15 Best Disney Plus KDrama to Watch This Holiday Season

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The impact of South Korean culture through entertainment engrossed the world to take active interest. Disney+ went with the flow and launched in South Korea in 2021, bringing a new variety of drama at the tip of our fingers. The Disney Plus KDrama list we share with you here are examples of fantastic work done by the Korean entertainment industry. So, check them out this holiday season if this genre interests you too!

What KDrama to watch on Disney Plus

While K-Dramas have existed for decades, they came into the limelight in the past few years.

It was during the COVID-19 lockdown that the young generation became obsessed with watching K-Dramas.

Korean web series came like a breath of fresh air and saw a global cultural inclination.

If you too are a fan, you will be elated to know that there are many K-dramas on Hotstar and Disney+.

But the options are so many that figuring out which ones to watch first can be tricky.

We have prepared for you a list of the most loved Korean dramas.

1. Call it Love

For centuries, filmmakers have been making movies with the central theme of love as it is the most relevant genre even in today’s world. And when it comes to capturing the dilemmas and heartbreaks of being in love – Korean dramas do a fabulous job.

Call It Love is one such iconic series with an IMDb rating of 7.8.

Filled with the right amount of drama, betrayal, tragedy, and passion – the show is an artistic masterpiece. With such a show, how can your weekend be boring?

2. Sketch

Do you have a thing for crime thrillers and mystery stories? Then you may end up calling Sketch the best Disney Plus KDrama without any second thoughts.

Imagine yourself in the shoes of a person who has lost his beloved wife. He is not an ordinary individual but a detective and his wife did not die a natural death.

Someone has murdered her and how can he bid adieu to his spouse without finding the culprit?

So, the heartbroken detective sets out on a mission to reveal the identity of the killer. With everlasting suspense and unending twists, the series will keep you craving more.

3. Snowdrop

Revolving around the theme of forbidden romance, Snowdrop will take you on an emotional rollercoaster. It is a beautiful love story that proves how we can cross all boundaries for our paramour.

A blood-soaked person storms into the hostel of a women’s university and the heroine, Eun Yeong-ro will do whatever it takes to hide him and heal his wounds.

The harrowing past of the man can threaten the safety of her family and she still loves him unconditionally. When she learns that he is a spy, their bond only grows stronger.

Will Jung Hae-In and Yeong-ro be able to overcome all hurdles in the end? You can find out the answer if you have a Disney+ Hotstar subscription. You should also remember that the plot is set in the time of the 1987 democratic movement in Korea.

Disney Plus KDrama

4. Link: Eat, Love, Kill

Link: Eat, Love, Kill is the perfect blend of action and emotions. It is a fantasy tale that depicts the journey of a boy who has been a part of a tragedy. Something has happened in his childhood that haunts him even when he is an adult.

So, it is also a psychological thriller to an extent and a second season of it is about to release. With an IMDB rating of 7.3, this K-drama will satisfy your mystery-seeking soul.

5. Crazy Love

Want to laugh your heart out at the end of an exhausting day at work? Crazy Love, a Disney Plus Kdrama is a rom-com and it’s all the therapy you need to keep depression at bay.

Love is not always patient, kind, forgiving, and giving. It can also be jealous, demanding, possessive, and full of uncertainties. The series highlights the crazy side of love and is bound to trigger laughter.

It is about a Maths professor and his secretary who start dating but both have selfish motives. So, it is a delightful light-hearted comedy available in Korean and Hindi languages.

6. Adamas

Belonging to the genres of Romance and Mystery, the release date of Adamas was 27th July 2022. The number of episodes is 16 and you can watch it in Hindi as well.

Two brothers lose their dad in a devastating incident and they must face the hardships of the world. What will they do to earn their daily bread in a world full of poverty, cruelty, and discrimination? You won’t have to guess what happens next if you have a Disney Plus subscription.

7. Grid

Grid is a wonderful action drama that had to feature on our list of some unmissable kdrama in Disney Plus. The gripping plot is about a government agent who gets the job to arrest an infamous killer. Kim Sae-ha, the government agent, has been a part of the agency for 24 years but it’s now that his job gets interesting.

The murderer is so shrewd that every time, he manages to escape and the chase is always on. So, will Kim be able to track down the notorious criminal?

Filled with unexpected twists and bone-chilling surprises, the events of the series have been carefully crafted. So, you can be certain that you will be hooked to your seat till the end. Lastly, the action sequences appear to be so real that they will only double your thrill.

8. When the Weather Is Nice

As the winter vacation has just started, everyone feels like cuddling on the couch and watching lovey-dubey movies and series. So, Disney+ Hotstar brings yet another romantic series for newlyweds: When the Weather Is Nice.

Released in 2020, it is the story of a young girl who does not like the crowd and chaos of living in a big city. So, she returns to her hometown and focuses on helping her aunt expand her hotel business. She was destined to meet a charming man who manages a local bookstore.

