The Cast of Jungle Cruise, Storyline, Where to Watch, and More

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The Cast of Jungle Cruise takes us back to our childhood. Dwayne Johnson and an adventure film based on one of the Disney World rides are the best combinations possible.

So, if you want to know about the cast, plot, and many more exciting details about Jungle Cruise, this is the best place to find all that spice!

A brief background

Before talking in detail about the Jungle Cruise cast, let’s look at a brief background of the movie.

One may consider this film a tribute to one of the Disney theme park attractions by the same name. Michael Green, John Requa, and Glenn Ficarra were the scriptwriters of this movie. This goes without mentioning that Walt Disney Pictures produced and distributed the film.

Set in a backdrop of intense turmoil and invasions, this is a story of a riverboat captain who goes out on a voyage with her brother and a scientist to search for the Tree of Life. So, if you want to join their quest, take advantage of this opportunity.

Starring Paul Giamatti, Jesse Plemons, Jack Whitehall, Edgar Ramirez, Emily Blunt, and Dwayne Johnson, this will be a rewarding experience. So, do you want to know the plot of the film in which the extraordinary cast of Jungle Cruise operates? If yes, here is your plot for the movie.

Is Jungle Cruise on Disney Plus OTT Platform?


The history of the quest

Time travels back to the 16th century. In 1556, Don Aguirre took a voyage to South America to search the Lagrimas de Cristal Tree.

Organized with a team of Spanish conquistadors, the search for this tree began because its flowers could heal illness and even lift curses.

In the journey, many conquistadors die. Thus, a tribe named Puka Michuna heals the survivors with the flowers of the trees. However, they do not disclose the location of the tree.

Thus, in a feat of rage, Aguirre kills him and also burns the village. While dying, the chief of the tribe makes a curse, due to which the conquistadors cannot leave the Amazon River and become immortal.

1916 London

Cut to 1916. Macgregor Houghton presents his sister Dr. Lily Houghton’s Tears of Moon research in front of the Royal Society. They request access to an arrowhead artifact with the vision of revolutionizing the British war effort and medicine. However, they deny the request because they consider the Tree a myth.

But, Lily is steadfast in her belief that her old map of the Amazon and the arrowhead will lead her to the Tree. Thus, she steals the artifact while escaping the attention of Prince Joachim, who is also trying to find it, but for Germany.

Meeting Frank

MacGregor and Lily arrive in Brazil and look for someone to guide them through the Amazon River. Frank Wolff is a skipper who provides jungle cruises with theatrical dangers and puns as a bonus. However, he disagrees initially.

But when he sees the arrowhead, he decides to change his mind. Here also, they escape with the boat of Joachim and depart secretly for the mission.

While navigating through the boat, Lily comes across some photographs. She also finds some research on the Tears of the Moon. This leads her to accuse Frank of searching the tree himself. However, he confesses that he has given up the search long ago.

Puka Michuna tribe again captures them but not for long, as Frank hired them. However, Lily suspects Frank and starts thinking about whether he will lead her to the location.

But Trader Sam, the present chief of the tribe, decodes the symbols depicted on the arrowhead. Thus, they get the area of the tree. Sam also says the tree will only bloom on a full-blood moon night.

Joachim and Aguirre

On the other side of the story, we see Joachim facing the petrified conquistadors held for centuries inside a cave. He comes to terms with Aguirre, who is compelled to find the stolen arrowhead for him. In return, Joachim will present them with flowers, which will lift their curse.

The conquistadors spring back to life with the touch of the rainforest elements. They then attack the Puka Michina tribe, and Aguirre stabs Frank. However., Lily manages to escape taking the arrowhead with her. Meanwhile, the conquistadors get pulled away by the vines and they also lose the direction of the river.

Even though Aguirre stabbed Frank in the heart, he regains himself, much to Houghtons’ surprise. The fans then know that he was once a conquistador who also got cursed. He tried to save the paralyzed daughter of Aguirre by finding the Tree.

But, as Aguirre turned out to be rogue, Frank decided to side with the tribe. Endless fighting ensued afterward till the time when he petrified his comrades. However, he couldn’t find the tree. Thus, he became a tour guide and also established a village.

The climax

When these happen, Frank and Lily do not lose sight of their mission. They travel to the La Luna Rota waterfall, where they come across a submerged temple. However, MacGregor is left behind, and Joachim captures him. He forces Lily’s brother to share her location. So, once he gets to the site, they all face each other at La Luna Rota.

The arrowhead turns out to be a locket having a red gem placed inside. Lily puts them into a niche in the Tree’s bark, and the Tree blooms under the blood moon.

The stage is set for a fight that cannot be avoided. But, Lily manages to get hold of one flower. The German soldiers face death, and Joachim dies from a falling rock. Frank blocks the river by crashing his boat and, in turn, petrifies himself and the other conquistadors to save Lily.

