6 Proven Hacks for More Instagram Story Views

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Instagram has become a powerful platform; it is used by more than 1 billion active users 70% of the day. Everyone wants to get famous nowadays, and Instagram could be your catapult. 

Instagram stories can get you know within days if you are using it right. Getting more views on Instagram stories can skyrocket your prominence sooner than you think. Below are some tested and proven hacks for getting more views on Instagram stories.

1. Keep Up with the Trends

Sticking with the latest trends can make you a setter someday. Creating creative IG stories that are as per trends is a valuable strategy to get maximum visibility. Below are some ways to stay up with the trends.

  • Trends Relevant Content: Your Instagram stories should have content relevant to trends. To do this, ensure that you are optimistic, supporting the right cause, and have good knowledge about what’s happening.
  • Challenges and Hashtags: You can see the latest challenges via TikTok make your own challenge video, and post it on IG stories. Adding the right hashtags can make your IG story viral.
  • Trend-Based Effects and Filters: If you want your IG story to stand out, use filters and effects that are according to the latest trends. Keep your Instagram app up to date, and you’ll see different filters and effects tied to current trends.
  • Holiday and Seasonal Trends: There are cultural and seasonal holidays anywhere in the world right now. Days like Christmas, Holi, Navratri, Ramadan, and New Year are the biggest and most hyped seasonal holidays in the world. Be sure to gather maximum information about these holidays and make a story with your positive thoughts.

2. Post Consistently

You may not get many views if you are a new IG user, but we all know one thing for sure: ‘Consistency is the key to success.’ If you keep uploading IG stories according to the trends every day, you’ll soon see engagement levels increasing slowly and gradually. Below are some ways of posting consistently and strategically.

  • Timing: Consistency is also referred to as the timing of your posting stories on IG. You have to check peak hours in the analytic tools provided by Instagram. Posting in those hours will give you more chances to go viral and get more views on stories. Always post between the peak hours and do it every day.
  • Planning: There could be days when you couldn’t post on time. This is why Instagram allows you to schedule your post; you just have to draft posts and set the posting time and date, and even on busy days, your audience will still get a post from your account.

3. Create Quizzes, Polls, and Ask Questions

People may get bored even if your posts are updated with the trends. To add a dash of variety, you can create quiz polls and ask questions in your IG stories. People love rating pictures – you can upload a couple of pictures of yourself and add a hot meter; this will automatically increase your engagement, followed by views. 

This is one of many examples; as for polls, if there is an international or regional sports event coming up, you can create polls of who is going to win, names of favorite players, etc. Emotional questions also attract a lot of people in stories; you can ask questions like what kind of music people like to hear when they are sad, how to cope with depression, how to make up with a friend, etc. 

4. Location Tags

Location tags are also called geotags. These are used in every social media platform to attach specific geographical locations of videos, photos, or a post. This tag confers information about where the content was shared or created. This usually helps businesses get more foot traffic. 

As for IG influencers, if they are traveling in another city and add a location tag in their post, the story will get an instant boost, getting more views, and people will want to meet them (if they are famous enough).

Adding location tags also helps you see local activities, businesses, and specific people in the location. 

5. Mention Other Accounts

Mentioning other accounts is a great way to increase views on Instagram stories. This is usually seen done by influencers; this practice not only gets them more views on IG stories but also increases a couple of followers. 

Big brands and influencers have a good number of followers, and if you follow the above tips and mention the big shots, you’ll probably get a reply from their official account, too.

If their official account gets a repost of your story, you’ll get a goodly number of views on the story. You must have some loyal followers; mention them in your story to make them feel noticed. If they repost, your story will get you a good number of views on your story. 

Consider it a give-and-take cycle.

6. Add Music

Adding music to your IG stories will not only lift up viewers’ moods but also get you more views and engagement. There are two kinds of music to add to IG stories:

  • Trending Music
  • Ever-green music

Trending music can bring Gen Z to your stories, and stories having ever-green music can bring mature views. Depending on your content, you can select the genre of music and add it to your Instagram stories.

Make sure you are also adding the name of the singer and the name of the song in the story. People tend to be impressed by your taste in music.


Instagram has become a game changer for businesses and has allowed people to make themselves a brand. Some of the most well-known IGers use the above 6 proven hacks for getting more Instagram story views all you need is constancy. 

Posting stories every day that are according to trends, in the peak hours, with geotags and perfect music, will surely increase your Insta stories. As long as you are compassionate and supportive in your content, there will be a time when people will be waiting for your stories.


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