Annual Disney Passes for Florida Residents: What Is Special?

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Once you hear about annual Disney passes for Florida residents, you might think that why you need to purchase Disney annual pass when you don’t visit the place more than once a year. But the truth is if you have got access, why not see this amazing place again and again? For all Florida guests, Disney offers different types of passes that come with extraordinary perks. Thus, if you belong to Florida, you should not shy away from using the perks and benefits that come up with the Disney platinum pass.

What are the benefits for Annual Disney Passes for Florida?

Before we look into different types of annual Disney passes for Florida residents, let’s understand the significant benefits of having these passes.


One of the most significant benefits of having a Disney platinum pass is that you save a lot on different recreational activities and the resort booking. You get free parking, discounts on dining, and merchandising at Disney world.

Savings are also associated with different activities like rounds of golf, tours, and registration to additional Disney nights like Mickey’s Christmas party and Halloween party. Thus, instead of spending an extra amount on these recreational activities, you get the option to save on all these activities if you have your Disney annual pass. You can check the official website of Disneyland before you purchase Disney annual pass.

VIP nights

Another major benefit offered by Disney annual passes reserved for Florida citizens is that you get access to different types of VIP passes. The VIP pass holder night is usually held at the typhoon lagoon, and visitors enjoy additional benefits like free entry, magic shot photos, and a DJ night party. Thus, having an annual Disney pass will help you access all these fun activities without spending any extra penny.

The swag of the pass-holder

Well, who wouldn’t want to have the swag of an annual pass holder at Disneyland? All pass holders from Florida get a beautiful pass holder magnet that they receive at Epcot. These beautiful magnets have pictures of different Disney characters that your kids will love to flaunt. In addition to this, visiting Epcot park multiple times a year also makes you eligible for various other free merchandise from Disney world.

Exclusive merchandise

Everyone loves wearing T-shirts and other wearables that have Disney characters on them. However, what if you can get this merchandising without paying any amount? Well, this is possible if you have the Disney annual pass that is reserved exclusively for residents of Florida. This special merchandise is available at different Disney festivals and events.

Thus, you will be eligible to get this merchandise free of cost whenever you visit any special Disney events like anniversaries and celebrations. Some of the merchandise items include T-Shirts, mugs, caps, and many more. You will get these gift items at the park in which the event is taking place. But, keep in mind to have your photo ID with you to get the benefit.

PhotoPass Download

All Disney annual pass holders from Florida are eligible to download Disney PhotoPass. Additionally, you will be eligible to download these photos for up to 364 days from the day the photo was taken.

Entry to the park

Four major parks of Disneyland are exclusively available for visit by the annual pass holders from Florida city. In addition to this, the pass holders can enter the park from a different entry gate that is not too crowded. This means you will get a quicker entry to the park if you have your Disney annual pass with you.

Mickey monitor

All Disney annual pass holders from Florida are also eligible to receive a newsletter called the Mickey Monitor. This newsletter publication comes up with lots of discounts and regular updates about Disneyland.

Early access

One of the most magnificent benefits of having a Disney annual pass for Florida residents is the benefit of early access. All pass holders are eligible to get early access to the new merchandise line at special pop-up events before the other guests. The pass holders need to show their photo ID cards, and they will be able to pick the merchandise and avail of lots of amazing discounts.

With these fantastic benefits of Disney annual passes for Florida residents, let’s know about different types of passes that are available:

ID requirement to get annual Disney passes for Florida residents.

If you want to get an annual pass as a Florida resident, you will need to show your ID proof. Identification proof should be such that it can show that you are a citizen from Florida. Some of the Identification proof documents you can use include your Driving License, your state ID, and your Military ID.

Suppose any of these identification proofs are not available. In that case, you can use your mortgage proof, utility bills like electricity bill, your car registration number, your insurance certificate, or any other evidence by the government of Florida. The ID proof should be such that it can show the Florida address and PO box number from Florida.

You can check the Walt Disney website to get more details about how exactly the ID proof needs to be. Thus, before you plan to get an annual ticket to Disneyland, Florida, make sure to check the ID proof specification.

Different types of annual Disney passes for Florida residents.

Different tickets come up with varying tags of rate. The tickets are accessible for a single day and a period of three to four days. This may include tickets with hoppers and without hoppers. Tickets for Florida residents are always less than the cost of access for non-Florida residents.

Blackout dates for tickets

It is important to be aware of the blackout dates. For the three day and four-day tickets, blackout day arrives when the tickets are not available. In addition to this, users have to mention the day of the week when they can use the access. You can use this ticket on that particular day of the week, and it will be locked out for other days. Thus, before you decide to purchase the token, you need to have a fair idea about the day you will visit Disney Florida.

