Disney+Hotstar MOD APK – One of the Best OTT Platform in India

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In the present day, we mostly choose to watch entertainment content on OTT platforms rather than on traditional television. Disney+Hotstar MOD APK is the best free online streaming service in India. Star India owns it, and in the year 2020, it was the most subscribed OTT platform in India.

Advantages of OTT platform

OTT platforms allow you to watch movies and shows from the comfort of your home. Apart from that, it has many advantages like it saves a lot of your money and time. As a result, people find it more convenient to watch movies at home instead of going to a theatre.

Things to watch on Disney+Hotstar MOD APK

Disney+Hotstar MOD APK gives you the advantage of watching premium TV shows and movies online. Not only that, this app is great for sports lovers who love watching IPL and English Premier League. It enables you to watch live cricket matches and other sports from anywhere you need is a Hotstar subscription.

Star India started streaming service in the year 2015 and now is known as Disney+Hotstar. It allows you to watch movies and TV shows not only in English but also in other languages. The other languages include Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, and many more languages.

Where can you stream Hotstar?

If you think that since Hotstar won’t stream in any other place other than India, then you are highly mistaken. You can stream Hotstar in different regions of India, also outside India in the UK, US, Canada, etc. For streaming Hotstar out of India, you will need the premium service of Disney+Hotstar MOD APK.

Other OTT platforms in India

The headquarters of Disney+Hotstar is in Mumbai in India. Several other OTT streaming platforms in India like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Voot, Eros Now, SonyLIV, etc. There is competition among themselves in India over the best content and best service that they provide.

Subscription costs

The number of active users who have a premium subscription on Hotstar is more than 350 million. Previously, the Hotstar app offered two different kinds of subscriptions, including a VIP subscription offer. The Disney+Hotstar VIP subscription costs Rs. 399 per year while premium costs 299 per month and 1499 per year.

Hotstar India Watch Report

Hotstar India Watch Report of 2018 revealed 96% of people like to watch videos that are longer than 20 minutes. Only one-third of the Hotstar subscribers watch television shows; therefore, it is also investing in making original shows. About 80% of people on Hotstar like to watch sports, drama, and movies.

The latest version of Hotstar

Until last year in Disney+Hotstar’s premium subscription could let you watch many international TV shows and movies. These international shows like The Game of Thrones and other recommended movies have gained much popularity worldwide. With the premium subscription previously, you could also watch all the HBO and Showtime shows on this app.

In the year 2021, a new version of Disney+Hotstar MOD APK was launched. There are various new features that this new version is providing for free. As a result, now more people can download the app and watch their favorite shows and movies.

The new version is cracked; it will enable you to enjoy all the premium features for free. You can watch different movies, tv shows, and channels available in the premium pack. Another factor is that in this version, all the ads that annoy you have been disabled.

Therefore you can watch all the international programs without any interruption of the annoying ads. All the famous international movies and tv shows and the VIP features are free in this version. In this version, you will not have to worry about regional restrictions, and you can watch your shows anywhere.

These are the reasons that make Hotstar one of India’s best and most-watched online streaming platforms. The new version comes with various features that need some discussion to know what benefits you are getting. All the features of the new Disney+Hotstar MOD APK are discussed below.

The features of the new version

  • The first important feature is that you will get all the VIP and Premium facilities for free. Previously, you needed to pay to watch these but, now you can watch anything and everything in this version. Starting from Indian shows and movies to International tv shows and movies, everything for free.
  • Ads can be very annoying while watching something interesting like sports. For this reason, this new version has disabled the ads that interrupt you while watching an interesting show. In this version, watch your favorite sports and your favorite movies and shows with those ads.
  • This new version is great for sports lovers because you can stream live sports and matches. You can watch live cricket matches like IPL, football matches or Kabbadi, etc. Just download the app on your phone and watch your favorite from anywhere.
  • You often don’t get the proper internet connection; therefore, the new version has solved this problem. You can download the movies and tv shows that you want to watch. Later you can watch them without having access to the internet.
  • Another essential feature of the new version is that it is fully cracked; you must not log in. It means you can watch shows for free without having an account. As a result, you do not have to provide your personal information; thus, the app is safe to use.
  • Almost every app wants to take your, but the new version of Hotstar does not require any permission. All the permissions are removed in this version. Apart from this black screen is also removed, and VPN services are kept hidden.

Contents for kids

The features mentioned above make the app more desirable, and the crucial part is all shows are available in local languages. Apart from providing such great features, the contents of Hotstar are also worth watching. Hotstar has all the latest and most popular movies, and it is best for the kids.

