What to Eat at Beaches and Cream Disney World

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Beaches and Cream Disney, tucked away in the magical world of Disney World, is a timeless jewel that attracts guests with its delicious food, charming atmosphere, and unrivaled family-friendly atmosphere.

Disney’s Beach Club Resort guests can’t get enough of this legendary diner central to the complex.

As soon as you walk in, you’ll go back to the carefree days of the 1950s seaside café, complete with bright colors, checkered flooring, and classic Coca-Cola memorabilia.

Beaches and Cream Disney World offers more than just a meal, with its signature “Kitchen Sink” dessert. Their inventive takes on traditional comfort meals taking customers back to a simpler time in American cuisine.

In this article, we will explore what makes Beaches and Cream a must-visit on every Disney World vacation, including the magic, the food, and the atmosphere.

The allure of Beaches and Cream Disney

Guests at Disney World’s Beach Club Resort will fall under the enchantment of Beaches and Cream Disney.

The atmosphere of this traditional diner is reminiscent of the seashore restaurants of the 1950s. All ages will be captivated by the thoughtfully arranged décor and ambiance.

Let’s explore the magical elements that make Beaches & Cream so irresistible:

Nostalgic furnishings

The diner’s décor strikes the ideal balance between vintage flair and modern ease. The retro vibe created by the checkered floors, bright colors, and polished chrome elements appeal to both the young and the aged.

Coca-Cola memorabilia from the past

Exploring the walls covered in old Coca-Cola signage and memorabilia takes you back to the days when soda fountains were social hubs for communities. These relics highlight the restaurant’s historical roots while also attracting customers.

Environment suitable for families

Beaches and Cream Disney World does a beautiful job of capturing the sense of family togetherness.

The comfy seats and tables help foster conversation and friendships among diners. It’s the perfect spot for nostalgic parents to take their kids and share the joy of traditional comfort cuisine.

Wholesome entertainment

The restaurant’s atmosphere is made all the more pleasant by the kind service the wait staff provides. A conversation is more than simply a place to exchange information; it may also be a time for lighthearted banter, spontaneous cheer, and even a sing-along. The participation of the personnel gives a touch of homeliness and nostalgia, which improves the experience as a whole.

A timeless gathering spot

Beaches and Cream Disney is the perfect place to create lasting memories, whether sharing a sundae with your kids or a burger with your pals.

Each trip to Disney World is like a new chapter in a book because of the beautiful scenery, which is perfect for capturing unguarded moments and laughing.

Classic charm

Beaches and Cream’s allure transcends the passage of time. It’s a gathering spot for people of all ages to bond over their shared appreciation of a genuine, retro-inspired ambiance. The diner’s universal appeal guarantees its status as a cherished part of the Disney World experience.

Beaches and Cream Disney is a peaceful haven in the middle of Disney World where visitors may stop, relax, and enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere of days gone by.

Everything about the restaurant, from the well-arranged furnishings to the kind service, contributes to making a meal there more than a pleasant experience.

Beaches and Cream is more than simply a place to eat ice cream and grin. It’s where memories are made and shared.

The ties to Disney World

At Beaches & Cream, Disney’s enchanted world is tastefully and aesthetically pleasingly brought to life.

Beaches and Cream are much at home in the tropical paradise atmosphere of Disney’s Beach Club Resort. Together, these elements create a one-of-a-kind ambiance that will make you feel like you’re back in a seaside cafe from the 1950s.

The diner’s vintage Coca-Cola memorabilia, checkered floors, and comfy seats look great against the resort’s nautical accents and beachside vibe.

The connection between Beaches and Cream Disney World and the resort exemplifies Disney’s commitment to creating immersive and memorable experiences, turning each visit into a delightful expedition into the heart of imagination and nostalgia.

Food at Beaches and Cream Disney

Indulging in a culinary journey at Beaches and Cream is an experience that will excite your taste buds and pique your interest in food.

The diner’s menu has a symphony of tastes that appeal to various diners, from towering ice cream concoctions to savory American classics.

Let us explore the Beaches and Cream Disney menu and see what delectable treats we can find:

Delectable ice creams

The iconic Kitchen Sink

This famous sweet is more than simply a dessert—it’s an event. A mountain of ice cream scoops collides with brownies, cookies, cake, and an assortment of toppings in a dish that seems like it might double as a sink.

It’s a shared adventure, a mountain of decadence that exemplifies Beaches & Cream’s dedication to making lifelong memories.

Extraordinary sundaes

The sundaes on the menu are works of art that put ice cream in the spotlight. Each treat perfectly synthesizes tastes and textures, from the time-honored Hot Fudge Sundae to the whimsical Fudge Mud Slide.

The No Way José is a fan favorite that exemplifies sweet perfection with its combination of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, and hot fudge.

Delicious treats

Modified hamburgers

Beaches and Cream Disney may be most known for its delicious ice cream, but its savory dishes are just as good.

The Grilled Vegetable Sandwich satisfies vegetarians without sacrificing flavor. The Angus Beef Burger blends the juiciness of Angus beef with a selection of toppings.

How Disney World Celebrated National Burger Day

The Lobster Roll

Pieces of luscious lobster meat coated in a light mayo sauce and snuggled on a soft roll in this reference to seaside cuisine known as the Lobster Roll. Experience the flavors of the sea without leaving the comfort of a traditional American restaurant.

eat lobster roll at Beaches And Cream Disney

One-of-a-kind soothing meals

Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich

Beaches and Cream Disney World takes a classic combination and gives it a gourmet spin. Melted cheese seeping from a classic grilled cheese sandwich into a cup of thick, creamy tomato soup is a culinary harmony.

