tickets and Passes
  • Future Plans
  • Disney MagicMobile
  • Virtual Queues
  • Mobile Food Orders
  • Disney Photo Pass Lenses will appear on your screen.

By quickly skimming through these options, you can guess the one that will be of your use. So, click on the Disney MAgicMobile option and click the ‘Set Up Your Pass’ button.

After this, you can select the account you want the pass. Your account will be selected automatically, but you can select any other account linked with Disney.

Changing the style of the pass

The next step is not compulsory. It is regarding the changing of the style of pass. You may or may not opt for this.

Pass style means the background image of your card. So, if you are that type of person who even fancies the image on your ATM card, then this is no longer an optional step for you.

If you hit the ‘Change Pass Style’ option, you can choose from around 40 pictures. Those are also categorically divided into sections such as Ear Hats, Annual Passholders, Food Favourites, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, Happy Holidays, and 50th Anniversary selections.

So, you can select the one that best suits your vibrant and colorful imagination from these images.

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Card generation

So, once you have done all of these steps and selected the passing style, now is the time to generate your card! Click on the option that reads ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ and then select the add and done button consecutively for the generation of your Disney Vacation Club virtual membership card!

Thus, this article about how to download DVC membership card helps help you navigate through the online technical maze.

If you wonder how much the DVC membership card is, it is not different from the physical version.

You will have to pay $88 per month to get yourself the membership card. So, this is also a crucial part of how to download a DVC membership card because this will give you the hang of expenses that this card might incur upon you.

Accessing the card

Once you have completed all these steps, the time has finally arrived to access your membership card. The wallet app on your watch or smartphone will now carry the MagicMobile pass.

If you have an iPhone, you will have to go to the Apple Wallet application and choose the Disney Card. Once you have done that, select the icon representing three dots on the top right corner.

Checking the Affiliation Line

Be careful to check the affiliation line. This is the most vital step in how to download DVC membership card. If you have DVC ND, you will not be able to access discounts on merchandise or food purchases. DVC Y means that discounts are available on these purchases.

But, if you are determined to have discounts on merchandise or food purchases but you have DVC ND, then contact the technical support of Disney Vacation Club Membership.

You might also have other cards, such as Disney Visa Credit Card or Annual Pass, then the codes for those will be visible on the screen as well.

So, these are usually the most fundamental and vital steps in how to download a DVC membership card.


However, sometimes, problems occur in these steps. Say, for instance, you are not being able to see the Affiliation Line on the pass, then you will have to do the following troubleshooting.

Click on the ‘remove this card option and delete your pass from your device wallet. Go to the My Disney Experience app and by clicking on account settings in the ‘My Profile’ section, delete the registered phone number and select ‘done’ at the bottom.

After waiting for some time, add your phone number again and go through the verification procedure. After waiting some time, follow the same steps to regenerate your pass again.

You will not have to pay anything. However, even after repeating the entire process, you should contact technical support if you find the affiliation line invisible. You might also visit a DVC lounge and ask any cast member to assist you through the steps.

Temporary DVC card

However, even if you have done all of these, you might not get the pass immediately. So, for that matter, you can get yourself a temporary Disney Vacation Club membership card as well. This doesn’t directly come under the steps included in how to download DVC membership card, but you can use this in rare case scenarios.

Go to the website and then use the login credentials to get into your Disney account. After you have logged in, click on ‘ View Temporary Card’for generating your card. So, after this, you can get yourself a printed copy of this and then carry that with you.

However, the card is valid only for one month. Thus, if you are following this method, before planning your trip, keep in mind to check its expiration date. Or else you will have to get a new temporary card for your visit.

Bonus tip

You cannot leave your photo identification proof at home. Even if you produce the DVC or temporary card, you will have to produce the ID proof in front of the security desk.

The ID proof with the same name as on the DVC card will be essential in getting discounts on food or merchandise purchases or accessing the DVC lounge.

So, the blue card you had earlier is now only a souvenir and doesn’t have any other value anymore. Thus, if you have followed the steps of how to download a DVC membership card, the procedure shouldn’t be difficult anymore.

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Final Thoughts

Disney vacation is one of the most precious vacations in one’s lifetime. It is the most exquisite experience that one can have.

Growing up watching Disney films and imagining ourselves in the magic lands has planted this desire to visit there once. When that comes true, it feels like you have touched the moon.

So, in addition, if you have the Disney Vacation Club membership card, life gets easier inside the Disney world. You can access discounts on merchandise and food. So, bonjour, my friend, have a great stay there!

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