Disney+Hotstar can entertain your kids in the best way because It has lots of animated movies. It has Marvel, Star War, Pixar movies, and many old Disney movies that you have grown watching. Apart from these, there are original shows as well, for instance, The Mandalorian.

Hotstar’s new original contents

Hotstar, like Netflix, also has started making original content called “Hotstar Specials.” It has started in 2019, where they have invested 120 crores of Rupees in creating the original series. These original contents have become much successful and have gained popularity; therefore, they produce more such content.

Channels that you can watch

In the new Disney+Hotstar MOD APK, you can watch several television channels. It has led to the reduction of the use of general cable or dish tv. The list of TV channels that you can watch on Hotstar is given below.

On Hotstar, you can watch various entertainment channels. Star Plus, Star World, Star Bharat, Star Jalsha, Star Maa, Star Utsav, Star Pravah, Star Vijay, Star Suvarna, HBO, Asianet, TeaTv. Sports channels are like Star Sports, infotainment channels like Nat Geo, Fox Life, and news channels like ABP News, India Today.

Devices on which you can stream Hotstar

The OTT platforms have changed the way of watching tv. Previously, to watch your favorite movies or any other entertainment shows, you had to sit in front of the tv. With the advancement of technology, now you have a smart tv, phone, or laptop to watch your favorite shows anywhere.

Hotstar can support FireTV, iPhone, iPad, Windows PC, Android, Apple TV, OSX Mac, Chromecast. Therefore, you can use Hotstar on your smart mobile phones, laptops, and smart TV. Thus, if you are stuck somewhere and getting bored, you can switch on your favorite show and enjoy it.

Programme required

To stream Hotstar on a laptop or desktop, you will need the 75.x version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Windows 7. You can also use Mozilla Firefox version 70.x or MAC OS 10.2, with JavaScript and cookies enabled. For Android smartphones, you will need Android version 4 for iOS smartphones, iOS version 9.

OTT and the traditional media

The rise of OTT negatively impacted traditional tv broadcasts because people like watching online shows more. About more than 60% of the population currently between 18-34 like to watch shows online. Also, people can download their shows and watch them at any time, making it more convenient for people to use them.

A safe mode of entertainment

Disney+Hotstar MOD APK  has more than 350 million downloads and active users, and many people trust it. Therefore it is completely safe to use and will not cause any damage or harm to your device. You can easily use it without any tension and also without even having to pay.

Recommended watch

There are many popular shows and movies to watch on Hotstar. However, there are some of the highly recommended best classic shows and movies that you can watch. For instance, Game of Thrones, Big Bang theory, Koffee with Karan, Mahabharat, Marvel movies, DC movies, Disney movies, etc.

Rewatch the old shows

Apart from these, you can also watch the famous old and new daily soaps online. It is almost known to everyone how, in the 2000s, daily soaps were popular on Star networks, especially Star Plus. These shows used to get broadcasted at different times.

If you miss watching these shows, Hotstar is the right place for you. You can always come to Hotstar and binge-watch your favorite daily soap online. And The best part about it is that you don’t have to wait for a particular time for your program to start.

The most famous serials were Kyunki saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Kahani Ghar Ghar ki, Kausauti Zindagi ki, and others. In Hotstar, you will be able to find all these shows with all the episodes. This is another great feature of this app.

The popular Hotstar originals

The Hotstar original shows are also excellent and have become very popular due to the video quality and storyline. The contents of these shows are very realistic and have different kinds of stories. All these factors attract more viewers to watch the new content on Hotstar.

With such content, video quality shows, and movies, Disney+Hotstar MOD APK has become India’s best OTT platform. In the new version, people will get all the VIP and Premium features for free. Therefore more people will download the app and watch their favorite shows.

It is important to note that not all people can afford to go to a theatre to watch movies. Many people find the price of the multiplexes too high. They end up not watching any movie, leading to their exclusion from having fun and going to the movies.

For people like them, this app is appropriate because this app lets them enjoy all the movies like any other person. Thus they do not get excluded from having fun and getting entertained. And the new version will be more beneficial for people like them because they can watch movies without paying anything.

To Sum It Up

Hotstar provides the best service and features to its customers in India. Competing with other best OTT platforms in India has turned out to be the best online streaming service. Hotstar understands the needs of the common people and designed their app accordingly.

Online streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Hotstar are popular in India. But none provides the numerous features that Disney+Hotstar does, which is instrumental in bringing so many viewers. And for all these reasons, it comes to the number one position with so many subscriptions and downloads in India.

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