Dietary preferences, vegetarian and vegan options

The joys of plant-based energy

Beaches and Cream recognizes that customers have varying diet choices. Therefore, they provide tasty vegetarian and vegan options. The Vegan Burger made entirely of vegetables, is just as tasty as its meaty equivalent.

Options for those with allergies

The restaurant makes special accommodations for customers with dietary restrictions. Beaches and Cream Disney offers gluten-free burger buns and dairy-free ice cream so everyone can enjoy their delicious treats.

Classic soda shop beverages

Soda floats and other classic sodas

The soda fountain beverages perfectly complement the nostalgic food. You may cool off with a traditional milkshake, a root beer float, or a hand-crafted soda.

Creating delectable recollections

When you order from the Disney Beaches and Cream menu, you’re not simply getting a bunch of random meals; you’re getting a symphony of flavors that will be with you forever.

Each dish on the menu, whether the Kitchen Sink’s communal fun or the Lobster Roll’s refined flavor, reflects the restaurant’s commitment to providing an outstanding meal.

The menu items are not just a tribute to traditional American comfort cuisine but also an invitation to customers to experiment with new flavors, textures, and forms of culinary expression.

Beaches and Cream Disney World takes you on a gastronomic adventure that proves food is more than just fuel; it’s a way to celebrate culture, remember the past, and bond with friends and family.

From the first scoop of ice cream to the last, every visit to Beaches and Cream at Disney World is a new chapter in a never-ending tale of delicious treats.

How to make the most of your time at Beaches and Cream Disney World?

Not only should you take your time and enjoy the quaint atmosphere and delicious desserts, but you should also make the most of your visit.

If you want your time at Beaches and Cream Disney to be nothing short of extraordinary, follow these secret tips:

Booking ahead is essential

Due to incredible demand, reserving a table at Beaches and Cream Disney is strongly suggested.

Guests and tourists to Disney World frequently fill this popular restaurant, so making a reservation in advance is recommended.

You may reserve on the official Disney World website or mobile app.

Consider the timing of your visit

Visit during off-season times to avoid crowds and any possible waits. Fewer people will be around to distract you from your food if you go early in the afternoon or late at night.

Share the “Kitchen Sink”

The “Kitchen Sink” dessert is an impressive sight and a delicious treat for the whole table. The ice cream, toppings, and whipped topping from a can make up this massive masterpiece. To enjoy this decadent treat, you should do it with loved ones.

Don’t forget the camera

Beaches and Cream Disney World is a treat for the eyes, with its delicious food and vintage furnishings. Have a digital camera or smartphone ready to record the experience by taking pictures of your bright sundaes, retro booths, and lively decor.

Attend in theme attire

There is no dress code, but getting into the spirit of the place by dressing in classic beachwear is part of the enjoyment. If you want to blend in with the diner’s vibe, you might want to dress like you’re going to the beach.

Discover the resort area

Since Beaches and Cream Disney is inside the Beach Club Resort, you should check out the rest of the resort while you’re there. You may stroll down the beach and see the resort’s beautiful architecture before or after supper.

Experiment with a new approach

Although the “Kitchen Sink” is a must-have, you shouldn’t order just that. To get a feel for the variety of dishes available, try out a few different sundaes, floats, and savory alternatives.

Using these insider suggestions, your experience at Beaches and Cream Disney will be excellent. These tips can help you make the most of your experience at this classic Disney World restaurant, whether you’re there for a special occasion, a family vacation, or just to treat yourself.


Beaches and Cream Disney is more than simply a restaurant; it’s an adventure into the past, a sensory extravaganza, and a place of pure happiness. Disney World guests will never forget their meal here because of the restaurant’s timeless ambiance, delectable dishes, and lively environment. Make time on your Disney trip to enjoy the treats at Beaches & Cream, where each mouthful is a journey into the past.


1. Is Beaches and Cream a hard reservation to get?

Beaches and Cream Disney World is a popular restaurant; therefore, getting a table there might be difficult. Due to its popularity, this Disney World restaurant requires advanced booking to guarantee a table for your visit.

2. Can you get ice cream at Beaches and Cream without a reservation?

The delicious ice cream delicacies at Beaches and Cream Disney are available without a prior reservation. Guests may get their favorite sundaes, shakes, and more from the To-Go counter without making a reservation. It is an excellent choice if you have a sweet craving and need something to fulfill on the road.

3. Do you get to keep the kitchen sink at Beaches and Cream?

The “Kitchen Sink” dessert at Beaches and Cream Disney is an experience you won’t soon forget, even if you don’t get to take the real kitchen sink home with you. Diners may indulge in this massive dessert, a dish like a sink. The sink won’t come with you, but the memories you make will last a lifetime.

4. Can you get Beaches and Cream to go?

Guests who want to take their ice cream delicacies on the go will find the To-Go counter at Beaches and Cream Disney World helpful. It is an excellent option if you’re looking for a fast snack to enjoy while hanging out at the resort or seeing Disney World.

5. What park is Beaches and Cream Disney close to?

Within Disney’s Beach Club Resort, Beaches and Cream are present near EPCOT’s International Gateway entrance. Its convenient location near EPCOT makes it a popular eating choice for resort guests and park visitors.

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