Disney’s Maxpass – How to Use It for Maximum Benefits?

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For using MaxPass, you should first access the Disneyland mobile application and connect your park tickets. Both FASTPASSes (formal paper or Disney’s maxpass) are connected to the recipient’s park pass digitally.

You can’t use Disney’s MaxPass to make reservations unless you’ve visited a theme park for each day; in the order being included in the booking, all members in your group must have visited a park the same day.

Anybody whose ticket is connected to your profile in the application will make reservations. When making reservations, you can be either inside or outside of any park until you’ve reached it. Disney’s MaxPass offers unrestricted PhotoPass photo updates on the day that MaxPass is involved. You can create several FASTPASS reservations at once, but you would be temporarily unable to have a travel reservation during those waiting times.

MaxPass now includes shows like Fantasmic! and Field of Color shows. There are no waiting times after the booking & do not affect the ability to reserve all the rides. Bring or purchase an extra battery to keep the phone charged during the day.

Price of a Disneyland MaxPass

The cost of a Disney max pass is $20 per guest, per day, for every ticket. (Buy your discounted Disneyland tickets from Undercover Tourist to get a head start!) Additionally, you can now buy discounted Disneyland Base & Park Hopper tickets from your preferred frogs using Disney MaxPass.) When guests visit any theme park, they can buy Disney MaxPass as an add-on with the Disneyland mobile application. For no extra cost, all visitors can also check the park tickets for individual FASTPASS amenities.

For the time being, Disneyland has canceled all annual passes; however, before the temporary closing, pass holders could purchase a single day via the app after accessing the park, either purchase an annual package for $125 that would expire as their existing pass did. The future of advance tickets is unknown at this time, but Disney has stated that additional subscription options will be available in the future. Hopefully, a MaxPass alternative for repeat travelers would be reinstated.

Purchasing Disney Maxpass: Some Pointers

Once you’ve reached the park, the app can take you via the steps of connecting your park tickets and buying MaxPass. Since you cannot change it, please ensure to name every ticket mostly with the right guest’s name before you add them. When deciding who gets to travel, it makes your life a lot simpler if you see the names (rather than the ticket number).

If you get a barcode or the ticket number, you can connect them ahead of time, but MaxPass will not be available until the day of your visit. Also, keep in mind that if you purchase a multi-day MaxPass fare, you will be charged each day of the ticket. A three-day MaxPass ticket would cost an additional $60 per person. If you aren’t sure if you want MaxPass for all three days, wait before you arrive at the park to buy it.

Arriving primed for Disney’s maxpass will make your life simpler. Get the free Disneyland mobile application to your handset before your ride. Play with it and get a feel about how it runs and learn about the wait times, where and how to find characters, how and when to make dining reservations, where to find Wi-Fi hotspots, and what kinds of parades and displays are held in the park.

Fill up your credit card information in the app. Family members who wish to log in & use Disney MaxPass on their computer can share the username and password.

They have the choice of creating their accounts. Individuals from many other households should create their same accounts, as well. All you have to do now is connect all of the passes to a minimum of one boss, and you’re ready to go. If you purchase Disney MaxPass in the application after entering the park, the operation would be easier and quicker, enabling you to book FASTPASSes right away.

If your tickets have a barcode, you can check them ahead of time. Open the window, go to My Tickets, and tap the + button at the end. Select Connection Tickets and Passes and place the barcode throughout the center of the screen.

In the Parks of Disney MaxPass

Open the program and go to the end of your home screen, and press +. Choose Get FASTPASS via Disney MaxPass from the menu. It will immediately pick all tickets connected to the account under Develop a Disney’s maxpass Group. Customers who do not want a FASTPASS for the journey should be deselected.

Continue by selecting a park (if park hopping). Choose an attraction from the list and a trip and returning time that is convenient for you. If you are not waiting, you will make a new option if you’ve not used the other FASTPASSes yet. Checking in at a ride removes the FASTPASS waiting time, allowing you to book your next ride right away.

Multiple FASTPASS party members can be assigned to each train. You can either carry your park ticket or use your phone to check in from the FASTPASS return line within the one-hour window you picked. Please remember that you have the choice of arriving five minutes early or fifteen minutes late. The FASTPASS would vanish after that. If you’re nearing the end of your return window and come upon a longer-than-usual FASTPASS queue, take a screenshot of your FASTPASS to prove you had one.

Even so, the cast member can sprinkle the pixie dust on you & let you in. There are many ways to get the most out of your MaxPass. Our best advice is to begin using MaxPass as soon as possible. Before picking an expected time which is several hours out, choose a few trips that are accessible within a limited period. More advanced advice can be found further down!

You May Also Reserve Shows With MaxPass

We’re excited to share that Disneyland’s Land of Color & Fantasmic! have just been introduced to MaxPass. The shows are listed at the end of the ride page under Midnight Extravaganzas in the respective parks, much like the attractions. The shows are not related to Disney’s maxpass system for rides, so there are no wait times. Plays both for World of Color & Fantasmic! can be reserved, but you can only get one FASTPASS per display per day. You will see Fantasmic! At 9 p.m. or 10:30 p.m., not both, so pick carefully.