Meanwhile, Lily realizes she is deeply in love with Frank and uses the flower to lift his curse restoring his mortality. Frank also decides to leave the forest and stay with her. However, the Tree again blooms, and a single flower peeps out. Lily takes that flower for further research. Frank also sells his business to Nilo.

A happy ending

After returning to Britain, Lily assumes the post of a full-time professor at The University of Cambridge. MacGregor turns down an invitation to join the Royal Society as a member.

Meanwhile, Frank and Lily enjoy their time in London. Frank gradually gets accustomed to the outside world, where he now learns to ride cars as Lily trains him.

So, this lively storyline with a happy ending compels audiences to ask is Jungle Cruise on Disney Plus.

The Cast of Jungle Cruise

Now, we return to one of the most important considerations of this article – The Cast of Jungle Cruise.

One of the reasons to watch the movie, apart from the adventure feeling, is to reorient ourselves with the nostalgic adventure cast of Hollywood.

Frank Wolff

Dwayne Johnson is one of the most essential Jungle Cruise cast members. Can you guess the character that he plays? Well, it is easy to guess.

Dwayne Johnson plays the role of Frank Wolff, a trained cartographer and a noble skipper who guides Lily to the Tree. His boat’s name is La Quila, and his business is Jungle Navigation Company. He also has a lot of cats, and everyone’s name is Proxima.

So, seeing Dwayne Johnson again in one such adventurous role, like in 20,000 leagues under the sea or like, is a feast for the eyes.

The Cast of Jungle Cruise, Storyline, Where to Watch, and More


Disney’s Jungle Cruise cast is an ensemble of mind-blowing performers. One of the glaring Jungle Cruise cast members is Emily Blunt.

She plays the enigmatic and eccentric Dr. Lily Houghton, who embarks on a search for the Tree. However, as her field of work is heavily male-dominated, no one gives her the attention she deserves.

However, she stole the arrowhead, and other events finally led her to the Tree. So, when she brought back one flower from the Tree for research, she got her deserved respect. She started teaching full-time at the University of Ca, bridge.

Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson also share good online chemistry, and the two characters end up as couples in the movie.

Is Jungle Cruise on Disney Plus OTT Platform?


One of the antagonists of the film is Aguirre, the Spanish Conquistador. His role is portrayed by one of the brilliant members of the cast of Jungle Cruise; Édgar Ramirez.

He was trying to trace the Tree to heal his paralyzed daughter. Frank, his adopted brother, was by his side initially. However, as Aguirre resorted to violence and rampage, Frank left his side and stayed with the tribe.

MacGregor Houghton

We see Jack Whitehall as one of the essential constituent parts of the cast of Jungle Cruise. He plays the character of MacGregor Houghton, the brother of Lily Houghton. He also is an assistant at her sister’s work.

Even though he is a modern man, he finds himself well enough to adjust to jungle life by the end of the journey. Also, he and Frank share an intimate moment where MacGregor shares sensitive information from his past.

Prince Joachim

One of the other antagonists of the film is Prince Joachim, and the Jungle Cruise cast presents one of its best plays of this character.

Jese Plemons plays the character of a German royal. He leads this expedition to reclaim the Tree and use it in the war effort of Germany as well as gain immortality.

He comes to a pact with Aguirre whereby he frees the petrified Spanish conquistadors in return for their help tracing the Tree. In the end, he gets killed by a falling boulder.


Frank anchors his boat at Nilo’s River Adventure, where Nilo is the harbourmaster. The name of the port is Porto Velho. He also owns Rosita, a Moluccan cockatoo. He also confiscates Frank’s boat as the latter couldn’t repay the loan he took.


The other members of the cast of Jungle Cruise also share some important responsibilities in the film. You can take the name of Veronica Falcon, who plays the character of Trader Sam. She is also a friend of Frank for a long who is aware of the curse.

Quim Gutierrez, Dani Riviran,and Dan Dargan Carter depict the role of the conquistadors. Pedro Lopez played the role of the tribe chief of Puka Michuna back in 1556.

So, with this fantastic Jungle Cruise cast and crew, the project was finally conceived. Thus, if you want to revisit your favorite adventure films from your childhood in its 2021 version, what better option is there for you than Jungle Cruise? Watching Jungle Cruise cast 2021 perform is a delight to the eyes and senses.

Release date

The film was released on July 24, 2021, in Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, California. It was released all over the United States on July 30, 2021.

Like many other Disney movies, the pandemic delayed the movie’s release by two years. Initially, the release date of the film was October 11, 2019. The date was then shifted to July 24, 2020.

Finally, on November 12, 2021, the movie started streaming on Disney Plus for free.

Final Thoughts

A perfect oxymoron doesn’t exist. However, watching an adventure film set in the Amazon Jungle while sitting in the comfort of your home is an oxymoron whose perfection one cant deny. Thus, arrange a bucket of popcorn to accompany you on the voyage to indulge in the best experience with the Jungle Cruise cast on your TV screen!

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