Why you should visit Disneyland

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There is a wonderful place on earth. Here even the most capricious children become obedient, and adults become younger by at least ten years. This is Disneyland!

There are only six Disneyland in the world. They are open in Orlando, Anaheim, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. Disneyland Paris is considered the most popular tourist destination in Europe. Since the opening of the entertainment resort on April 12, 1992, it has been visited by about 300 million people! There are two theme parks open daily 24 hours a day with six dozen attractions based on famous Disney movies, a city of stores and restaurants, and several hotels of different categories.


Many parents believe that young children should not visit Disneyland, and save such a trip, for example, for the decade of their childhood. And it’s a mistake! If your child enjoys watching cartoons about Mickey Mouse, and Peter Pan and knows what Pluto and Winnie look like, a vacation at Disneyland will be the most wonderful memory of his childhood. Just imagine what children feel when they meet the heroes of their favorite cartoons in a cafe or an alley in the park! Here every child can hug Mickey, get an autograph from the Princess, or just take a picture with the fairy tale hero. It will also be a fun place for students, who if they know some specifics when buying tickets can even save on custom essay writing help to improve school grades.


Disneyland Paris is divided into two theme parks – Walt Disney Studios Park and Disneyland Park. On the Walt Disney Studios territory, there are the most popular rides for those who came to Disneyland for a portion of thrills: the roller coaster in a 25-meter inclined chute, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Aerosmith’s dead loop slide, Crush’s Coaster monster whirlpool ride based on Finding Nemo and others.

On the central square of Disneyland Park is the Castle of Sleeping Beauty, immortalized on the Disney movie screensaver. The alleys that branch off from it lead to five themed areas. Here you can walk along the Main Street U.S.A., which plunges you into the atmosphere of the early 20th-century era, walk along the low picturesque Arabian buildings and try to find a magic copper lamp and summon a genie. And you can make a memorable photo next to the “Black Pearl”, which pirates moored in a beautiful rocky bay.

In this park, there are several merry-go-rounds, on which you can take your children without fear. And not only the kids, but their parents as well will have a lot of fun. Be sure to take a “night flight” on a small boat with Peter Pan. This trip is like a dream: the boat sails in the starry sky over the cities, flooded with moonlight and delivers passengers to unseen worlds that exist only in children’s fantasies.

Nearby is the oldest attraction, It’s a small world. Park visitors take a fun musical journey around the world on a boat, which takes them to different countries and continents, where wonderful puppets, dressed in costumes of the peoples of the world, sing and dance.

Those who like to tickle their nerves in this part of the park will also find entertainment to their liking. You can ride the Big Thunder Mountain in a train, or fly into space on Space Mountain: Mission 2 with a high-speed cannon.


Every day at 4:45 p.m. local time, a grand parade of fairy tale characters begins in the park. “Fairies” “pirates,” “wizards” and other famous Disney characters ride on special carnival platforms through the park to music. The first grand Disney Magic on Parade was held in March 2012 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Disneyland Paris. Since then, this solemn procession with the park’s inhabitants takes place daily.

Half an hour before the park closes, the Disney Dreams evening show begins. This performance captivates not only children but also adults with the latest special effects and incredible projections on the Castle of Sleeping Beauty based on famous Disney movies. The show uses lasers, fountains, and fireworks to make the characters from the movies “come to life” on the facade of the Castle and the water screens next to it. If you buy a funny cap with Mickey Mouse ears before the Disney Dreams, you can be part of the light show: during the show, these hats are synchronized and the “ears” of visitors change color in time with the music.

Visit the show is worth it! After all, not for nothing, to make the magic happen, its efforts are made by 1,300 professionals – musicians, designers, producers, dancers, actors, cartoonists, and experts in fireworks and fire shows.

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