What makes the tale more interesting is that the two have a past that resurfaces when their paths cross again. So, you will have a great time watching it with your partner.

9. More Than Friends

If you enjoy watching humorous content, More Than Friends might be the show for you. With 16 fun-filled episodes, the series is available in Hindi, Telegu, Tamil, and Korean languages.

As the name indicates, More Than Friends is about two close friends who have fallen for each other. Due to misunderstandings, they do not confess that what they have is more than love. Who will be the first one to talk about their deep feelings? You can watch the amazing love-come-friendship story on trending OTT platforms like Disney.

10. Diary of a Prosecutor

What makes Disney Plus KDrama so popular among people of all age groups is that they explore all kinds of themes. Diary of a Prosecutor, for example, is a legal drama that films the lives of some prosecutors.

Released in 2019, the serial will keep you guessing as it will unfold the varied experiences of each prosecutor. These are multiple storylines and the show is far from boring.

11. Kiss Sixth Sense

Kiss Sixth Sense features a strong female character, Hong Tesool. She is the smartest account executive at Zed Ad and se secures her position as the project manager. She has a superpower: whenever she kisses a person, she can see their future.

One day, Yesool accidentally ends up kissing Minhu, a workmate she does not like at all. She is in shock to have a vision that she will get intimate with Minhu. While she is utterly confused, her ex returns to her life and asks her out.

However, for an ambitious woman like Yesool, what matters the most is her career. Give this office comedy a chance to please you, and you won’t be disappointed.

12. Shadow Detective

An old detective, Taekrok is planning his retirement. He receives a surprising call that motivates him to solve one last case before he retires.

The person who calls Taekrok claims that he has been falsely accused of a murder he did not commit. He blackmails the detective and orders him to review all his past cases to find a clue. Taekrok desperately recalls all the cases he has solved in the past to understand the motive of the blackmailer.

Will he succeed at winning this game or will the mystery man keep troubling him? We won’t give you any spoilers to ruin your fun!

13. Big Mouth

Legal dramas are trending these days and if you liked Diary of a Prosecutor, you have to consider Big Mouth Kdrama Disney Plus.

One of Korea’s most unfortunate and incompetent lawyers is Park Changho. Bad luck never seems to leave him alone and therefore, his success rate is only 10%. The worst thing happens and his life takes an unimaginable turn when he must handle a high-profile case.

Park Changho is behind bars with the same murderers she was investigating. Known as ‘Big Mouth, he was imprisoned as money, drugs, and weapons were found in his office. To survive among criminals, he must be brave and fake being a miscreant. So, every bit of the show has superb adventure and action.

14. Rookie Cops

If you think love stories are monotonous, you probably haven’t come across shows like Rookie Cops. It is not a conventional romantic tale but one with a twist.

The protagonist is a dutiful police officer whose only aim in life is to fight injustice. He has earned reverence and success through his dedication to his work. He likes his job and everything seems perfect in his little world. Little did he know that a ravishing damsel was about to turn his world upside down.

Why is his life not the same again and what challenges will he encounter? Disney+ Hotstar’s Rookie Cops has answers to all these questions.

15. Graceful Friends

What can be more endearing than a web series that celebrates the innocence of friendship? Friendship is the most rewarding relationship, but does Graceful Friends stay true to its name? It is about a group of friends who appear to stay together through thick and thin.

They all belong to different professions and their lives are peaceful and full of positivity. A murder takes place and it affects everything from their mental peace to their friendships. The unfortunate incident compels all to show their actual colors hidden underneath a sophisticated exterior.

The show about a dressy friendship was released in 2022 and is streaming on Disney + Hotstar.

Final thoughts

All the K-dramas we included on our list have the best production, cinematography, storylines, acting, and direction. You can further take a look at the ratings and the plots to pick your favorites.

So, what are you waiting for? Get into your pajamas, keep your popcorn ready, and switch to Disney+ Hotstar! What could be a better way to celebrate your holidays than by savoring delectable dishes and watching Disney Plus KDrama with your loved ones?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is there any K-drama on Disney Plus?

As Korean dramas are trending, Disney+ Hotstar has all types of genres like suspenseful thrillers, legal dramas, and rom-coms. Snowdrop, In the Soop: Friendcation, Our Lost Summer, Suga: Road to D-Day, Love All Play, and Rain or Shine are some of the K-dramas that top the list.

2. Which is the best K-drama in Hindi on Disney+ Plus?

There are so many highly rated K-dramas on Disney+ Hotstar that it’s impossible to name just one. Which one you consider the best will depend on your choice of genres. For instance, if you like romantic K-dramas, you will appreciate Call It Love and Soundtrack #1.

3. What is the most watched Korean drama on Disney Plus?

Moving, a Disney Plus Kdrama, premiered in August 2023, instantly became the most-watched Korean series on Disney Plus. It is a superhero saga and it attracted strong reviews from diverse categories of audiences.

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