Some of the cheaper variants of Disney Florida rockets are also subject to blackout days. This means these are the days when you can’t use the ticket. These days include Christmas and New Year’s Day. Thus, if you purchase the cheaper variant of the ticket, make sure to know that you know about the blackout day beforehand.

Types of Annual passes for residents of Florida

Different variants of annual passes are available for the residents of Florida. To avail maximum benefits, citizens need to know about different types of passes and tickets. The annual passes come up with a lower price, and they also offer numerous perks and benefits to the user.

Disney offers different pass options for Florida residents, and these passes are not available to anyone else. These tickets can vary depending upon the dates of using the tickets and the perks associated with the ticket.

If you purchase a budget-friendly annual pass to Disneyland, the ticket comes up with many limitations as well as blackout days. These tickets are the best for residents who don’t visit often, but they don’t want to restrict them to one trip per year.

All annual passes except the water park and the Epcot after four passes include the option for hopper.

To get details about annual Disney passes, you can also visit the official Disney website to get more information. You can also check blackout dates on the passes to know more.

Following are the list of major passes that are reserved for Disney residents only

Disney Gold pass

This is one of the expensive passes for Florida residents. These passes come up with the least number of blackout days. The blackout days for this pass are limited to Christmas and New Year’s Day. In addition to this, blackout day is also given for a couple of weeks in April.

What is inside the Disney Gold pass for Florida residents?

Disney Gold pass for Florida residents include:

  • Visit all theme parks in Disney, Florida. But, pass holders need to visit the park on the same day, especially for hoppers.
  • You will also get access to Disney PhotoPass unlimited downloads.
  • You will get free parking at all theme parks in Disney World.
  • Pass holders will be eligible for different types of discounts on merchandise, dining, and other room deals.

Disney Silver pass

Disney silver pass is another major offered by Disneyland for the residents of Florida. One of the biggest advantages of the Disney Silver pass is that it is slightly cheaper than the gold pass. However, there are a greater number of blackout days associated with Disney’s silver pass. Additional blackout days related to Disney’s Silver pass include blackout in the summer months. Disney silver pass comes up with the following major benefits:

  • Entry to all four parks.
  • Visit all theme parks in Disneyland on the same day, including the hopper.
  • You will also receive the benefit of the theme park parking.
  • Users will receive different types of discounts related to dining, merchandising, and annual pass holder room deals.
Disney pass for theme park

Disney world also offers passes for entry into the theme park. This pass limit to the residents of Florida only. The major difference between this pass and Disney Gold and Silver pass is that there are more blackout days under this pass.

The blackout days include the Run Disney event, food and wine festival, and the visit to magic kingdom day on Saturdays. In addition to this, blackout days can also differ depending upon the type of theme park.

The Disney theme park Florida passes include the following significant benefits:

  • Admission and entry into all four major theme parks of Disneyland But, entry is limited to certain times in a year.
  • Free parking to users when they visit the theme park.
  • Users are also eligible for different types of discounts on merchandising and different annual pass holder room deals.
An annual pass for Disney weekday

This annual pass for Florida residents comes up with the same eligibility and terms and conditions as the theme park’s pass, but it is a blackout on weekends. Thus, it is a complete weekday select pass to visit Disney World.

Following are some of the major benefits offered by the Annual pass for Disney weekday

  • Admission and entry are possible to all four parks of Disney world at all times of the year. However, users can’t pay a visit to the park on weekends.
  • Passholders can visit the theme park on the same day.
  • Visitors will also be eligible to get free parking facilities.
  • Passholders will also get amazing deals and discounts on dining, residency, and merchandise.
Epcot After four passes for Residents of Florida

As the name suggests, this pass for Florida users offers the benefit of a visit to Epcot after 4 pm. This pass is beneficial for Florida locals who like to pay a visit to enjoy dining, drinking, and lots of fun. Following are some of the major benefits offered by Epcot after four annual passes:

  • Entry to Epcot for an entire year any day after 4 pm
  • Invitation to all Epcot festivals and events
  • Standard parking for all visitors to Epcot
  • Different types of discounts on dining, merchandising, and different kinds of deals on room and hotel booking.

An annual pass to the water park

This annual pass to the water park is applicable for both the parks, i.e., the Typhoon and the Blizzard beach. This pass helps you get access to the water park throughout the year.

Water park after two passes

This annual pass is only for the residents of Florida. Having access to this pass will enable you to visit the water park after 2 pm daily.

Final thoughts

Let us know which type of annual Disney passes for Florida residents you loved the most. Most people like the Disney platinum pass and the Gold pass as it offers maximum benefits and fewer blackouts. Contact us if you want to get more details about Disney world ticket prices in 2020.

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