Disneyland Paris Packages to Blend Magic and Romance

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Nothing signifies a joyous, fun-filled occasion quite the way a trip to Disneyland does. Kids go to meet their favorite characters and a place where adults go to relive their childhoods and keep themselves feeling young at heart. Here, we will find out all about Disneyland Paris packages to give you a complete guide.

Whether you are interested in the spectacular rides, the evening shows, meeting your favorite Disney characters, enjoying the fun-filled merchandise stores, or amusement park eateries, there truly is something for everyone at Disneyland.

For many people, going to Disneyland signifies a return to their childhood glory days. For others, it is their dream vacation destination to be enjoyed with their family and friends.

Even though the current situation with the COVID-19 public health crisis makes it feel like a theme park should be the last thing on your mind, it is only a matter of time until daily activities resume normalcy.

After that, you are sure to want a weekend getaway or more extended holiday to celebrate the passing of the pandemic. So, there is no better time to get an understanding of the packages up for grabs at these exciting Disneyland theme parks! This article will illustrate everything you may need to know to plan a successful trip to Disneyland once public places are open for business one again!

What to expect at Disneyland?

The Disneyland Park had initially been opened in 1955 under the direct supervision of cartoonist extraordinaire Walt Disney. The idea for the park came into existence through Walt Disney’s inspired vision after he visited the then-functional amusement parks with his daughters.

Today, it is easily the most successful theme park globally since it receives the largest cumulative attendance among all theme parks globally. Almost 52 million visitors worldwide turn up to enjoy the park’s many attractions each year, which excludes Disneyland staff and ancillary personnel altogether.

There are six primary Disneyland locations in the world. These castle parks are located in Paris, Hong Kong, California, Florida, Tokyo, and Shanghai. These locations are bound to make it into the bucket lists of all avid travelers.

While all the castle parks have similar tourist attractions, they each also come with their twist, showcasing local attractions and culture to the hilt. The only way to not miss out on anything is to make the entire Disneyland park a part of your travel plans. Let’s learn a little about each park location.

Anaheim, California

This is the original Disneyland location and is one of the only ones built under the guidance of Walt Disney himself. The park remains one of the most popular among the available sites and has practically attained cult status due to its rich historical relevance.

This park comes with nine zonal areas, each with a unique theme. If you plan on checking out this park, make sure you have ample time since one day is certainly not enough to cover all the attractions.

Orlando, Florida

This theme park is the second oldest among the available locations. Here, you will find six special themed zones to pick from, where your kids are bound to have the time of their lives while you kick back and enjoy spa services, eating options, and unique tourist spectacles. Who knows, you may even feel inspired to join your kids on one of the roller coasters!

Disney Orlando Ticket: How to Buy It and Use It for Disneyland Orlando?

Paris, France

How could there not be a Disneyland location in the city of love? This castle park reflects the whimsical and romantic vibe you will find all over Paris, but with the classic American Disney twist.

Enjoy horse-drawn carriage rides and vintage cars while marveling at the awe-inspiring spectacles on display. Apart from the Eiffel Tower, Disneyland is the second most visited location in Paris.

Disneyland Paris

Tokyo, Japan

This particular castle park boasts of not one but two Disney locations – a Disneyland and a Disney Sea. This one-of-a-kind combination of land and sea-related attractions pegs this Disneyland location as the third most popular among the lot.

Disney Sea spans across seven harbors, giving you a mind-boggling plethora of topographies to choose from. Enjoy the underwater attractions or make it to the mainland for some of the more classic rides. Either way, Disneyland Tokyo is a treat for all ages.

Hong Kong, China

Disneyland Hong Kong is a much newer addition to the Disneyland locations available all over the world. It was established in 2005, and while it is one of the minor Disneyland locations by area, Disneyland Hong Kong still manages to pull in large crowds throughout the year.

The site may be small, but the rides, spectacles, and unique shows are all larger than life, as is the hallmark of Disney. If you are planning on making your trip to Disneyland a short one, Hong Kong would be your perfect location since you can cover the entire park with relative ease.

Shanghai, China

The Shanghai Disneyland is famous for its beautiful resort options. Like all the other locations, this Disneyland boasts larger-than-life tourist attractions, theme park rides to leave your kids in awe, evening shows and parades for a unique experience each day, and many delicious cuisines to choose from!

Disneyland Paris attractions

This article will now focus solely on Disneyland Paris and the many spectacular tourist experiences it has to offer.

Disneyland is famous for not having any mainly defined opening or closing times, making it a little difficult for tourists to plan their visits. Here we will decode all the information you may require to plan a successful, stress-free, and seamless visit to the Paris version of the Magic Kingdom.

Parc Disneyland boasts of many headliner attractions, smaller attractions, and unique shows throughout the day.

One of the most significant differences between Parc Disneyland and its other global counterparts is that while it certainly does not have the biggest rides or shows, it is easily the most beautiful of the six locations.