If you decide not to see the performance at all, make sure to withdraw your Disney’s max pass so that another user can use it. Users of FastPass+ who are already familiar with the Walt Disney World system can find these tips useful. You can skip ahead to the next segment if you haven’t used Disney World’s FastPass+ system.

Disney's Maxpass - How to Use It for Maximum Benefits?

If you’re used to FastPass+ but have never used Disneyland FASTPASS, there are a few important variations to be aware of that will help you get the most out of MaxPass (or the free disney’s max pass system):

  • At Disneyland, you are not required to make advanced FASTPASS reservations, so you cannot begin reserving before you visit a park for the day.
  • Disneyland does not have MagicBands (instead, you can check your park pass or a code from your Disneyland app) at the FASTPASS return stage.
  • At Disneyland, you are not required to be using a FASTPASS until making a new option so that you can have several FASTPASSes active at the same time.
  • For each flight, MaxPass will provide you with the first open window. For a bus, you cannot see multiple return windows.
  • Choose a new trip and try again later if the return window for one will not work for you.
  • Before making your next choice, you must wait for a certain amount of time (covered below under the Tips for Maximizing MaxPass”).

Disney's Maxpass - How to Use It for Maximum Benefits?

  • You can pick return times that coincide with Disneyland MaxPass and FASTPASS.
  • You don’t need to buy a picture kit because MaxPass includes free PhotoPass downloads.
  • Using PhotoPass in conjunction with Disney MaxPass is a great way to save money.
  • PhotoPass and the welcoming cast crews who take your photo in front of classic places like Sleeping Beauty Castle are probably familiar to you right now.
  • With the Disney MaxPass, you can download an infinite number of photos taken that day. You can also use the app to download your on-ride images by entering the ID code.
  • Disney MaxPass might be a good investment for those who treasure those photos, particularly because one person’s MaxPass pays somewhat more for one photo download without MaxPass.
  • If you get three days of MaxPass, you can stream for three days. However, you will not be able to download any PhotoPass images taken a day after or before your Disney’s MaxPass.
  • You can get every picture taken on the day you buy MaxPass from 6:00 a.m. to 6;00 a.m. the second day.
  • If the PhotoPass value is what motivates you to get MaxPass, you could save money by letting only one member in your group buy it.
  • Ensure that all the MaxPass holders show their phone (or checks any PhotoPass tokens into the account) to ensure that all of the photographs are saved.

  • From the app, the MaxPass holder may share images via social media, text, or email. Before the files vanish, you have 45 days to download them.
  • You have the option of printing the images for free at home or even at a reduced price. Photos can be printed at the parks’ picture shops (for a premium fee).
  • If you’d like to take advantage of some personalized souvenir features & photo presents, you can print from the app.
  • Your PhotoPass shots from the case will be included with your Disney MaxPass perks if you have character dining reservations.
  • However, you must have purchased MaxPass and accessed a park with your ticket on the same day as the dining event; rewards are only available until the parking ticket has been enabled!

How to Use Disney PhotoPass with Disney’s max pass

Tap + just at the bottom of your home screen to use PhotoPass for MaxPass. You may opt to connect attraction images, link a PhotoPass card, or display the PhotoPass code to a photographer by tapping Link PhotoPass Photos.

Annual pass holders should connect their passes so that a photographer can search them each time they visit. It should take about 60 minutes for photos to appear under My Photos, but it might take even longer. It may take several days for Magic Shots to load. Instead of waiting for the app to launch each time, send a picture of the code to display to the cast member for a faster experience.

You can double-check that the images are free of watermarks when you’re in the park. If you get stuck, go to one of the picture shops in any park for help. They aided us in locating lost photographs and connecting our tokens to the account!

What Are the Benefits of Using Disney MaxPass? Is It Really Worth It?

The most important benefits for most people are comfort and time. When we adhere to our park schedules, the disney’s max pass helps us see most of the return times that are accessible without walking anywhere. On our trips, we love jumping among Disneyland & Disney California Adventure. We want to create FASTPASS reservations in one park and stroll over to the other during the waiting period.

Guests will also use Disney MaxPass to get fast passes for shows like Fantasmic! It’s a time-saver! That ensures that if people postpone their reservations, other visitors who skipped the delivery window could be able to jump in and take the reservation long after the day’s tickets have sold out.

Disney MaxPass has many benefits over conventional FASTPASS

  • Most return intervals are only a few mins away on certain days, as in zero to several minutes away.
  • Make a reservation and fly right away for quick gratification!
  • There’s no need to wander around the park to see any popular rides & return windows.
  • You will book another trip in a very shorter time.
  • When you check your ticket at a bus, you will reserve next ride as you wait for the current ride. Unlike typical FASTPASS riders, who must wait, ride, and instead walk to a delivery machine.
  • The MaxPass return windows are frequently faster than the previous FASTPASS windows, which are spread simultaneously.

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