The scenic beauty of the park will leave you utterly flabbergasted. Plus, it comes with the most stunning European architecture. If you are interested in a luxurious stay with the beauty surrounding you, this is definitely the park for you.

List of Parc Disneyland Attractions:

Disney Illuminations

This is a more recent attraction that replaced the well-known Disney Dreams show on the Parc’s 25th anniversary.

This larger-than-life, exclusive night show comprises pyrotechnic spectacles, lasers, 3D projections, water fountains, and much more.

It includes stories from Pirates of the Caribbean, Frozen, Star Wars, Beauty and the Beast, and much more. Some tourists miss the narrative that Disney Dreams used to provide to tie the various Disney stories together.

Still, overall, Disney Illuminations is definitely a technical masterpiece that you cannot miss out on.

Disneyland Paris Packages to Blend Magic and Romance

Disney Stars on Parade

This is a huge celebratory parade that takes place during the daytime at the Parc. It is somewhat similar to the Festival of Fantasy, a chief attraction at Walt Disney World, California. The show lasts for around 30 minutes and is bound to uplift your spirits with the joyous procession.

Pirates of the Caribbean

This amazing boat ride is easily one of the best attractions at Parc Disneyland. The ride consists of Animatronic pirates, beautiful décor, and a very interesting queue.

It is located inside a sizeable bunker-like fortress that the Parc has clearly built with a lot of attention to detail. This is bound to be a big hit with the kids, thanks to all the excitement around pirates fighting each other.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

The Parc has based this railroad-inspired ride on the Wild Old West. Located in Frontierland, which people have to reach by taking another underwater ride, the ride is almost a double whammy in terms of impact and excitement. Parc Disney easily has one of the very best versions of this railroad ride.

Hyperspace Mountain

This is a super-fast rollercoaster attraction with a Star Wars theme. It is a ride found at all the Disney locations, and true to its sci-fi inspirations, HyperSpace Mountain certainly delivers perfect visual effects and sound engineering. This intergalactic-themed roller coaster certainly is not for the faint-hearted However;, it is a dark, fast and intense experience overall.

It’s a Small World

This is an easy, picturesque boat ride that will appeal to children and adults alike. As mentioned, Parc Disney trumps all other locations in scenic beauty. Therefore, while this ride has a distinctly more European aesthetic than its American counterparts, you are bound to enjoy this leisurely ride.

There are many other tourist attractions at Parc Disney to choose from. Make sure you plan your itinerary well so that you can cover the entire park!

Disneyland Paris Packages

There are many different Disneyland Paris packages to pick at Parc Disney. You can pick Disneyland’s packages or choose to avail of the services of a travel agent. Given below is a tentative itinerary for Parc Disney’s packages:

Day 1 – Arrive in Paris

A representative shall be present at the airport; simply keep a lookout for a man holding a placard with your name on it! The representative shall help you load your luggage into the designated vehicle and then drive you through the picturesque lanes of Paris to your chosen hotel.

Just make sure you pick a hotel that is not too far from Parc Disneyland. You will not appreciate a long journey back to your lodging after an exhausting day at the Parc. Disney collaborates with some spectacular hotels that will keep the Disney magic alive even when you leave the Parc.

Day 2 – At Disneyland Paris

From the very next day, you shall be free to explore and enjoy Parc Disney. Before reaching the park, make sure you have clarity regarding the ticket you want to avail.

There are annual passes, one-day passes, fast passes, and many other variants to choose from. Some tickets come with VIP access, while others come with shuttle services.

In case you have a disability certificate, you may be eligible for a discount. Go through all the various ticket types to ensure that you pick the best one for you, or speak to your travel agent or Disneyland agent to assist you with the same.

Day 3 – Explore more

Depending upon the number of days you have, you will have additional time to catch all the attractions at Disneyland Paris. Plan your itinerary accordingly; if you stay for a longer duration, you can comfortably space out your Parc visits.

Most tour packages include sightseeing in Paris along with their Disneyland packages. On the last few days of your visit, your travel agent will probably guide you to the most-loved places in Paris such as Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre museum, The Tuileries Garden and of course the famous Eiffel Tower.


The Day of Return

After you check out of your hotel, your designated vehicle will take you to the airport to catch your flight. You will return with a host of beautiful memories!

Final thoughts

The large variety of packages at Disneyland Paris ensures value for money. It is essential to do your research beforehand to ensure you are satisfied with your trip.

Zero in on your budget, and then make a list of everything you would like to do while in Paris. Finally, cross-reference it with all available tour packages to find the best fit.

Many tour conductors are currently not providing information on Disneyland Paris packages due to the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, it is the perfect time to do your bit of research. Plus, Disney is offering flexible ticket dates and price options on their websites. They keep in mind the uncertainty caused by the pandemic and set dates and prices accordingly.

Once the health crisis tides over, you can be sure that Parc Disneyland will be back in its entire splendor. It will wait for you to visit with your family, friends, and loved ones. With a bit of luck, maybe you’ll find yourself at Disneyland Paris sooner than you think!

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